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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 72 > Articles > Year 4 Visual Diary

Year 4 Visual Diary

by _l_love_plushies_

NEOPIA CENTRAL - Well, Year 4 is over, and what a year it's been! We've seen new worlds, new species, new games, new paint brushes and even a war! If you're new to Neopets, now's your chance to discover what you've missed over the previous year. If you've been here all the time, this might refresh your memory. Have fun.

7th of January: On this day, an interesting thing happened to quite a few Neopets. Instead of being their normal "Glass" colour, they changed into Tyrannian. The Glass Paint Brush immediately became unusable, and the Tyrannian brush was released a few days after to give other people a chance.

Glass Shoyru Tyrannian Shoyru

10th of January: This is the day when the first Krawk became available to Neopia. This was made possible due to the discovery of the Fungus Cave. Soon, many Krawk PetPets were either being turned into adult Krawks or were sold at a high price. Even to this day, Krawks are the rarest species in Neopia.

Krawk PetPet Green Krawk Krawk 

30th of January: The Golden Dubloon recently opened on Krawk Island. Because of its small size, anyone who got in was pretty lucky. Still, it's not free. The restaurant only accepts dubloons, which is to be expected on Krawk Island.

13th of February: Jhudora has set up a business in Faerieland. She is requesting for you to find items that she requires for her spells. If you can return the item within the time limit, you shall gain a level. Once you reach certain levels you will gain some of her most treasured items. Beware though - the quests get harder and if you fail one, it's back to the beginning you go.


21st of February: A 44th Neopet appeared in Neopia after a week of waiting. The Tonu was originally going to look like the picture on the left, but later was redesigned to the one on the right.

Preview Purple Tonu

3rd of May: At long last, NeoHome owners can show off their plants with pride. Today marks the release of NeoGardens, and despite a few technical glitches at first, nearly everyone got one!

Yolkalia Garden Shop 
Keeper Orb 

15th of May: At last, there's a paint rush that will allow you to get to the fountain of youth. But it's a bit powerful because one dip with this paint brush and you'll be going back to those baby years with the Baby Paint Brush.

**Warning: Neopets will not take any responsibility for dirty nappies**

Kau Baby 

21st of May:
All the way from Krawk Island is the Pirate Paint Brush. This Paint Brush was highly voted in a competition, only being beaten by the Baby Paint Brush.

Pirate Krawk Pirate Kacheek

31st of May: Ever had the Pant Devil still something from you? Or has someone tried to hack your account recently? Well now Defenders of Neopia will save the day. Sign up with Judge Hog, and you will be able to beat up those bad guys. If you succeed, then you get a cool prize!


25th of June:
A 45th Neopet has appeared in Neopia. It is in limited supply, and no one even knows where it came from. Rumours are flying around that it has appeared from a new land...

Baby Draik Striped Draik

25th of June: Wow. You could say this was the day that the Stone Age ended. Because this was the day that all of the Stone coloured pets have been changed into a more tropical design... Island.

Stone Acara Island Acara

11th of July: Hurray! Another Neopet. This one is the Ixi. Right now it is in limited edition, but they will soon become available to everyone in Neopia. Like the Draik, no one knows where this pet has originated from.

Faerie Ixi Halloween Ixi

30th of July: Time to celebrate. The new world to Neopets has been revealed as Meridell. Visit Meridell for great games (mostly involving vegetables), faerie quests, bullseye, frog kissing, puzzles and much more!

Meridell Illusen

20th of August: The yearly Usuki Con went ahead without any difficulties. Usuki related items appeared in shops early in the morning, and Neopets everywhere had a great time.

Usuki Con 4

18th of August: *Shock, horror, amazement* Could it be? Could this be the world everyone has been searching for? Someone has come back from their long journey, and in their hands were photos from JELLY WORLD!!!

Cherry Jelly Club Wibbly Wobbly 
Food! Jelly Drawer

20th of August: Some Neopets were red with anger after seeing today's news. Others were red with happiness and some were red with sadness. Even some sick Neopets felt rather red. The reason being is that the Neopets Staff thought some Neopets were a bit too pink of orange. Don't worry, you can re-colour your pet with an Orange or Pink Paint Brush.

Orange Quiggle Pink Kacheek

22nd of October: Bring back your pet from the dead... or at least the pound... with this spooooky Ghost Paint Brush. It will send a chill down your spine... *unless you are a Pet Rock and don't have a spine, that is*

Ghost Draik Ghost Ixi

30th of October: Just when you thought all was well... the Tax Beast struck! This monster has been around taking 10% of everyone's NP. Beware all who do not fill in their tax-related-forms...

the picture self-explanitory? It's the Tax Beast!

25th of November: The war between Meridell and a floating castle discovered recently has started. But there are more twists and turns in this story than a story packed with... twists and turns. Will you fight for Meridell, after all, they are the 'good' team, right? Or are they hiding the truth. Is Darigan the place that needs defending. They are claiming it's their orb that Meridell has stolen...

Darigan Warriors

26th of November: There's only threewords to describe today. PLUSHIE PLUSHIE PLUSHIE. Okay, so it was the same word repeated three times, but that's not the point. Today saw the release of the Plushie Paint Brush. But don't knock your stuffing out just yet, because it's not cheap.

Plushie Aisha Plushie Skeith

1st of December: It's December at last, and the Advent Calendar is open at last. For the following month you can collect a small gift, such a Snow Faerie Snowglobe or a not-so-small Fireplace. Also available is Neopets to help out the needy.


26th of December: The war is over, and Darigan have won. Although being behind for most of the battle, they broke through in the last few days, leading by over 900,000 points. Lord Darigan shall receive his Golden Orb in a few days, and prizes will be given out to the best battlers.

The Orb is MINE!!!

31st of December: Pets look up at the night sky, waiting for Year 5 to begin. The fireworks go boom, and all across Neopia, from the Lost Desert to Tyrannia to Mystery Island, all pet rejoice.


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