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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 61 > Short Stories > Odd Petpets: The Chia-Loving Froiler

Odd Petpets: The Chia-Loving Froiler

by flipp_garuda

Froilers are notorious for hating Chias, and are perfect companions to Lupes. Unfortunately, my Lupe, Charrgoun, didn't want anything to do with the Froiler.

     The Lupe simply threw a fit screaming, "Get that thing away from me! I want it out of the NeoHome! AHH! It's going to kill me, Gryphon! Save me!"

     So, after a moment of fun watching him sob and scream and squeeze Keetanya's neck blue, I took the little Froiler to my Chia, Elorac, thoroughly expecting her to have the same idea of the Petpet.

     "Ooohhh!" she crooned. "A cute ickle Froiler baby!" She scooped the fiery Petpet into her stubby arms and squeezed until the Froiler wheezed. "And I have just the thing to call him, too! Chavrael would be perfect!"

     Of course, Elorac, along with the majority of my extended Neopian family, knew Kastillian, what some consider a "made up" language. In Kastillian, Chavrael meant "Golden Heart", which is why I burst out laughing as she said it, causing the mutant Chia to look at me, completely baffled.

     Unfortunately, I wasn't as keen to the ideas and ways of Petpets as Elorac was. She knew Chavrael from the start. He was a scholar of a Petpet, reading and writing and even learning how to speak very eloquently. Not only that, but he loved Elorac and was rarely seen away from her side.

     This, however, caused many other Petpets to look at the two in disdain. How could a Chia and a Froiler, of all things, get along so well? It was definitely out of the ordinary, and this new unusual thing caused taunts to pass their way.

     "Having fun with your cute ickle Froily-woily? I bet that thing couldn't beat a Slorg!" (Note: This was aimed at her when she was walking down the street with ChiChaChiChaCha, and it was never said again.)

     "I hope your Froiler finds enough sense in that gas-head of his to eat you!"

     "How's your baby Froiler? I hope it's eating well enough!"

     And so the rumours spread. Twisting and churning and dizzying Elorac until the point where she sat Chavrael down (in a sense) and told him, "There's no easy way to say this, Chav, but I'm going to have to give you up. There's just too many people who don't like us being as good of friends as we are. I'm sorry, Chavy."

     Little fiery droplets formed in Chavrael's eyes, which is the rarely seen Froiler equivalent to tears. He hopped down from the wooden chair he was sitting in and slowly hovered away.

     As he left he NeoHome, he knew he had to do something. This was hurting him and most of all; it was hurting his beloved Elorac! In a fiery rage, Chavrael became an even larger ball of yellow fire than he was and his eyes glowed a fierce red. With a bloodcurdling scream, he flew to the houses of each of the people who had annoyed his Chia owner, scaring them out of their wits. But when he got to the ringleader of them all, he was sure to make it extra scary.

     Creeping up the back steps, Chavrael tapped himself against the door. After a few bumps, thumps and wumps, a sneering yellow Meerca opened the door. "Who's there?" His nasally voice called. Chavrael, suddenly even more enraged than he had been, blew up to twenty times his size right in front of the Meerca's eyes. He screeched and screamed before opening his mouth and swallowing the fear-filled Meerca whole.

     He shrunk back down, and, after a rather unpleasant gaseous attack, Chavrael began gliding smoothly and smugly home. As if in a perfect movie, a surprised mutant Chia opened the door.

     "Chavrael!" Elorac cried, scooping up the Petpet and hugging him tightly. "I don't care what they say, you're staying with me!"

     Chavrael looked quite sheepish, but let Elorac keep him, not knowing his whereabouts that night. Even when the headline of The Neopian Times the next day said, "MEERCA DISAPPEARED WITHOUT A TRACE, SHANKLY SUSPECTED".

     However, for the next few weeks or so, Chavrael had strange dreams of heartburn the size of a Meerca and swallowing a certain mutant Chia whole... but, of course, they were soon forgotten. I hope.

The End

Sorry, Shankly, but I couldn't resist! This story is about my unusual Petpets, just so that you know. For all of you that are probably already thinking it's a copy of Shidi's "The Krawk Files", it's not. In truth, this is just to let people know what I have to live with on top of my unusual pets... OK, so they're better than my pets, but that's not the point.

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