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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 68 > Continuing Series > A Neon Sign: Luna's Place - Part Five

A Neon Sign: Luna's Place - Part Five

by miss_laddy

The next day, Romano's Kadoatie had shinny blue fur. It was the only colour he liked. Deception's name changed to Babe overnight and Sari was starting to think he liked her.

     "Well, we finished that," Romano said satisfied, looking at the newly assembled stage.

     "Yea, thank goodness," Sari said, collapsing on a tall chair.

     They both hadn't had much sleep that night. And considering how early it was...

     "Where's Luna, by the way?" Romano asked, pouring himself some coffee.

     As if a cue, Luna entered the bar, dragging her feet. She seemed exhausted and finally got to a chair.

     "Where were you all night?" Romano and Sari asked at the same time, glaring at each other soon after.

     "I was looking for someone to perform...everybody's booked, for some reason. Or too expensive, take your pick," she replied, while sipping out of a coffee mug that was placed on the table soon after she sat.

     "Well how come?" Sari tilt her head. "We don't necessarily need someone to perform. But, if it's really that big of a deal..."

     Luna was in a bad mood and signaled the red Lupe to shut up. Giving up, Sari inched towards the phone.


     Luna was sitting at the counter (she had to get used to it) reading The Neopian Times while Romano had set up the shelves and was putting all the drinks on it.

     Sari was sweeping, bored out of her mind.

     The silence was broken by a knock on the door.

     "I'll get it!" Sari dashed at the door and opened it.

     A purple Eyrie came in.

     "Glad you could come!" Sari smirked.

     "Glad I came, then. Oh, those must be Luna and Romano!" she said, looking over the red Lupe's shoulder.

     "Yea, it's them. Luna, Romano, meet Lillith, she'll be singing tonight."

     Luna stood silent while Romano growled low.

     "Trust me!" she pushed Lillith on the stage. "Just sing!"

     After an half an hour, Luna had entertainment and Sari had a raise (not that she got paid yet).

That night...

     At about 8 PM, the first people came (even dough they advertised the opening at 10).

     Luna opened the door, looking down at the blue Poogle.

     "Is this Luna's Place?" the Poogle asked, showing her a paper clipping.

     "Yup. Come right in!"

     Soon, all kinds of pets and owners came, filling the bar up. It seemed the whole Terror Mountain was there, including the tourists.

     The three Lupes were busy cooking and serving drinks. The biggest problem was, however, Sari. Yes, Sariel Coldfyre. She was very energetic, but unfortunately, didn't have a very good memory and got distracted easily. In other words, she sucked as a waitress. Of course, Luna would fill the blank and Romano would tend to the counter. Romano's only problem was all the people telling him about their trouble.

     In one corner of the bar, five Kougras, each different colours, including a fire one, were smoking (despite the big sign saying NO SMOKING) and playing cards (NO GAMBLING). They seemed pretty suspicious, but Luna decided not to mess with them. Then there was a white Moehog that always stuffed himself with food (he ate the most in the whole place). Romano had learnt his name, Manny. In another corner, four Bruces with chainsaws and their owner (they were all lumberjacks, apparently).

     While Luna, Romano and perhaps even Sari were trying hard to learn about everybody and get the orders done, a red Gelert, a blue Techo, a white Kougra and a Christmas Kau with their owner were laughing loudly.

     "Anyway," the owner continued the conversation they were having "I still think that's stupid, Kaun, I mean--" his words were cut short by a piece of pie splattered on his face. "Oh, yeah?!"

     The owner retorted with another pie, but as the Kau ducked, it hit a blue Poogle which stumbled and eventually fell in the basement, with giant crashes.

     "Hey!" the Poogle's owner spat. "Nobody hits Poogy!" she hurled a rotten apple at the pie-thrower.

     Soon, as a few tables were chaotic, someone boomed "food fight!" and the whole place roared and food swiftly glided through the air.

     Luna, Romano and Sari retreated under the bar, worried that they might get involved in this.

     After a looooong half an hour, the food fight finally stopped. By then, all Luna could do was line them up at the door and they all would have had to pay 1000 NP for the damage. That was good, because the only damage was food, and the consummation was only worth about 500-700 NP per customer.

     After the whole fiasco was over, the three Lupes, helped by Lillith, were cleaning up. Romano was at the counter, with a dust cloth, doing a pretty good job, too. Sari was picking up the tables and chairs, while Luna and Lillith were mopping.

     "Sorry that you didn't get a chance to sing, hon," Luna told Lillith.

     "T's okay. I most often get turned down, so at least I know someone likes me..." the Eyrie smiled slightly.

     "Tell ya what, come here every Saturday and Friday night, and that stage is all yours!"

     Lillith was speechless.

     "With payment?"

     "5,000 NP per week. How's that?" They shook paws and continued cleaning up the joint. Loud knocks could be heard from the basement door. Luna opened it and out stumbled a blue Poogle with pie all over it.

     "Thank goodness you opened that thing!" the Poogle breathed hard. "I would have suffocated.

     "Er, the door wasn't locked," Luna said, tilting her head curiously.

     "Oh..." the Poogle had a blank look on his face. "Best catch up with my owner, then."

     He hurried on home.

     Luna looked towards Lillith with a questionable expression. Lillith shrugged and raised her shoulders.


     The business had begun.

The End

Authors Note: Luna and Romano are fictional, but Sarielcoldfyre is real. The reason for writing this is fairly simple: it explains where some of the action in my other stories takes place. I enjoy getting Neomail, as long as it isn't written horribly and has too much chatspeak.
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