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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 68 > Short Stories > Shock Tactics

Shock Tactics

by bludragn3

Neopia Central...

     Blue Dragon walked down the road, studying a document clenched in his claw. The document was a list of shops given to Blue by the Shop Wizard. He was looking for an electric paint brush for his yellow Kyrii, Azure.

     "Finally, Azure will be able to live up to her name by being painted electric!" Blue proclaimed. He was silenced by a loud clap of thunder. "Huh? There isn't a cloud in the sky!" Blue was so absorbed in watching the sky that he ran into a wall. "Ow!" He rubbed his snout and backed away from the wall. He looked up and saw that the shop he ran into was the first shop on his list, the Paint Centre. "Looks like this is the place..."

     Blue opened the door of the Paint Centre and walked into the shop. It was a very colourful place, as it contained paint brushes of every kind. Blue admired the Silver Paint Brushes, grimaced at the Baby Paint Brushes, got hungry at the sight of the Strawberry Paint Brushes, and smiled at the Checkered Paint Brushes. When he finally found the Electric Paint Brush, he looked at it for a while until the shopkeeper appeared behind him.

     "Hello, young dragon, what might you want today?" The shopkeeper asked in a hoarse voice.

     Blue was startled by the shopkeeper's greeting. He whirled around quickly to face the shopkeeper, an old Tuskaninny. "Well, I guess I'd like this Electric Paint Brush."

     " is a fine choice. The cost of this item is thirty thousand Neopoints," the shopkeeper replied.

     "Great! I'll take it."

     "But I must warn you, this paint brush is cursed."

     "Oh, that's bad."

     "But it comes with a free Ice Cream!"

     "Hey, that's good!"

     "The Ice Cream is also cursed."

     "Can I go now?" Blue inquired.

Blue Dragon's NeoHome...

     Spirit the blue Zafara went into the kitchen and raided the refrigerator. He skated around on the white linoleum tile as he took out an egg.

     "Why hello, mister egg. I hope you had a good night's sleep, because now your hour is atoll."

     Spirit took the egg in one of his paws and reached into a cabinet and pulled out a skillet with the other. He then put the skillet on the stove and turned on the heat. With a few maniacal laughs, Spirit broke the egg into the skillet. Spirit did a few karate chops at the skillet, taunting his fallen opponent.

     "Take this! And that! And one of these!"

     Spirit continued his chopping until one came too close. He flipped the skillet over with a poorly aimed swing and it landed on his head.

     "You've made a powerful enemy today, my friend..."

     Darkmoon the green Gelert came into the kitchen in search of food. Upon seeing Spirit and the skillet on his head, he said, "See you're making breakfast today, Spirit."

     Spirit took the skillet off his head and started cleaning the egg yolk off his face with a towel. "When's Blue getting back?" he asked.

     "He said he'd be coming back once he got something for Azure. I don't know why he's getting Azure a present. I mean, it's not her birthday, and it's not Kyrii Day..."

     "Have you ever thought maybe Blue was just being nice?" Spirit stated.

     "Nah, dragons aren't nice."

     "First of all, Blue isn't just a dragon. He's a Forcastian dragon. There's a big difference. Blue has single-handedly showed us that Forcastian dragons are nice."

     "What about that time I got my head stuck in the staircase banister, and Blue laughed at me?"

     "No, that was Legionnaire. He's a Scorchio."

     "Oh, right! I keep getting dragons and Scorchios mixed up."

     An unlocking of the front door made Spirit and Darkmoon run to the front door. Blue was tackled by the Zafara and the Gelert the second he opened the door.

     "Spirit! Darkmoon! I'm glad to see you too, but you really must get off of me..."

     Spirit and Darkmoon let Blue get back up again. "What's in the bag?" Darkmoon questioned.

     " Azure around?" Blue replied.

Darkmoon looked over his shoulder. "No."

     "Okay, good. This is a present for her." Blue pulled the bright blue Electric Paint Brush out of the bag. "An Electric Paint Brush."

     Spirit and Darkmoon's mouths opened slightly as they admired the paint brush. "Wow..." they both said.

     "I know. And it was a bargain."

     "How much did you get it for?" Spirit asked.

     "Thirty thousand Neopoints."

     "Thirty thousand!? I haven't seen one under gallery price!" Spirit shouted.

     "Well, the shopkeeper did say something about it being cursed..."

     The word 'cursed' caused Spirit and Darkmoon to exchange worried glances. "Be careful, okay?" Darkmoon said.

     Blue, Spirit, and Darkmoon then went upstairs. Spirit and Darkmoon went to their respective rooms, while Blue found a door with a sign that had a picture of a Kyrii on it. He knocked on the door in the most delicate way a dragon can.

     "Who is it?" Azure's voice sounded from inside the room.

     "It's Bluey," Blue answered.

     "Oh! Just a second!" Azure opened the door to her room.

     "I was wondering if you were doing anything, because I wanted to take you to the Rainbow Pool," Blue said, hiding the paint brush behind his back.

     "Why are you taking me to the Pool? We don't have any paint brushes."

     "Well..." Blue produced the Electric Paint Brush. "We do now."

     Azure's eyes widened and her ears twitched. She let out a feeble gasp before collapsing on the floor.

     "Uh...Spirit! Can you help me out here?"

Neopia Central...

     "Be careful with that paint brush, Blue!"

     "I am being careful!" Blue answered while throwing the paint brush up in the air and catching it with his claw.

     "Don't drop it!" Azure demanded.

     "It's okay, Azure...whoops." The paint brush was out of sight.

     "You lost it!!"

     "No, I didn't. Funny joke, eh Azure?" Blue pulled the paint brush out of his pocket. Azure replied by smacking Blue with her paw. "Ow!"

     Azure got her excitement back. "I can't believe you're painting me electric!" she exclaimed, as she and Blue walked up to the Rainbow Pool.

     "Well, believe it, Azure, because it's true!" Blue replied.

     Azure hopped into the Rainbow Pool and Blue pulled out the Electric Paint Brush. He dropped it into the Pool and the water turned a bright shade of blue. Azure submerged herself under the water and came back up to the surface a couple seconds later, sporting a beautiful new Electric colour.

     "Oh, Azure, it looks even better on you than I thought it would!" Blue stated, saying it a little louder than he wanted to.

     "Thank you so much, Bluey!" Azure was so happy she ran up and gave Blue a hug.

     "Um...Azure, oh...forget it." Blue hugged Azure, forgetting he was in public.

     As the duo left, no one noticed that Azure was now slightly glowing...

Legionnaire's Laboratory...

     Legionnaire the blue Scorchio and Bastet the red Aisha were down in the laboratory, perfecting a new potion. They were both in white lab coats, although what they really needed were black, blast-proof coats, given Legionnaire's clumsiness around dangerous chemicals.

     "Hydrogen chloride solution," demanded Legionnaire.

     "Hydro-chloride coming up," answered Bastet, picking up a test tube filled with a white liquid. She poured it into the beaker in Legionnaire's paw.

     "Add the intelligence booster compound."

     "Sugar coming up." Bastet took two teaspoons of sugar and poured it into the beaker.

     "Now...I think it's done. The evolution potion is complete!" Legionnaire proclaimed. "Bastet, will you do the honours?"

     Bastet gulped. "You mean, drink it?"

     "Sure. It'll increase your intelligence one hundred. What have you got to lose?"

     "My love for my brother?"

     "Oh, come on now, Bastet. Have I ever made a potion that backfired?"

     "Yes, about a hundred."

     "Drink it, Bastet. I swear it will not harm you in any way."

     Bastet frowned and looked at the potion with a worried expression on his face. She closed her eyes and drank the potion. Suddenly, she began choking and clutched her throat. Bastet fell to the ground and covered her face. Ripping her lab coat into fragments, she started to grow and lost her red-coloured fur in favour of a yellowish one. She looked like a plains Aisha straight out of NeoQuest. With a frightening growl, she raised up to her full height and showed her new fangs and claws.

     " my quest to create an evolution potion, I accidentally created a devolution potion! This can't be good at all!" Legionnaire said. Bastet answered by picking Legionnaire up of the ground. "Yep, can't be good."

     Legionnaire pulled a test tube out of one of his coat pockets and uncorked it. He launched the liquid into Bastet's open mouth. "There, maybe that will evolve you again."

     Bastet put both of her claws on her throat once she began choking again. With a growl that slowly turned into a scream, she started to reduce in size. However, as she returned to her original size, so did her strength, and so Legionnaire became too heavy for her. Legionnaire was dropped onto the ground with a thud.

     "Feeling better, Bastet?" Legionnaire asked.

     "Huh...wha? What happened?" Bastet replied.

     "Oh, just a little devolution, but you're okay now."

     Bastet picked up a piece of her ripped lab coat that had her name sewn on it. "Geez, what happened to my lab coat?" She looked down at the pieces that were still on her. "Did I transform into a Aisha Brute or something?"

     "Well, you could say that..."


     Spirit and Darkmoon tackled blue and Azure once again upon entering the NeoHome. "Spirit! Get off of me!" Blue protested.

     "Darkmoon! Get OFF!!" Azure yelled. There was a sound of an electric shock, and Darkmoon quickly evacuated.

     "Yeow! Azure, I'm sorry!" Darkmoon said.

     "What? What did I do?" Azure asked. Spirit, Blue, and Darkmoon were all hit by another electric shock.

     "Azure! Stop!" Blue commanded.

     "What am I doing?"

     "You're shocking everyone in sight!!"

     "I am?" Azure observed Blue's burnt scales, Spirit's ruffled fur, and Darkmoon's tail and ears, which were standing straight up. "So that means I can shock anyone I wanted to?" Blue, Spirit, and Darkmoon all nodded quickly, not wanting to be electrocuted again. "Perfect."

     Azure walked down the hall, leaving Blue, Spirit, and Darkmoon wondering what exactly just happened.

Gatling's Room...

     "Oh Vanity, are you enjoying your tea?" Gatling the green Lupe asked a Silver Shoyru Plushie as he poured some invisible tea in the Plushie's cup.

     "Yes, thank you, Sir Gatling!" Gatling answered in a fake falsetto voice.

     "And how about you, Miss Nimmsford?" Gatling inquired of a Blue Nimmo Plushie wearing a little blue bonnet and a bicentennial dress.

     "It is great, Sir Gatling! You do know how to make an excellent pot of tea!" Gatling said for the Nimmo Plushie.

     "I'm glad everyone is happy!" Gatling stated in his real voice. Just then, there was a knock on Gatling's door. Gatling was jolted out of his make-believe tea party and back into reality. "Um...coming!" He quickly threw a bedspread over the table and the dressed-up plushies, and then answered the door. "Oh, hello Azure."

     "Hi Gatling. Notice my new electric colour?" Azure said with utmost confidence.

     "Yeah, it's nice. Hey, could you come back later? I have something I need to do."

     "Imaginary tea party?" Azure asked, smirking.

     Gatling's eyes widened. "How did you know?"

     "Gatling, I can tell there's something going on when there is a bedspread draped over a play table. Plus, I saw you stealing Chrono's Usuki doll clothing."

     The Lupe lost his ability to talk, and was only able to stutter, "Um..."

     "Anyway, the reason I am here is because I'm a bit strapped for cash. I need your allowance immediately."

     "Huh?" Gatling replied. "I can't give you my Neopoints! I'm saving up for a Neotendo GameBox!"

     "Then I will have to unleash my newfound ability." Azure became a portable Tesla coil and shocked Gatling.

     "AHHHH!! Okay, okay! You can have everything!"

     "Perfect." Azure proceeded to a little green safe on Gatling's bookshelf. Quickly opening it, she emptied the safe of its contents. Azure walked out of the room, saying, "Thank you, Gatling."

     Gatling closed the door to his room and shook his head. He walked over and sat down at his place at the play table. Taking the bedspread off the table, he said, "Now where were we, girls?"

Neopia Central...

     Blue looked in his silver briefcase while Dragoon, a green Shoyru, watched. "I have one thousand Neopoints on hand, Dragoon."

     "That won't get us much. Neopia has been experiencing a steady stream of inflation lately due to an increase in economic distress," Dragoon replied.

     "Talk English, or Dragonic, or Neopian, or whatever we speak," Blue commanded.

     "Prices have gone up."

     "Oh, right. I'm not arguing with that."

     "Did you hear the news story about the industrial baron who supposedly dumped a whole bunch of toxic waste in Lake Neopia?"

     "Is that why Neopia Central accepted the business deal with Draik Industries to build a Toxic Waste Conversion Facility?"

     Dragoon chuckled. "Now you're the one who's talking gibberish."

     "Hey, do you see who I see?" Blue asked.

     "If you see Emerald and the others, then I do see what you see," Dragoon stated.

     A green Krawk, a blue Ixi, and a yellow Draik ran up to Blue and Dragoon. The Ixi and Draik stopped for a rest as the Krawk explained. "Blue! Dragoon! I'm so glad we found you. There's some crazy Electric Kyrii zapping every store owner in Downtown Neopia!"

     "A crazy Electric Kyrii? Glad Azure's at home," Dragoon said. He hadn't even finished his sentence before a drop of sweat appeared on the side of Blue's head.

     "Electric Kyrii? Ha ha ha! That is very rare! Are you sure it wasn't just a Kyrii with a Zaptwig, like mechanised infantry or something?" Blue inquired. He had a weird grin on his face and he was trembling slightly.

     "Uh, Blue, are you okay?" Chrono (the yellow Draik) questioned.

     Blue gasped. "Oh no! I've contracted a strange Neopian disease! It must be Tremoritis! I must go to the Hospital and find the cure! Away!" Blue spread his dragon wings and flew away as quickly as possible.

Downtown Neopia...

     "H-how about three hundred?" The Food Shopkeeper offered.

     "An Electric Kyrii such as myself will not take anything higher than two hundred sixty!" Azure haggled, complementing her emotion with random flashes of static electricity.

     "Um...two hundred seventy?"

     "NO! two hundred and that is final!"

     "All right! Just don't terrorise my shop any longer!" The sufficiently frightened Chia handed over a Burger. "T-t-thank you, come again!"

     Azure, proudly clutching her Burger, walked out of the Food Shop. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her owner staring her right in the face. "Um...Burger?" She held up the Burger with both her paws up to the extremely angry-looking dragon.

     "No thanks, Azure," Blue said, in a tone that sounds a thousand times worse coming from a dragon. "When I painted you Electric, did I say you could go on a rampage in Downtown Neopia?"

     "Well, no..."

     "So why did you take it upon yourself to do it?"

     "I'm not exactly sure..."

     "Mm-hmm. Well, now that's all settled, so why don't we go back home?"

     "Home? But I have a hundred more places to go! I can't waste a power like this!" Azure yelled. She ran away into the Neopia Central hustle and bustle, disappearing from Blue's sight.

     "Huh? Jank! Blast it all!" Blue put his hands on his hips.

     Just then, Legionnaire, Bastet, Darkmoon, and a blue Wocky named Sykes ran up to Blue. Darkmoon and Sykes bent down, panting.

     "Bluey! I'm glad we found you! Darkmoon told us about Azure's new power!" Legionnaire explained.

     "Emphasis on 'power.' So, what are we going to do about it?" Sykes asked.

     "We're going to get Azure and remove her Electric colour!" Legionnaire said. "Bluey, I think your Stun magic will be very useful here. Now here's what we do..."

     Legionnaire whispered his plans to the others. When he was done, Darkmoon stated, "And how do you expect us to pin down Azure and force her to drink the devolution potion?"

     "Darkmoon! You gave away our plans! About the pinning down - we'll use the Subterranean Cavalier!"

     Suddenly, a huge drilling tank emerged from under Neopia's crust. The hatch opened and a green Lupe stuck his head out. "Hey Legionnaire! The Cavalier's ready for operation!"

     "Good. Is everyone inside?" Legionnaire inquired.

     "Yep! Spirit, Chrono, Dragoon, Strike, Emerald are inside! There's enough room for you guys too."

     "Okay, everyone, you heard the Lupe. Embark, quickly now."


     Azure ran down the Marketplace, heading for the Shop Wizard tent. She wanted a particular item, and she didn't care about the cost.

     "Mr. Shop Wizard! Mr. Shop Wizard!" Azure called.

     The Shop Wizard turned away from his charts and graphs on the walls of his tent. "Oh, hello, little Kyrii. How may I serve you today?"

     "I need to find a Rainbow Frost Cannon, post-haste!"

     "Ah, yes...the Rainbow Frost Cannon..." the Shop Wizard concentrated hard and a small piece of paper appeared on the table in front of him.

     "Thank you, Shop Wizard! I'll remember you when I'm Queen of Neopia Central!" With that, Azure rushed out of the tent and back into the Marketplace. "Now, if I can just get to this shop before anything gets in my way..." As if on cue, the Subterranean Cavalier appeared from under the ground, pointing its massive drillers right at Azure. "Well, drat."

     Legionnaire popped his head out of the Cavalier, holding a potion full of a yellow, foul-smelling liquid. "Azure! Your reign of terror stops here!"

     "Never!" Azure answered by shocking the driller tank and everyone inside with a powerful electric bolt. Ten different screams could be heard from inside the tank, not to mention Legionnaire's girlish squeal from atop the Cavalier. "Take that, Legionnaire!"

     Legionnaire groaned and shook his head with his paw. "Okay! Now is the time to unleash the secret weapon! Press the red button!" A beep sounded from the tank, and it began to shake and rumble. Two metallic claws emerged from the Cavalier. Azure responded by shocking the claws, but the claws did not show any sign of damage. Legionnaire laughed. "You can't do anything to the secret weapon, Azure! They're protected with rubber so they're grounded from your electric attacks."

     Azure backed away. "Uh oh." With a yelp, she retreated. The claws chased her down until they closed around her. She was dragged back to the tank, where Legionnaire opened the potion bottle. Azure gasped as soon as she noticed Legionnaire's devilish smile.

     "Open wide!" Legionnaire was able to pour the potion down Azure's throat before she closed her mouth. In the blink of an eye, Azure's Electric colour disappeared, and her previous yellow one retook its former place.

     "No! I lost my cool Electric colour! Not to mention the shocking ability," Azure whined.

     "And you'll be in so much trouble when we get back!" Blue yelled, climbing out of the Cavalier.

     Bastet popped out of the Cavalier, bouncing once on Blue's head and landing on top of the tank. "Wait a second! If that was a devolution potion you fed her, why isn't she turning into a prehistoric Kyrii?"

     "Because she was at the fourth stage of evolution. The chain goes Prehistoric, Baby, Unpainted, Painted. The potion I gave you took you down two rungs on the ladder - from Unpainted to Prehistoric. I simply weakened the potion a bit so it took Azure from Painted to Unpainted - one level," Legionnaire explained.

     "Ah, I see now," Bastet replied.

     "Now let's get back home," Blue said. Legionnaire and Bastet crawled back into the tank while Azure squirmed out of the claws' grip. "So Azure...what punishment would you prefer - grounding for two weeks, cleaning the basement, or the classic 'dangling over lava?' I hear that's very popular."

     "Oh, Bluey..." Azure moaned.

The End

Author's Note: All these pets, with the exception of Emerald the Krawk and Chrono the Draik, are indeed my own. Be sure to send me a Neomail if you liked my story. However, all the senders of hate mail will be dangled over an acid pool. Thanks for reading!

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