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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 77 > Articles > Indoor Plumbing... It's Gonna Be Big!

Indoor Plumbing... It's Gonna Be Big!

by naturalcat

PET CENTRAL - First, I must explain something. I am a complete NeoHome FREAK! I have spent over 250,000 NP on furniture alone. That may not seem like much to some of you, but to a regular Joe-shmoe like me who plays games for a living, it can be quite a chunk of change!

I am so interested in Neopian interior design that whenever I lookup a user (for whatever extents and purposes I may have) I ALWAYS look at their NeoHome, and I must say, I'm quite the critic. Are all their rooms made of the same material or is it a haphazard mosh pit of conflicting styles? (Jelly here, bamboo there... ugh...) Does their furniture match or at least go by a special theme or motif? Are the rooms connected in a way that allows for easy "travel" throughout the NeoHome or do you walk into the house and enter a bedroom? Does each neopet have a room? Is there a kitchen and a bathroom? Are their rooms named or does the roll-over pop up with "Unnamed" every time?

Okay, so I'm a bit obsessive, but this might just be one of my favorite features on Neopets! (And perhaps a designing guide might make its way into the Neopian Times in the future... Hmm... )

So, as you can see, when Neopets announced their new items I was ecstatic. The more features the better, I say! Who can ever have enough furniture? I've completely furnished my NeoHome and I STILL buy furniture!

Gotta Have the Sound System:

I find that speakers can add that extra touch to any room to really set off the image you're going for.

Ice: Got a cool cat that's into the latest trends like meditation and the Zen furniture? Try the Ice Speaker with its "cool" sound.

Battle: Or maybe you've got a rock star in the making boosting the bass and rocking all of Neopia Central. The battle speaker might be for you! (A feature found in my Game Room to add some fun)

Lost Desert: Is your dessert princess bored out of her mind lounging on her Pink Pillows? Put in a Lost Dessert speaker to get her highness up and moving.

Cloud Print: Just painted your Lupe baby? Maybe the soothing cloud print speaker will put the pooch to sleep at night!

These are just a few of the many speakers out there to choose from. You can never go wrong by adding a speaker or two that matches your design. I know my little jungle Zafara, TillyNillly pretends she's on Mystery Island listening to that coconut bongo sound!

A word of caution though: use speakers in moderation! A speaker in every room will drive those who look at your NeoHome insane! (Kind of like music in shops that you can't turn off...)

**FLUSH!!** 'Uh oh...":

Next up on the list are the TOILETS! WAHOO! INDOOR PLUMBING IS HERE!

If you're like me you've been wondering why Neopets hasn't instituted this before. What real house goes without a potty?

Well, they're here now and I couldn't wait to get my hands on one! I've noticed that the fancy and cloud toilets seem to be very popular, probably because their design will match almost any furniture. Though it could be that people go gaga over cloud print items in general. Or perhaps these two items pique the interest of our more rich and suave Neopians (those who can afford to build cloud-based NeoHomes and decorate with plush furniture).

Either way, this feature is long overdue, but we're very grateful for their appearance! Personally, I was practically salivating for the chance to own a disco toilet that will match my "pretty pink" bathroom. (It's not that I like pink, it's just that there are more bathroom-type furniture in that color than any other). Just recently I took the plunge and bought the toilet to match my bathroom, which cost about... well, let's not talk about that! ^_^

Hmm... I wonder if this means that our pets will need to be potty trained...

Where have all the toasters gone?:

In the future, I hope to see new furniture make its grand debut in Neopia. Here's a quick list of some innovative features that have been compiled:

Sinks: Hmm... I don't know about you, but stone furniture is so... so... prehistoric! I'd love to see some new designs for kitchen and bathroom sinks. Now that we have toilets we need a place to wash our paws!

Stairs: How the heck are our floors connected?? I can see some great possibilities with this feature: spiral staircases, rickety old ones, or a grand staircase to rival the Titanic! You could even go high-tech and install elevators!

Curtains/Wall Decorations: The giant leaf curtains are a great step towards creating the ruse of windows, but I think a few more options are in order to maximize the potential of our walls. How about Usuki or band posters for our bedrooms? Clocks so our aspiring students won't miss the bus?

Tubs: The bath tub offered now is great! But perhaps some more styles to add variation are in order. (Perhaps one in pink to match my decor?) Refrigerators: How are we supposed to keep our ice neggs cold? I can't believe Neopets hasn't introduced this luxury already, but then again... we just got toilets...

TVs: To entertain and otherwise rot our pets' brains ^_^

Microwaves/Stoves/Toasters: If we've got fridges and TVs, what else is next but a microwave to nuke our TV dinners?? Or, if you have a chef in the family, perhaps a stove to whip up their gourmet wonders.

Computers: With the coming of Neopian schools, what scholar doesn't need a cool home computer to type up their reports?

Well, there's my two Neopoints about the new items released! A big THANK YOU to the NeoPet's staff for the new NeoHome items! YAY!! BRAVO! And CUDOS to you! Keep up the good work and maybe we'll see some more new furniture soon? (HINT... HINT!)

Thanks also go to my good friend stargalsilver and my dear sister silvercat8989 for helping me compile the list of features Neopia could use!

Do YOU have more ideas? Would you like to see a NeoHome Interior Design Guide? LET ME KNOW!

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