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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 58 > Articles > To Beg or Not?

To Beg or Not?

by yasashiiyukiko

ENDLESS PLAINS - You often see somebody's lookup or shop stating "no begging" while you're surfing this virtual site, correct? But does everybody actually respect those two words--now that's something totally different. Throughout the Neopia, there is a huge amount of people who neglect somebody's statement of "no begging allowed" and start sending beggar mails so they can receive some freebies off from the people that seem wealthy. If somebody likes to send Neomails to people that seems rich (whether it's from their high stats pets, their painted family, their galleries, anything) and ask them to give some of their items to them--They're a beggar. Begging is a silly thing to do, and reading beggar mails can be rather entertaining too.

Before we begin, here are the ways how a beggar or anybody else can tell a person's wealth:

Neopets: A Neopet that's painted or has high stats can often convince somebody that the user is rich, considering all those NP spent to buy the Codestones and Dubloons to train the pet and the NP for the paint brush.

Shop Size: Each time you upgrade your shop to a bigger size, it would cost an addition of 50 NP plus the amount of NP you last spent to upgrade it. Therefore, a person with a big shop can mean the amount of spare money they have. In other words, "the bigger, the richer."

Shop, Trades, NeoDeck, Stamp Album, NeoHome: If any of those contain rare or expensive items, then it's very likely that userlookup you're searching belongs to a wealthy player.

High Scores: If they have lots of games played or handsome scores, it means that they earn lots of NP per day.

(There isn't a certain way to find out how wealthy a user is, but the information on their userlookup can give you a rough idea--at least that's how most people make assumptions.)

Comparing the amount of beggar mails a person will receive per month, the most popular sentence a beggar would say is "I'm so poor and my Neopets don't even have food to eat, help and give me something!" Obviously the beggar is a poor Neopian yet is desperate to feed their pets because they're hungry. If a person is that poor that they cannot even afford cheap food items that are around 5 NP each, then they ought to take a trip to the Soup Kitchen, where the Soup Faerie hands out free bowls of soup to the poor that owns less than 2,000 NP. If somebody had received a Neomail like this, simply direct the beggar to the Soup Kitchen, where they can beg all they want--if the statement that they're poor is true, of course.

The second popular sentence a beggar would use to convince a wealthy person is "Can you give me a (insert rare item here) since you're so rich and you have so many good items?" Usually the beggar assumed the person they're begging is rich because of a gallery or shop that contains rare items. The beggar tries to persuade that person to give them an item or two because that person is dirty rich already. Receiving such types of beggar mails is rather annoying to see a pitiful user not willing to play a few flash games with their pets because they're lazy to earn what they want. It's doubted that even the nicest person would do what they request since if they had put effort to earning what they have today; so can the beggar and anybody else. If you're a beggar that's considering to write one of those Neomails, forget it.

Another strategy a beggar would use is making up a long, sad story about how their account was hacked, and asks you to spare some items to them so they can rebuild their account. This strategy is smarter than the ones above by 5%. Perhaps you'll be lucky enough to make up a tear jerking story that's so emotional that they cannot resist but send you something so you can feel better. But this is not likely because literate people are generally smart enough to not be a beggar. If you feel like making up stories, how about sending one in The Neopian Times? You'll even earn a nifty golden quill on your userlookup!

Of course, there are way more ideas a freeloader would use to get somebody to give items or NP to them. The amount of beggars are growing by the minute as the economy is. It's really up to you to choose the method of making money. A smart person would know that playing games, earning profit from buying and selling, etc. is that most secure way to earn what you have. At the other hand, others would rely on doing all sorts of silly stuff to annoy each other and taking the chance that they'd find a kind hearted person.

And if you're one of those unfortunate people who receive beggar mails, you can choose to spoil them with all your hard work, or simply entertain yourself and share it with your guild members or your Neofriends--Freeloader mails are always very humorous for some reasons.

Author's note: I was very surprised when I typed "beg" in the Neopet's search bar and found no articles on this topic because it's something that has been annoying most Neopians for the past years. I hope you had enjoyed this article and learned something useful in your journey. Feel free to let me know your comments or complaints through Neomail.

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