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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 66 > New Series > Time Twisters: Part One

Time Twisters: Part One

by too_kule

It was an ordinary day in Neopia Central. Beekadoodles were fluttering around in the sky and a Nimmo was chasing his Kookith around a tree. Ordinary. Right?

     "THIEF! THIEF!" screamed an old Usul. She was screaming because a big Elephante that was dressed in all black had stolen her purse. The Elephante ran down the sidewalk dodging other Neopian on their daily travels. Then a small baby Chia named Chakeebo who had a silver ring on his finger saw the Elephante. He smiled and put the ring close to his mouth. He spoke a single word.


     As soon as that word came out of the Chia's mouth the Usul stopped screaming. Her mouth was open but no sound came out. The Elephante was no longer running. He was in running position but he did not move. The crowd, the vendors, the people, Neopets and Petpets alike all froze. The great Snowager inside of his Ice Cave cavern stopped. The Island Mystic performing a tribal dance also stopped. Laughing pirates inside of the Golden Dubloon did not move at all. Everyone stopped. Time stopped. Only the baby Chia was moving. He walked up to a tree and snapped a branch off. Chakeebo took the branch to where the Elephante was standing. He placed it on the ground in front of his feet.

     "This ought to be good," the little Chia chuckled. He walked back to where he was standing before and spoke another word into the silver ring on his finger. "Unpause."

     "YIKES!" yelled the thief. He had not seen the tree branch and he tripped over it. This gave the old Usul time to walk up and snatch her purse form the Elephante. She whacked the Elephante with her cane as Chakeebo was nearly laughing his head off! The Usul approached a Chia Police Officer and muttered something to his ear. With that the officer grabbed some handcuffs and attached them to the Elephante's arm.

     "Another job well done," said Chakeebo to himself as he walked away.


Other mysterious things were happening on the other side of Neopia. Up in the skies of Faerieland an Air Faerie was crying.

     "What wrong miss?" asked a Faerie Zafara. Her name was Millyum. Like the young Chia she also had a ring on her finger, except it was gold.

     "I've lost my daughter! Five minutes ago we stopped by the Wheel of Excitement. We spun it and when it was done she was gone!" cried the Faerie. Millyum walked away from the Faerie behind a building. She brought her ring close to her mouth and spoke different words into it.

     "Rewind five minutes!"

     The universe turned black. Everything was not seen, except for Millyum standing in the darkness with her eyes closed. Only seconds passed until everything was back. Except it was slightly different, not noticeable to the eye alone. Neopia doesn't change much in five minutes.

     "Where is that little Faerie..." muttered Millyum to herself. She looked around until she saw two Air Faeries walking to the Wheel of Excitement. She saw the older one give some NP to the Light Faerie who ran the game. The younger Air Faerie was slowly making her way to the edge of the cloud.

     "Stop!" cried Millyum. She flew on her delicate wings over to the Air Faerie. The young Faerie's mother saw what was happening and she quickly ran over to save her daughter.

     "Thank-you!" cried the mother. She was talking to Millyum.

     "It was no big deal. Really," said Millyum while blushing.


Deracko the Strawberry Tuskaninny was slowly making his way across the hot Lost Desert sand. The bright sun was beating down upon him. He had to get shelter! He walked into the nearest tent, Osiri's Pottery. Osiri was restocking the shop as Deracko entered. But Deracko wasn't the only one who just entered...

     "Put your hands up! This is a robbery!" yelled one of the three Quiggles who just ran in. They were dressed in all black and they were holding Rainbow Guns. Osiri gulped as she and Deracko raised their hands. One robber kept his gun pointed at Osiri, while the other was putting the rare plates into a sack. Deracko smiled and he brought the bronze ring on his finger to his mouth.

     "Fast Forward thirty seconds."

     "Hey! That Tuskaninny that was here just disappeared!" exclaimed the Quiggle who was pointing his Rainbow Gun at Deracko.

     "Forget him! Just get the Neopoints in this cash register," barked another masked Quiggle. They forgot about Deracko...until he appeared where he was standing thirty seconds later. He snuck up on the Quiggles. With one hit of his Tuskaninny Blast the thieves were on the ground.

     "POLICE!" screamed Osiri. Seconds later two Lost Desert Police Grarrls ran in. They saw the masked Quiggles on the ground and Osiri hugging Deracko. They dragged the Quiggles out. "Thank-you! What is your name?"

     Deracko looked at Osiri and smiled. "Deracko. Deracko from the Time Twisters." With that he left the shop....

     The three pets you just read about know each other very well. They are the only members of the Time Twisters, a group that fights crime using those rings. Those rings are called the Rings of Time. Each different ring does a different thing with time. Chakeebo's silver ring stops time, Millyum's gold ring turns time back and Deracko's bronze ring makes time go forward without him. Later on you will read other adventures of these pets and their magical rings. But that will be another time, another day, another week... stay tuned.

To be continued...

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