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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 30th day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 68 > Short Stories > Different Perspective

Different Perspective

by ember188

The war raged on before me. I watched with a lump in my throat as Sunyears, my Acara, exchanged blows with the Draconian Moehog. I had positioned myself on behind the ridge of a nearby hill so that I could fire a few arrows at the enemy lines from expert bow while keeping an eye on my pet.

     Sunyears was a good deal stronger than the Moehog, but she had been fighting one after another and the work was beginning to tell on her. "Sunyears!" I called to her for what felt like the umpteenth time, "Come on! You're tired! We have to get out of here!" I fully expected her to ignore me and keep on fighting, but this time she nodded wearily and started backing away from the Moehog, warding off its blows with her attack fork. Finally, when she felt she was close enough, she turned and fled towards my mound.

     A stray arrow caught her in the back, and she went tumbling to the ground. The Moehog she had been sparring with charged at her, tusks first. Panicking, I launched a mass of arrows at it, and it too fell.

     Cautiously, I slid out from my hiding place and moved towards Sunyears. As I scooped her up, I heard a thundering noise as a fresh wave of Moehogs charged onto the battlefield, trampling the wounded beneath their feet. Without thinking, I picked up the fallen Moehog. Carrying it under one arm and Sunyears under the other, I raced to get out of the way of the pounding hooves.


Half an hour and one mile later, I collapsed to the ground panting. Judging that I was a safe distance from the battle, I took a a healing potion from the pack I was carrying and poured it into Sunyears' open mouth. Being the observant little one that she is, the first thing she said when she came around was "Oh! Why did you bring THAT thing." She wrinkled her nose indignantly at the Moehog. "It smells." I explained to her that it had been in danger and she sighed. "Well, that's just like you isn't it. But what are we going to do when it wakes up?"

     As if on cue, the Moehog stirred. It opened its eyes and blinked. "Hey!" she said in a definitely feminine voice, "Where am I?"

     Sunyears shrieked and conked her on the head with the handle of the attack fork. The Moehog once again slumped to the ground.

     "Well," I said, "I guess that pretty much answers your question.


By the next time the Moehog woke up, we were back in our Mystery Island neohome and ready for her. She must have been rather confused to find that she had gone from the cold ground in the middle of a battlefield to a warm bed in a cozy neohome. Naturally, she was suspicious. Especially when I offered her an apple.

     "You've laced it with something," she said accusingly. I confidently picked it up and took a small bite and then offered it to her again. She sniffed it thoroughly before eating it.

     "So," I said casually, "What's your name?"

     "Why should I tell you?"

     "Why shouldn't you?"

     She thought about this for a moment before saying, "First answer some questions for me."

     "Fair enough."

     "Why did you take me here? Why are you feeding me? And exactly what do you think will keep me from leaving?"

     "I took you because things were starting to get rough on the field and you might have gotten seriously hurt, which is an understatement. The reason I'm feeding you will become clear shortly. As for what's keeping you from leaving: nothing is. But it wouldn't be a smart move on your part to try to escape, seeing as how you get food here." I grinned a bit wickedly at that part. I had known I could hook her that way the moment I laid eyes on her bare ribs. "Not your typical war prison, is it?"

     The Moehog scowled. She knew she was stuck. "My name is Terashrika. And what, may I ask, made you care happened to me?"

     "That's what I'd like to know," I admitted.

     "It's a thankless task," said Sunyears, popping up beside me.

     Terashrika snarled. "You!"

     Sunyears smirked. "Dirty Draconian!"

     "Sunyears!" I protested.

     "Skarl's scum!" Terashrika shot back.

     "What do you have against us!" They both spoke simultaneously.

     Taken aback, Sunyears whispered, "My answer is simple: you are invading Meridell."

     Terashrika sighed. "My answer is more complicated. Let me tell you a story.

     "I was born into Draconia. I was always cold, miserable, and hungry. But worse: I was a mutant, as we all are. And there has always been something else, something I can't quite place, a shadow that seems to hang over my heart. Of course, I was told stories of how this came to be. It started in the middle of a great famine, but not as great a one as there is now.

     "Now, remember, this is a legend so it may not be entirely true. But in light of recent events, it fits perfectly. The people decided to appeal to the faeries for help. But the water faeries and air faeries would not send us rain, the earth faeries would not make our crops grow, and the light faerie would only supply us with a bit of food: a temporary solution. The dark faeries, however, offered to help us. They said that they would bless an orb that would make our people rich and healthy. But there would be a catch. The orb was a blessing: and if it were ever to leave our possession it would leave behind a terrible curse. The Draconians were desperate, so of course they agreed.

     "This part is true. Our land received the orb, and for many years we prospered. But then it was stolen away from us by Skarrl's army. There was a great war to try to reclaim it. My father left my mother to fight in that war. He never returned. Inevitably, Draconia lost. Years later my mother died shortly after I was born.

     "Now, now we have a chance to get back what is rightfully ours. I assure that it does hang on the conciences of many that for us to live Meridell must die, but it is either us or them. It was a fate they chose when they took our orb. Of course..." she faltered as though she had just realized something, "Of course, when they did it, they must have been in much the same position as we are now..."

     Suddenly, everything was clear to me. "The dark faeries. They planned this. If the story is true, it makes perfect sense. They knew that the orb would inevitably cause war rather than peace. They planned for this to happen. And now... now every can only fend for themselves..."

     Terashrika nodded slowly. I could tell that she was drifting off to sleep. Sunyears and I left the room. We all had a lot to think about, and a lot of heart searching to do.


The following day I got Terashrika a Shoyru morphing potion. I had a hunch that a shape shift would lift the curse from at least her shoulders. It did. When she drank it she informed me that the shadow over her heart had lifted. I told her she was free to go.

     As I stood in the doorway with my pets beside me, Terashrika hovered in the air in front of us. "You do know," she said casually, "that I will go back to the war. I have to. For my people."

     "And we will continue to fight Darigan," Sunyears replied. She paused, then added, "For our people."

     There was a silence, and then Terashrika said, "Maybe... maybe our peoples... yours and mine..."

     "Aren't so different?" Sunyears finished.

     There was another silence, and then Tereshrika said, "I will never forget you." She flew off in the direction of Meridell.

     Yes, I thought, We will continue to fight. And when the war is over, we will fight Skarrl if it is necessary. In the end, when the fighting is finished and everyone is calm again, maybe we will find a way that everyone can get what they want. Draconians included. Yes, we willfind a way. We have to.

The End

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