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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 72 > Continuing Series > The Bravest One: Part Three

The Bravest One: Part Three

by flamehead2k214

The cannons shot again. Suddenly, pain spread upon Syrekia's face.

     She went limp, closed her eyes, and began falling.

     Gohan was frightened, confused, and upset at the same time. An arrow from a desert arrow launcher protruded from Syrekia's left wing.

     Quickly, Gohan went into a dive, attempting to catch her.

     Ten feet. Twenty feet. Gohan tried to pick up speed. Thirty feet. Forty feet. Then there was a splash as Syrekia plunged into the water.

     Gohan dove in after her. The water was cold and stung when he hit the surface. He swam quickly, following the trail of Syrekia's blood. Finally, he caught up to her and took her in his arms.

     Suddenly, a net appeared around them!

     Gohan struggled to get out, but could not while holding on to Syrekia. If only he hadn't dropped his sword! The net dragged them eastward until it finally was dragged out of the water and banged the side of the boat. Another yank up and Gohan found himself sitting on deck, looking at Captain Hawk-man's ugly face. Gohan clutched Syrekia tightly, defiant against the angry Eyrie. "Lock 'em up in me room, First mate. See to it that Flame_gurl lives. We need her for battle."

     Gohan and Syrekia were dragged into a cabin below deck. Looking back, he could see the disappointed faces of other Neopets. Gohan struggled some more to break free of the net, until one of the pirates conked him on the head.


Gohan awoke, with a large pain in his head, pounding. He tried to ignore it to see where he was. It was dark, pitch black. Gohan moved a step forward, putting his paw in front of him. His paws felt something cold. Gohan ran his paw up and down. It was a bar. He realised he was in a cage. Gohan shifted to his right and felt something furry.

     "Gohan?" a voice whispered. Gohan withdrew his hand quickly. "Gohan?"

     "Yes?" Gohan answered.

     "It's me. Syrekia. Where are we?" "I think this is Captain Hawk's room." "Gohan I'm so sorry for making you do all those things to try to get us out of here. I-" "That's okay, Syrekia. I didn't have to do those things for you. I guess I sort of wanted to."

     "You are a very sweet Shoyru. I hope you stay that way." Gohan frowned. That wasn't what he wanted to hear. Then something furry touched his paw. It pulled him toward his right (where Syrekia's cage was) and his head hit the bars. "Ow!" One brief moment of pain, then he felt something soft and cool touch his cheek.

     "Thanks for saving me, Gohan." Gohan blushed, unsure of what just happened. He was glad it was dark. "You're welcome, Syrekia. Let's get some rest now."


The Gelert jumped at me, claws extended. I moved out of the where to a side where a wall was. Instead of hitting the wall, though, I flew up and grabbed a weapon hanging off the rack. It was a Shoyru sword. I dropped back down onto the floor and sliced the Gelert's back. The Gelert fell on the floor, it had taken too many cuts and blows from me.

     It was our fifth match since the last escape plan we tried. Syrekia's wing completely healed. I was battling in the Neopia Central underground Battledome against the Terror Mountain team. (The Poisonous Snowballs) As punishment, I have been sent out to battle either first or fourth every match.

     Personally, I'd like to live, so I've had to use my own hands to take away the lives of over fifty other Neopets, I don't like fighting unless I have to.

     "That's it folks! That brings the match to Neopian Krushers 100, Poisonous Snowballs 0!"

     The crowd jeered and cheered. I had won for the whole team once again. After the match, we were back on the ship with Captain Hawk-man admiring his new trophy and swimming around in his prize money. Syrekia and I were locked in our cages in Hawk's room, watching him in disgust.

     I cleared my throat. "Uh...sir..." "WHAT?? Oh yes, your stupid reward."

     Captain Hawk left the room. Syrekia turned to me. "I have one last plan, and if this doesn't work, we'll just be stuck here forever."

     Syrekia whispered to me. "Oh it will work. I'm not going to be stuck here forever...and...I have faith in you, Syrekia."

     I smiled, just then Hawk stormed back into the room. "Here's yer stupid omelette, Ice." Hawk tossed a whole omelette into my cage. My favorite! I cut it in half and gave a half to Syrekia. We both ate it hungrily.

     "Next stop, Meridell!" a pirate yelled from the crow's nest. Syrekia and I went to sleep, for we would need our energy. Tonight was the night, nothing will stop me, I thought.


"Gohan! Gohan wake up," Syrekia whispered to me. "I'm awake," I muttered drowsily. "Do you still have that bone the drunk pirate threw at you?"

     "Yeah, and the lump on my head to prove it." I pulled out a bone from beneath the hay, and one side of it was pointy and sharp. It was pitch black, as always in Hawk's room. The door was closed and Hawk slept. I used the bone to pick at the lock on my chains effortlessly, for I had practised it many times. The door gave me a bit of trouble, though.

     I'd say five minutes of it. I tiptoed to Hawk's bedside wooden drawer and opened it. I pulled out a whole set of keys. I then used the small one I had seen Hawk use so many times on Syrekia's cage. I freed Syrekia and relieved her of her handcuffs and chains. We could have left right then and there, but we didn't. I took one of my handcuffs and cuffed Hawk's beak shut, and then threw him in my cage. Upon hitting the bars, he abruptly woke up. "Mfurehfgefsh," he said. I slammed the door to the cage shut and said "In your face!"

     Syrekia and I ran down to the cargo room and put cages and chains in each pirates' room. We went down to the slave deck and freed all the galley slaves. "Hoora-" they began cheering.

     "Shhhhhhhhh!" Syrekia and I said in unison. "Listen. The pirates are still sleeping. We need each Neopet to cuff a pirate and toss him in a cage, room to room. After that, we can all go home!!" The Neopets started to cheer again, but Gohan gave them a warning look.

     Each Neopet scrambled upstairs and locked pirates into cages with ease, for they were heavy sleepers. "LET US OUT YOU FILTHY SLAVES," the pirates yelled. We just laughed at them.

     Out on deck, a Tuskaninny named Grunk_elf turned the ship around back to Neopia Central. I stood on a barrel and said my speech.

     "We are finally free!" The slaves roared in happiness. I motioned for them to silence a bit. When they finally died down, I continued.

     "Have some fun, sleep on the pirates' comfortable beds, stay safe, but most of all, PIG OUT ON ANYTHING THAT'S NOT AN OMELETTE!!!" With that, everyone cheered and there was a mad rush to the kitchen. It was soon a mess.

     There were all kinds of doughnuts, pizzas, hot-dogs, and with plenty of neocola to spare.

     I filled up on something of every kind of food and soon lay on the floor, with thirteen other Neopets, clutching our stomachs. "Ooooh," I moaned. "I've never been so FULL or HAPPY in my life."

     "All of you are a bunch of Skeiths." Syrekia said, looking at me from above since I was lying on the ground.


"And that's the whole story, officer," an Elephante finished. The four officer Chias wrote on their little pads while five other officers carried cages of pirates to their cars. "Thank you, citizens. Now, whoever doesn't live in Neopia Central may get in the last car, where we will provide you with a lift to the Neopian Airport and buy plane tickets for each of you."

     Ten Neopets got in the cop's car.

     "So, do any of the rest of you need a ride home?" Syrekia and I looked at the other three Neopets, which all had wings. Simultaneously, we all said, "I'm sure we'll manage."

     And we took off. I couldn't wait to get back to 151412 Wishing Well Drive. Syrekia accompanied me, even though she didn't want to live with Flamehead and me.

The trip by air only took five minutes, so we were there in no time. I landed on the front step and rang the doorbell. I couldn't wait to see Flame!

     The door opened, but it wasn't Flamehead2k214...unless she was a Kougra now??

     "Can I help you?" the Kougra asked me. "Uh... does Flamehead2k214 still live here?"

     "Yeah. That's my mom."

     "Who's at the door, Trunks?"

     A girl appeared at the door that I recognised immediately. She took on look at me and said in a small voice, "Oh my goodness. G-Gohan?" Her eyes filled with tears and mine did too and all I could do was hug her.


"That's quite a story." My mom said. We were sitting around our classic dining table.

     She introduced me to my brothers, Trunks_super2000 and Goten_super2000_2001. Trunks was a red Kougra and Goten a yellow Gelert My mom had adopted them in my absence.

     "I looked for you forever." My mom said. "You're welcome to stay home, you and Syrekia. But anyway, I'm sure everyone's hungry so let's eat dinner."

     We ate dinner and Syrekia and I stayed for about a week. We decided to move to Mystery Island, so we bought tickets and said our sad goodbyes to my mom and my brothers.

     "Wait, Gohan. Here's a departing gift for you and Syrekia." She handed me a box. I opened it. Inside was about 7,000 Neopoints. I thanked my mom and put it in my pack. "Don't forget to visit!" My mom yelled as we flew off. "Gohan, pick up the pace! We're going to miss our plane!" Syrekia exclaimed. (I don't think we'll ever ride a boat again!) We hurried to the Neopian Airport and dropped off our luggage at the bag centre.

     "Now boarding flight 10M to Mystery Island," a female Aisha said. We ran to gate M and handed our tickets to a striped Cybunny. We took our seats and were ready to go.

On Mystery Island, a month later...

     Gohan and Syrekia emerged from the water. Their surf contest resulted in a tie. "I'll still beat you home, Gohan." Syrekia yelled. Holding surfboards in arm, they raced back to their house about a mile from the beach. Syrekia washed her feet at the foot wash attached to the side of the house. (This was a new addition to Mystery Island homes since Neopets and people often went to the beach and didn't want to bring sand into their houses.)

     "I beat you!!" Syrekia said inside. "Yeah yeah yeah," Gohan said closing the screen door behind him. (They usually left the door open and the screen door locked for the breeze.) "Don't be a sore loser, Gohan." Syrekia said, handing him a towel. She kissed him on the cheek.

     Gohan felt a little better. Then he had a sudden thought. "Remember on the boat, after we tried to escape and they put us in the cages?"

     "Yeah," Syrekia said.

     "What did you do to me? Was it a kiss?"

     Syrekia thought for a moment. Then she laughed.

The End

This story is obviously fictional. Gohan, Goten, and Trunks are my Neopets Trunks was adopted, Goten and Gohan were created. I live on 151412 Wishing Well Drive, though my Neopets are kind of dying right now because I can't feed them since my computer has a problem.
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