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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 77 > Articles > All About Draiks

All About Draiks

by dralora

Untitled Document DRAIK NEST - Greetings, Neopian. I am Atriyuu, and I have dedicated my humble life to studying Draiks. As you may, but probably don't already know, I myself am a Draik. As a matter of fact, I'm the 7,296th one in Neopia. But we're not here to talk about me. Well, not directly. We're here to talk about Draiks. In general.


On June 25th, 2002, the first 1,000 Draiks ever were released into Neopia as the 45th Neopet species. The lucky few who found themselves in possession of one were overjoyed. There was a mad scramble to see who would be among those owners with one of our kind. I'm sure those who barely missed the grab were thoroughly disappointed.

Over time, 7,000 Draiks were released. The Neopets team also released a few new items to help the ones who weren't quick enough to get one of us: morphing potions and Draik eggs.

Draik eggs are available in the four basic colors. Once you have an egg you can hatch it at the Draik Nest. These, however, are very expensive if you buy one from another player. If you're really, REALLY lucky, you may even find a Draik egg in Merifoods. Can you imagine FEEDING one to your pet??? The very idea is simply preposterous!

Draik Morphing Potions are currently available in Ghost, Fire, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. I'm sure you know what Morphing Potions do, but I'll explain anyway. If you use a morphing potion on a pet, it becomes whatever color/species the potion was. So if you gave your pet a purple Draik Morphing Potion, it would become a purple Draik. Those with luck may be able to snag one at Kauvara's. A friend of mine once got one from the Snow Faerie. The Snow Faerie, however, isn't quite encouraged. I've gotten everything from a chocolate covered tomato to a green sticky hand from her. Plus, she asks from a wide range of expensive items, mostly candy and chocolate. In short... Draik morphing potions are usually cheaper than Draik eggs, especially the fire, purple, and ghost ones.


We Draiks come in many colors. Perhaps you want to pattern your dear friend with beautiful clouds, or striking stripes (like me!). Make it super-cute with a baby paint brush, or maybe a handsome White Draik. Your Draik can be ten times cuddlier as a plushie. You can even turn it transparent, and give it blood-red eyes if you can get your hands on a ghost paint brush. Other owners prefer the "natural" look. Blue, red, green, and yellow Draiks, in my opinion, look just as wonderful as one painted an expensive color, such as fire or ghost.

The original Draiks came straight out of Meridell. I came from a Draik egg. A green one. I'll never forget that moment where I cracked out of my shell and bit my owner on the arm... But I digress. Anyway... the usual measurements for a Draik are from 40-50 cms long, and about 75-90 lbs. These measurements only count for Draiks created from Create-A-Pet, ones from Draik Eggs are ALWAYS 100 cms long, and 120 lbs, just like natural-born Krawks. Maybe it's a glitch, or maybe NeoPets meant it. I'll never be sure. As a rare and almost non-replaceable pet, it's definitely NOT a good idea to give your Draik a magical plushie, or zap it with the Lab Ray. If you're swimming in Neopoints and can buy anything you want and still have enough left over to buy all the paintbrushes in Neopia, then go ahead. But for those who have problems in funds, like my owner *cough cough* owning a Draik may be a one-time experience. Don't go do something foolish. Think before you act. The one exception to the lab thing is if you DESPERATELY want a robot Draik. The lab is the only way to get a robot pet at this time. However, you run the risk of your prized Neopet being turned into a different species- so if your Draik gets turned to a green Bruce on Day 1, don't say I didn't warn you. Unless you happen to like Bruces, in which case your bad luck would be only semi-bad luck because now you have a pet that you like as opposed to one that you like a bit more... Oh great, I'm confusing myself. Stop it.


The best thing you can do for your Draik is to love it and treat it with respect. We may be dragons, but we're soft-hearted and make caring pets. Only to those who mistreat us do we become short-tempered and mean. Here is some advice to keeping your Draik happy:

-Buy it a petpet. It doesn't have to be an expensive one, just a petpet. Most petpets would be fine. Cyodrakes make great pals, being Dragon-like. (they are quite expensive though) There is one petpet you should NEVER, EVER give your Draik, and that is the Drackonack. The pesky little monster that invaded Meridell. OUR HOMELAND! ...What's that you say? If they're so bad for Draiks, why do I have one for a petpet? Good question. I'll have to think about that one.

-Read to it. If it was hatched from a Draik egg, chances are it has an intelligence of dim-witted. I speak from experience. Yup... I was one dull little Draik back then. Plus, reading might be a big help if you have a Baby Draik... I'm sure hearing nothing but "Goo goo ga ga" gets annoying after a while.

-Paint it. This one isn't a must, though. Some Draiks are perfectly happy being Blue. (that's an oxymoron, isn't it?) It doesn't have to be an expensive color, either. I've seen purple Draiks, whom after being painted, look they've just won the lottery. Of course, I have no way of knowing that they didn't win the lottery...

-Play with it. Lots. There's nothing we love more than a good Chia plushie to destroy... Muahahaha... Hey, stop looking at me like that...


To wrap it all up, I'd like to say that we Draiks are a noble and loyal species. Valrigard was a Draik with pure intentions, yet he was imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. In other words, he was jailed for NO REASON. He was among King Skarl's closest friends and strongest soldiers, but then Skarl goes and jails him regardless! Is that what Valrigard deserved??? If you can afford one of us, I hope you consider adding a Draik to your family. Or, if you're among Neopia's less fortunate, perhaps you could get lucky at the adoption center. If you already own a Draik, I hope I gave you some helpful information about how to keep us happy :)

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