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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 62 > Continuing Series > The Baby-sitter: Part Two

The Baby-sitter: Part Two

by jenjen26785

"No problem, bro," said Angel, smiling sweetly. "You just go and get some well-deserved rest." Luckily Saf - with a large clothes peg still firmly attached to her nose - took this moment to exit the office holding Jitterbug on her outstretched paws.

     "How was it?" she taunted, transforming her face from a sombre and melancholy expression to an impish grin.

     "I don't want to talk about it," grumbled the Aisha, ignoring Rockhound's cries from inside the office of 'Pew! What's that smell?'. "What was that all about?"

     Angel rolled her eyes to the back of her head. "Rocky's been up all night for the past 72 hours working on his latest project. I told him to get some rest. His latest life's ambition is to make a shrinking ray."

     "Y'think he's ever going to wake up and realise that none of his life's ambitions ever work?"

     "He's ambitious," she said, clicking her beak nervously. "It's not a bad forte to have. The best thing to do is either encourage him, or humour him."

     Saf chuckled. "Well, neither one will stop his next project from blowing us all sky high."

     "Saf! That's a horrible thing to say!"

     "Well it's true! I heard last time he tried to make a machine that could turn wood into golden juppies, and it took two weeks to get the juice out of the walls."

     "That's just a rumour. You don't know if it really happened!"

     "But you do."

     "Oh yeah."

     Their conversation was suddenly interrupted by a creaking noise that sliced through the silence like a knife through butter.

     "Huh. That's odd," muttered Saf, her eyes drawn to the beam of light that shone from Rocky's lab door. "Rocky must have left a window open. I could've sworn I heard the door close."

     "He did!" said Angel, her eyes wide with alarm, as she looked from Saf's paws to the lab door and back again. Saf looked down. Jitterbug! She was gone! And the lab door... oh no.

     The lab door was WIDE OPEN!

     Suddenly there was a many blue-hued blur of two figures charging down the hall and praying the Baby Acara hadn't got into any of the more destructive weapons. The door creaked a steely and splitting kind of creak as they darted through and looked around, their gazes searching every piece of equipment for the smallest sign of a nappy-clad baby or the faint sound of a giggle. Had it not been such a dire situation, they would have marvelled at the amazing gadgets and gizmos that littered the lab. But no - find Jitterbug now, marvel later.

     "I don't see her anywhere," whispered Saf. "Maybe she didn't come in here. Maybe it was just a gust of wind that blew the door open."

     "A solid steel door?" returned Angel, her eyes darting anxiously from device to device. "No, she's still here. Just keep--"

     She was cut short by the sound of a joyful snicker echoing from somewhere nearby. Jitterbug was obviously happy about something - which could only mean trouble. Saf took a step backwards.

     "All right, maybe if we back out slowly, she'll not notice us."

     "Pull yourself together, Saf! She's just a baby! What can she do?"

     There was a whirring sound, then a buzz, and the blood suddenly and rapidly drained from Angel's face.

     "DUCK, SAF!"

     She did so in a split second, just in time before a bright orange beam of light whizzed past her ear, hit the shelf beside her and reduced it to mush! She spun round quickly to see an awesome sight - an enormous machine pointing a huge glowing orange ray directly at him, like a giant black crane with a orange beak, with a tiny Baby Acara at the wheel, giggling insanely and pushing every button she could see. The machine uncurled its head and fired another beam at the Aisha. This time the aim was more accurate, and Saf had to stand on one leg and do a funny pose to prevent it doing any more than singe her ear stalks.

     She gave a squeak of fright and sprinted under Rockhound's desk where Angel was waiting.

     "What do we do?"

     "I'm thinking, I'm thinking..."

     An explosion from somewhere nearby confirmed to them that they wouldn't be getting that shipment of spy watches they were expecting.

     "As if this situation could get any worse. If only there was a stop-button..."

     Angel's eyes flickered as she was drawn to realisation. "That's it!"

     "What? Get a stop-button? Draw one on the floor like so many cartoon clichés?"

     "No! There's a power switch on the other side of the lab. If we could just get to it without Jitterbug seeing us..."

     Angel stretched her leg out from under the desk and touched the floor with her foot. Immediately an orange shaft of light zapped the area just centimetres from her foot.

     "Okay, scratch that. We need a distraction. Someone who knows the lab well. Someone who's good at finding hiding places. Someone who's a fast runner."

     At that very second, the familiar sound of a creaking door tore through the air, and in walked a skinny Green Gelert holding an ice pack to his head.

     "What is all the commotion in here? What's all the racket? I--"

     Jitterbug stopped blowing up inanimate objects and turned the machine to look at the newcomer. Rockhound's face suddenly paled and his eyes widened shockingly. With a yowl of shock he galloped along the lab, racing the beam of orange light that was closely pursuing him. Angel screamed "NOW!" and they seized this opportunity to make a run for the switch.

     Jitterbug was oblivious to the sound of the Eyrie and Aisha crashing and falling over boxes and gadgets. She was having way too much fun chasing the puppy dog through the room. Now he was cornered, pressing himself as close to the wall as possible to avoid the ever-advancing threat of the ray. Centimetre by centimetre, it was closing in on his foot, its power-mad, nappy-wearing controller giggling riotously. And then - in what seemed like an age to Rockhound, but was actually only a few seconds - a certain Electric Eyriess bounded over the final hurdle and flicked the switch.

     The hum of mechanics was suddenly drained. The machine shuddered, made a sound like a chipmunk with a cramp, dimmed the orange beam and lowered its head. The lights were suddenly extinguished, and the lab was plunged into darkness. All that could be heard was the dazed and muffled sound of Rocky's voice: "But mommy, I don't want to go to school today."


At 9:45 PM that evening, Twist waltzed into the NSPA HQ with a bag full of souvenirs and a 'I Went to Faerieland and all I got was the Lousy Cap' hat replacing her normal jester's hat. With a hum and a whistle she scaled the spiral steel stairs, dodged the broken shards of metal and plastic, and walked nonchalantly into the office.

     Jitterbug was fast asleep, curled up I a pink woollen blanket in the middle of Angel's desk like an innocent little cherubim. Angel and Saf were both sitting at least 5 metres away from her: the former just sat there, the muscles in her face tense with anguish every time the Acara stirred, and the latter was sitting on the floor, her arms wrapped round herself tightly, and rocking backwards and forwards on the balls of her feet, murmuring something to herself. They both started towards Twist the second she walked in the door, unbelievably grateful that she had arrived and ended their torment, and - before they realised it - were hiding behind her to keep as far away from Jitterbug as Neopet-ly possible.

     "Twist, we are eternally grateful for your coming here to rid us of this monster!" Saf said, her voice still shaking after several hours.

     Twist chuckled. "Oh don't be silly, Safyre. Look how cute she is! I've never seen her so relaxed - you two should baby-sit more often!"

     "NO, NO!" the two cried in unison. "Please don't make us go through that again!"

     The Checkered Acara gave them a funny look. "Are you for real? I mean, I know she can be a bit of a handful, but --"

     "A bit of a handful? A BIT OF A HANDFUL!" screamed Angel, "Let's put it this way - Rocky is hiding in the cupboard, he hasn't come out all afternoon and I doubt he will for a long time. We're renting his lab out to the Neopian Army to use as a temporary assault course. There is a flood of nitric acid sweeping through the first floor toilets! That possessed little weevil is a psychosis-inflicted, power-hungry maniac!"

     Jitterbug blinked once, and went back to sleep, cuddling up to her big sister.

     Twist laughed hysterically and walked back out, the baby Acara a picture of sweetness and light. "This little thing? A maniac? Oh pur-lease. Pull the other one Angel. She's just a baby..."

The End

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