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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 68 > Articles > What You Always Wanted to Know...About Neopoints

What You Always Wanted to Know...About Neopoints

by jamezbfod

NEOPIA CENTRAL - Hello, I am JamezBfod. Pronounced "juh-mez-buf-odd." You may know of me from many stories in The Neopian Times written by my sister, leb388. In my own defence, I am not that crazy in real life. When I am adventuring around Neopia with my pets, however, I may act quite differently. Right now I am in suit-and-tie businessman mode in order to help you, the reader, be able to have sufficient funds to enjoy the Neopian experience. The topic of this article, as you may have inferred, is Neopoints - what they are, how to get them, and what to do with them once you have them. I have decided to publish this article now because the Advent Calendar will be starting soon after, if not when, this issue if The Neopian Times is out. So everyone will be getting some extra NP daily to do something with. And it all adds up!

I must quote Neopets on their explanation of what Neopoints are due to how perfectly concise it is: "Neopoints(tm) (or NP) are the universal currency of You earn them when you do things, and the more you have the more you can do! Neopoints are used to buy things in the shops and auctions so that you can feed and look after your pet. They allow you to play games, gamble, trade, and many other things."

That being said, what are the things that we can do to get NP?

1 - Games
The Games Room is easy to find - it's right on the Neopets sidebar, labeled "Games." I cannot stress enough the importance of playing games early on in your Neopian life. Even after you have made a bundle, they are still a good way to make a few extra thousand a day if you have the time. The games with a guaranteed return are the safest possible source for quick Neopoints you can find. Games like Destruct-O-Match, Meerca Chase, the Wheel of Excitement(which does not guarantee a return!), Grundo's Gym (which doesn't pay as much as it used to, but is still worthwhile), Swarm, and Cheat! are all games that I played to make the bulk of my early Neopoints. What games should you play? Well, that part is up to you. One should not argue tastes, and you may not like my tastes, so just play some games find some that you like! Neopets has such a vast variety of games that I stopped keeping track of them all a long while ago, but they exist in three categories: Puzzles, Action, and Gambling (Chance). Personally, I like the games I already mentioned best, but you need to find those games that you enjoy to play yourself. It's no fun to play games you hate just to make a few Neopoints. But beware if you have to pay to play, you may just wind up throwing Neopoints away.

2 - The Bank
You can find the Bank from the Shops section of Neopia - it's on the main Shop map. Get an account if you don't have one already - you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, because you automatically get 50 NP. This is the safest investment you can make after games you do not have to pay to play. When you have an account, you get interest paid on the money you have in the bank, as well as a nifty Safety Deposit Box to throw any items you don't want to sell, throw away, give away, or keep on hand - or items you do not want the Pant Devil to get. The interest has to be taken out manually and daily, but it also compounds daily, throwing a little more Neopoints to your total and helping you to get to that next account type for more interest. Always collect your interest at the start of your visit to Neopia and put most (leave yourself a few hundred) of what you made that day into your account before you leave. It is a slow method, but it is steady. Your account will grow before you know it!

3 - Daily Freebies
Daily freebies, or "rounds" as I call them, can be either very profitable or very discouraging. On many days I have gone to all the freebies and received nothing (Except for the always-handy omelette! Thank you, Sabre-X!), but there are worthwhile prizes from each one. You can get Neopoints, items, healed, or harmed by some of these activities, so be warned. Here's a list so you can go through them and see what you've done. You can collect these once a day or more:

Mystery Island Tyrannia Meridell
Tombola The Giant Omelette Turmaculus

4 - Your Shop
I seem to remember leb388 writing an article or two about shops. Generally, I use my shop to sell items I have found during my travels through the exotic lands of Neopia. Yeah, it is mostly junk, but there is always that random map piece, paint brush, or codestone that lands in my inventory thanks to those "Something Has Happened!" events that I can unload for some nice Neopoints. You can also buy items from shops located all over Neopia, or from other users, and possibly sell them in your shop for a profit. This is a good way to make Neopoints, and it is a worthwhile activity for all Neopians, rich and poor. The prices of items varies from time to time, so be wary of inflating and deflating prices, and always check the Shop Wizard for the prices. I am rating this fourth best because there is a definite risk of losing Neopoints, but if you do not go on wild schemes very often, it should not be a problem. And yes, I've gone on several.

4 - Stocks
Yes, stocks. Easy to find, easy to do--they're right on the front-page of Neopets, but you can also find them at the bottom of the Games Room. I have made the most Neopoints off of these. They're pretty risky, especially because they can go to zero. I have lost thousands to that, but I have more than made up for it. You can buy stocks in single shares, or any number of shares you choose. Personally, I buy lots(a quantity I buy at one time, not as in "a lot") of multiples of ten, preferably a thousand. Of course, the limit to buy daily is a thousand, so on days that I buy, it is usually just a thousand shares of a single company. However, you can sell an unlimited amount in one day, and at one time, but be sure the profit is well over 20 NP every time you sell. Nigel's commission may seem small, but if you are doing single shares, it will slaughter profits. The best prices to buy at are between 15-20 NP per share, I believe, because that's the lowest range of buyable stocks. Most of mine are below 15 at the moment, due to the market being down. But it will rise again. It seems to be starting to as I write this. I usually will not sell unless the stock has at least doubled in value or I need the NP. But don't take my system, develop your own.

You know how to get those Neopoints now, but what do you do with them? Well, most of them you should put back into making even more Neopoints, but use some for a better purpose. Feed your pets or buy them stuff, or get something for your Neofriends on the holidays like I do. Remember, now: Neopets isn't about the NP, it's about the fun you have with your pets and your friends in this wacky land of Neopia. So buy those pets a treat, or paint them a new colour. If you can afford it, paint your pets a rare colour to show off your wealth and their personality. Or buy a lab map and hope you get lucky. Much like my sister did. Island Poogle...hrumph. Or if you have a really large amount of Neopoints, find the Hidden Tower, and get your pets something out of there. It does no good to just let the Neopoints lie in your bank account or tied up in items or stocks. Go out there and have fun. That's what we're here for, isn't it?

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