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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 77 > Short Stories > Desert Dreams

Desert Dreams

by fluffyful2001

Untitled Document

A small yellow Aisha looked outside her window. It was raining... again Toe2001, the Aisha, hated rain. "Why can't we live in the Lost Desert?" she moaned to herself. "I've always wanted to go, but my owner has never taken me. I've always wanted to be painted Desert and live among the natives. But we live here, in Neopia where it always rains!" Toe2001 stomped up the stairs. She was going to have a talk with her owner.


"No, I'm not taking you there, we're saving our money for other things, and it's much to hot. I don't see why you even want to go it's just a bunch of tents, a castle we can't even go into, and miles and miles of sand!" So that was her owner's excuse. It was actually a good one and most Neopets would have backed down, but Toe was not your ordinary Aisha.

     "Fine! If won't you take me, I'll get there my self and I'm NEVER coming back!" with that said, Toe dashed down stairs and ran out the front door. She heard her owner, Cy, rummaging around inside for something to wear out into the rain. She saw something glisten on the ground near her. It was a Lost Desert paint brush! What are the odds?

     She dashed away to the rainbow pool and painted herself. She was very beautiful. In complete defiance of her owner, she renamed herself Isis. Now she was painted, but how would she get to the Lost Desert? She'd never been outside her home because the other worlds never interested her, none of them, until the Lost Desert that is. She asked the Defence Magic Shop Keeper how to get to the Lost Desert.

     "I'd take a flight pod if were you. But that may be a bad idea because of this storm..." said the shop keeper. "Hmmm... can you fly a pod well, young one?" asked the shopkeeper.

     "No, I've never flown before."

     "Well, business won't exactly be booming today, so I guess I could try and take you." Replied the shop keeper.

     "Oh would you? Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me!" They were flying away in minutes.


It was morning before they got there. People in other pods were arriving as well. A sign was floating just above the landing space for the travel pods. It read:


     Isis was heart broken. "It's not fair!" she shouted. She stood there in angry silence and after a few moments, poor Isis broke down and cried. The defence magic shopkeeper hugged her. "Oh, don't worry yourself like this! Things will be fine, it's only one week. We'll just get you on home to your owner and-" Isis cut her off.

     "But that's the problem! I ran away from home to come here! She wouldn't ever take me, so I thought I could run away and some how get myself there." Isis stopped crying.

     "Hmmm... that is a problem. But where will you stay? How will you eat? You've brought a lot upon yourself young one..."

     "I know, I know... I'd hate to ask more of you but... could you take me to Mystery Island? I think I'll have some luck there... maybe win at Tombola a few times..."

     "If your sure... are you positive you wouldn't rather return to your owner?"

     "Yes... I'm sure. Thank you... for helping me."

     "All in a days work my friend!" And with that, the cloaked, green Aisha shopkeeper redirected the pod towards Mystery Island.


Isis waved goodbye to the defence magic shopkeeper and with that she made her way through the lush jungles until she found her way to shore. She sat on the beach and stared at the waves for a while when suddenly a male voice came from behind her... "Excuse me! Ma'am!" Isis jumped. She turned to find a young, blue, male Kougra. "C-Can I help you?" she replied a bit shakily.

     "Um, yes. My owner, she created me yesterday. She'd told me that she had an Aisha that had runaway. It took me a while, but I convinced to let me go out and look for that Aisha. She could be ANYWHERE in Neopia! Her name is Toe2001, she's yellow. Do you by any chance have information on her?" The Kougra started at her searching for some kind of relief. Isis was shocked. Her owner had planned to get a male Kougra, but who'd have thought that he'd end up being her search party!

     "Uh... I uh... um..." was all that Isis could get out. She was rather nervous. What if he found out it she was really Toe2001?

     "She was headed for the lost desert a few days ago. I tried there but no visitors are being admitted at this time... hey wait a minute! You're a desert Aisha, why aren't you at the festival with the other natives?" questioned the Kougra. Isis sighed. She had to tell him now...

     "Look... whoever you are, I'm Toe2001... but you must understand my situation..." Isis told her story to the young Kougra. "And I couldn't go back to her after that, she'd have me locked up!" She sighed again. "So I figured I'd wait here until the holiday was over."

     The Kougra looked at her with different eyes now. No longer the tough eyes of the predator that he was. "I'm sorry... sister, I admire you for your bravery. I hope one day, to fight for my dreams, as you have. But...Cy... she is so worried! Will you never return home?" He looked at her questioningly.

     "No, I don't believe that I ever will. You should go back home to her, and keep her company. But, tell her that you have not found me. You must never tell her where I am, or anything of that nature. Can I trust you with this?" she asked.

     "I won't tell her. But I won't go home right away... allow me to make you an offer first. I'm supposed to be staying at a hotel here, for another week. In case you'd gotten to the desert before the festival I thought I'd wait the week here. Would you like to stay with me for a few days? It would be better then having you sit here cold and hungry." Isis grinned with happiness. She was glad that she and her owner Cy had decided to get a Kougra, a trustworthy and generous breed.

     "I have no idea how to thank you! You have truly saved me! I didn't know how I'd last a week in the jungle... But, you already know my name, what's yours?"

     "I am Moon_Charm_3000. Now c'mon, I'll take you to the hotel." Isis smiled and let him lead the way. But his name, it was what she had wanted call their new Kougra. Cy didn't like it at all and told her that that definitely would not be the new Kougra's name. But here he was, Moon_Charm_3000.

     She spent the next week learning about her new Brother, although she knew she probably wouldn't see him after this... After the week was over, he went with her in a flight pod to see her off into the lost desert. "Goodbye Moon Charm!" she called as she walked into the village.

     "Goodbye Isis!" The door to the pod closed, and he was flown back to Neopia


She then began to walk towards the city market. Neopians and their pets stared at her as they walking through the market thinking, "Wow! She's very beautiful. I wish my pets could look like that..." while the shop keepers and natives whispered amongst themselves, "Who's she? I've never seen her before. How'd she get painted our nations color if she was never here?" Many were suspicious.

     The next day, all of the shopkeepers and natives came to confront Toe or Isis I should say. "Who are you?" asked the Peophin for the petpet stall.

     "I am Isis," she replied calmly.

     "And just what do you think you're doing here?" And so Isis told her story a third time. "Wouldn't take you here? That's absurd! Welcome to the Lost desert Isis! I'm sorry we were so suspicious," said the Peophin

     "It's alright. As long as everyone calls me Isis and never reveals my true identity to anyone you won't have any trouble from me," replied Isis. That night there was a celebration in honor of Isis' arrival.


Back at Neopia, Cy was sick with worry. She had looked every where in Neopia and found no trace of her beloved Toe. "She's really gone..." she said with tears in her eyes. "I didn't think she could do it but... she did..." Heartbroken, cold, and hungry, Cy returned home at around four in the morning.


Isis had trouble sleeping that night. She had realized what she had done to Cy. But eventually after a couple of years living her dream, she forgot her old life.


She was sitting by herself a few years later in the endless sandy desert when she heard a tune playing from far away. It sounded like a lullaby from another life. She saw a poor Neopian sitting with a stack of fliers. The person was covered by what looked to be an old, dirty shawl. She couldn't see anything of the stranger but their hands and feet.

     She stopped and listened to the person's song for a while then turned to leave when she heard it cry out, "Wait Wait! Come back I have a question for you!" Isis returned to the unfortunate Neopian, "What is it?" A rather familiar young Kougra bounded up to the person and lay down near Isis. The peddler grabbed one of the fliers and handed it to Isis.

     "Have you seen this Aisha? I lost her a few years ago and I'm still trying to find her." Said a female voice. The Kougra looked up at her and it seemed as if they knew each other... Isis looked at the flier; it was a picture of how she used to look with her old name, Toe2001. Suddenly all of the memories of her old life came flooding back and she seemed to remember everything in great detail. Tears filled her eyes when she saw what had become of Cy and Moon_Charm_3000. "Cy, it's me. I'm Toe2001" A single tear fell from Isis' eye and on to the desert sand.

The End


Isis now lives happily with her owner and her good friend (and brother) Moon_Charm_3000 as well as with two new sisters. Her journey to the lost desert strengthened her will power and her relationship with her brother. Although for a time Cy was forgotten, once they were reunited they were never separated again.

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