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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 59 > Articles > Adoption Discrimination

Adoption Discrimination

by fugwoogle_hop

ADOPTION CENTRE - After sifting through the mail I had received in response to my last article it struck me that I would simply HAVE to do another article. Whilst I was pondering on what I might do for another piece, coolo_grunda, my yellow Meerca came up to me.

"fugwoogle_hop," she said inquiringly, "Why did you pick me in the adoption centre?"

I could have told her it was because I thought she was the only Neopet for me as soon as I saw her, but that would not have been honest. I put some thought into answering this.

After a while I replied: "I wanted a yellow Meerca with a reasonable name (I don't like the ones with numbers in, or that you can't pronounce). You were perfect."

Coolo_grunda nodded slowly. Then she said: "Isn't that discrimination? About my name, I mean. You would never had found me had I been called U7776TedR or something. What about all those poor Neopets in the pound with bad names?"

I sat and thought. I was a little stunned by the fact that coolo_grunda of all my pets was being philosophical, and also that she was right - it was discriminatory. I decided to investigate and do an article about it.

I set off accompanied by all four of my pets: coolo_grunda is my source, Crystalisaneo the Peophin and Bluewingcha the Eyrie are both my bodyguards, and budding journalists, and Kobbarobba, my Pteri, just tagged along. It had been decided that our first stop would be the pound - for an interview with Dr_Death the Techo.

Well aware of Dr_Death's grumpiness and temper (as seen in the great comic series, Poor Dr_Death), I would approach this meeting with care and, if need be, I'd threaten to take Dr_Death's spotlight over to the pink Uni, Rose - that'd get an interview if nothing else would.

It turned out to be needless. He readily accepted an interview exclaiming that the hand of fame quenched even the most extreme aggravation and boredom. I coughed, not fully understanding, and begun the interview. (From here on, my budding journalist pets Crystalisaneo and Bluewingcha took over):

Crystalisaneo (Crys): Dr_Death - we were wondering what you see every day when Neopets are taken to new homes?

Dr_Death (Dr): I see pets carted off, then soon after carted back in again. I see pets with shining coats given homes whilst the underweight ones go hungry (we aren't made of money and food you know?). I see all sorts of stuff - your point being…?

Bluewingcha (Blue): We mean do the adopters discriminate at all?

Dr: As I said, the ones with the better health, the better looks, the bigger smile are the ones who are taken over the sad, disheartened ones. Also the ones with the better names and better stats. Your below average, slightly saddened Neopet with a rubbish name rarely stands a chance of being taken in.

Crys: Do the adopters tend to seek out specific species of Neopets?

Dr: Oh yes - painted ones are snapped up straight away. It's the same with the Limited Addition and restricted ones. But generally adopters do come in for a species they want. Recently a lot came looking for Ixi and Draiks. It can be a bad thing, but it does mean that the Neopets with bad profiles sometimes get picked up over the better ones.

We decided that the Dr's words had given us all the information we needed and ended the interview, thanking Dr_Death who simply shrugged and sighed.

Back at our NeoHome I decided that the manual part of the article was complete. I sat and thought about the subject. An idea came to me. I started checking the NeoNet for updates on my old pals…

When I had first come onto Neopets I scanned through the adoption centre for the fun of it - getting Neopets names, and following their movements from the pound into the wide world. I made a list, which included several Neopets that had once belonged to me. I had closed an account and had to let a few of the pets go. I used it as an excuse to experiment - seeing if their descriptions would ever change, or if I could make contact with their new owners. None turned out to be exciting sadly.

However thinking back I notice how the pet with an original and sane (no numbers in it and it was pronounceable) name was snatched up quickly. The pet with a fun name with a number in it was taken in soon after. My final pet whose name was completely unpronounceable and silly took a long time to get adopted.

Here is a list of the discriminations that Neopian's seeking pets in the pound will, accidentally or on purpose, use whilst on the search:

Name discrimination: As covered pretty thoroughly in the article, owners-to-be tend to take on the simpler and prettier names, and those that are pronounceable.

Species discrimination: Quite natural, and understandable for the most part (or maybe I'm just saying that because I was subject to it) - this discrimination is when you seek a particular type of Neopet (e.g. Lupe) in the pound, or choose an individual of one species over another of a different species.

Colour (yes I'm British!) discrimination: A painted pet will be taken over a plain one, because the owner will not need to spend any money on a brush for his/her pet later on. Also it can be paired with species discrimination when seeking a particular type of pet (e.g. Blue Lupe).

Stats discrimination: This is when an adopter picks up a higher stat pet rather than the average pet left in the pound. The level two+ pets are magnets for newer players who have not worked out how to raise levels themselves or cannot afford to.

Happy with my article I went to go and give coolo_grunda (and the rest of my pets - why not?!) a big hug for my appreciation of them.

That is my second article - I hoped you liked it. I am not leading a campaign against people who use these discriminations (as I am one myself) just simply pointing them out. Sorry if you disliked any of the article but you may Neomail me with your comments, ideas, suggestions, support or constructive criticism if you like. Happy Neopetting, readers.

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