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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 58 > Continuing Series > The Princess Faerie and The Secret of Stone: Part Two

The Princess Faerie and The Secret of Stone: Part Two

by purplepokadotz

Our First Step
     We were in the woods we are going to find the castle and get my pets out of there. Ty said he had a plan that may work. I had faith in him, for two reasons A) he is very smart for his age, and B) he is responsible. My best royal advisor came and was playing faerie dolls with Carol. I wonder why Ty seems to think that she is a very annoying beast that was sent to burden his life. But I guess I wouldn't understand since I am not human and I am an only child. Ty brought SunRays, his Neopet, with him. SunRays was nice but a little full of himself.

     "So, umm, you're the Princess of all Neopia, right. And you're a faerie right?" SunRays asked, hovering next to me.

     "Yup," I answered, pushing a bush out of my way.

     Ty seemed quiet.

     "Wow, cool... so did you know I saved all Neopia from the evil Jhudora," he answered I guess trying to start a conversation.

     "I know but it wasn't just you; there was a green Gelert named Earthy, a white Lupe named Gyro, a blue Eyrie named Keenac, and a checkered Gelert named MoonDog. Hmmm... and you didn't do it all by yourself then did you?" I answered with a little giggle.

     "Hey SunRays you never told me that," Ty said, offended.

     "I didn't want to you know worry you because I know how you get," SunRays answered nervously.

     "What do you mean to how I get? You mean that I get scared when you just run go save Neopia without even telling anyone or me and not even tell me. But you did tell me something you told me that you and your friends went camping for a few days and you forgot to leave me a note. So you lied?!" Ty said, getting a little too angry.

     SunRays sank down and answered, "Well yes, I guess you could say that."

     Ty was about to say something when, without thinking, I said, "I think you should be very proud of him Ty because him and his friends saved Neopia from mass destruction from my Aunt Jhudora and I think it is foolish of you to yell at him."

     Oh why did I have to open my big fat mouth? Sometimes if I don't watch what I say or how I say it I can come of as a big snob. "Hey this is my pet and I will be mad at it if I want to, so you can just take care of your own pets." Well sheesh look who is a little grumpy. I was just telling him that it wasn't right for him to yell at his pet when his pet did a very noble thing. Well if he is going to be like that fine, it's just that he is wrong and I am right.

     I was about to say something back when suddenly I tripped and fell through some bushes and landed in the Neopian Central shopping center.

     "Are you okay?" Ty said, looking down at me smugly. Jerk.

     "Fine, Candy Dandy," I said, brushing off the dirt pie.

     "Here, let me help you miss." A young Nimmo gave helped me up.

     "Thanks, it's nice to know there are actually still descent people in Neopia" I said giving Ty a dirty look. How rude could he be?

     When that incident was over there was still some tension in the air when we boarded a cloud train to Faerieland. We took our seats. I was guessing that Ty has taken the train before because he had a pass I had to pay the trainman didn't even notice that I was a faerie but everyone else did. They just kept staring at me. Okay, note to self: change appearance when I get off the train.

     "When we get off the train you are going to definitely change your appearance," Ty leaned over and whispered to me, almost as if he could read my mind.

     "What, you don't like me as a faerie??" I snapped. I was still mad at him.

     He rolled his eyes as if that was a good enough answer. Neggs for Brains.

     "Ouch. Oh my stupid wing," I said, trying to get into a comfortable position. My poor wing was throbbing with pain.

     "Stop fidgeting we are almost there, man I feel like I am baby-sitting Carol," Ty said with a deep bored sigh.

     "Fine, if you are going to be like that then I'll just fly out of here," I said, getting up and opening a window.

    "Wait, I thought your wing was hurt," Ty said.

    "I did say that but I meant I wasn't going to fly because it would probably hurt, but I didn't say I couldn't," I answered with a sly smile. "Now if you don't mind I am going to go find my mother by myself." But before I could jump out there was this hard crash knocking me away from the window and into Ty.

    "Are you okay?" he asked. "I am fine," I answered nicely.

    Suddenly all the windows started to shut and lock by themselves. "What's going on?" a young Wocky asked nervously.

    "Do not panic. Please everyone stay in your seats I and the princess Faerie Seryn will get you all safely back to Faerieland," Ty said, sounding very sure of himself.

    Everyone was starring at me with wide eyes. I kind of was starting to get nervous because all there eyes started to glow green. "Ty, I don't thing you should have done that," I answered quickly. I pulled out some faerie dust and said a few magic words then poof we were in Faerie City. But I didn't see Ty. "Ty? SunRays? Where are you?" I said. I started to walk around but didn't see any sign of them anywhere. Oh great, now what do I do?

Where is Seryn?
    "Ouch!!!" I yelled as I fell on my head. Wait, what happened? I saw SunRays suddenly poof into mid-air and fall onto the hard marble flooring. "Who are you people?" I heard a small voice asked. I got up quickly and saw it was a young little faerie Ixi hiding under the bed that was in a large room.

    Then stepped out a large Lupe with these huge angelic wings. "Yes, who may you be?" it answered in a very low and deep voice.

    "We are friends of Seryn. I am Ty and this red Shoyru is SunRays," I answered.

    "Is Seryn okay? Oh I miss her," the Ixi said, crying.

    "Wait, are you her pets?" I asked quickly.

    "Yes, we are... do you know where Princess Seryn is??" the large angelical Lupe asked anxiously.

    "I did until she did some kind of spell of transportation and we landed here but no Princess," I tried to explain.

    "She must have said the spell wrong, this is not good we must find her... now!" the angelic Lupe said with great might.

    "We can go out the window," SunRays said, hovering near a balcony.

     "There is one problem... I can't fly," I said, stepping up to the balcony. It wasn't that high up I could always climb down although it would take longer. "Hey I can hold onto you right arm and SunRays will hold you left and then Seraph will make sure we don't drop you," the Ixi said happily. "Splendid idea Light. Lets role." Seraph said started out the balcony. Oh great, I knew I should have stayed home.

Where can I go? Will I be found?
      Oh, I hate to be alone, no one to talk to no one to keep me company. I was walking on the clouds of Faerie. Home. But I could feel some one was watching me, some one evil. I could feel their presence near. I wonder how my mom is? I wonder if she is OK. Oh I miss her so. I miss how she new exactly what to do at exactly the right time. "Mom where are you??" I said. I was sitting down in the puffy whiteness that was the floor on Faerie Land. I didn't know what to do, I didn't know if I should get up and find Ty and SunRays or if I should stay and wait for them find me.

     I thought for a moment and got up to look at my surroundings. I was on a large hill in front not to far from the gates of Faerie. Maybe they landed into the city; I most likely messed up on that spell. OK I will check out the city and I will blend in because I am a faerie or well I should make myself look more human so know who is evil and looking for me will find me. So I took out some more Faerie Dust and said the Transformation spell perfectly then with a poof I was changed or so I thought. I pulled out a mirror and looked at myself, it was weird not having wings. Instead of Blue hair I had blonde flowing hair, instead of purple eyes I had grayish blue ones. I still had my small silver crown on; well I guess I should take it off too. My clothes were the same so I guess I should change them. I used my magic and wore a dark long green cloak and under was a more human looking outfit made up of mostly green. It felt weird wearing shoes since I usually go barefoot.

     I pulled my hood over my head shadowing my face I started for the city. I sort of fitted in with the crowd. I don't know why but I felt as if I should keep looking up into the sky. Then I saw it three Neopets and a human soaring through the air, they looked like Neopets suddenly they landed in the town. I had to push my way through the crowd to get to them. They didn't even know me, or see me.

     "Wait, Ty!" I yelled and grabbed his shoulder as he walked away.

     "Excuse me have we met?" he said looking at me puzzled.

     I pulled my crown out of my pocket so only he could see and said, "It's me. I am in disguise."

      "Oh sorry didn't notice you at first. Are you okay? What did you do? Why do you have blonde hair? What's with the clothes and why are you being so secret?" he asked.

     "SHHH! Can't you be a little quieter?? I put a spell on myself so I look human and I don't know why I have blonde hair it just picks itself. I am fine, and I am being secretive because I feel like someone is following me," I whispered.

     "Oh," is all he said.

     "SERYN!" I heard Lighthearted Yell as she jumped onto me making me fall to the puffy white ground. "Great you got my pets, you're wonderful Ty." I said, as Lighthearted wouldn't let me get up.

     I looked over at Ty and it almost looked as if he was blushing but I couldn't tell. "Wait how did you know it was me??" I asked my pets.

     "Of course we would know our own human," Seraph said with a warm smile.

     I loved my pets and it was so wonderful to see them. Oh, I missed them so. I guess I can now forgive Ty for how rude he was before.

     "We should get going," Ty said, helping me up. "Right but to where??" I said sadly, thinking about my mother was always making me sad now a day. "The Dark Parts of Faerie that's where your mother is, no doubt about it." Ty said with an incorrigible smile. I new he didn't want to go there either. "Very well we better get moving." Seraph said with her deep moving voice.

In the darkness Will there be light?
As we were heading into the darkness of the evil parts of faerie, I wanted to turn away. I saw my SunRays was looking the same. Seryn was in her old form, which I think she looks better in; she looked kind of weird as a human. The silence was deafening as we waited to find the dark castle of Jhudora. What should I do, should I say anything? I guess there is really nothing to say right now. When out of the blue we all stopped dead in our tracks, we had made it to a dark and dense castle, only to be known as Jhudora's Lair.

     "Whaaa-aat shhhhhould weee-eee do noo-oow?" Lighthearted stuttered.

     "We must go inside and find where my mother is being captured," Seryn said with much confidence. However, how does she know that her mother is being held captive here, or even I Jhudora is the one who is doing it? Well I guess it's just faerie intuition and/or this wonderful plot.

     We all stepped forward to the dark oak doors that towered over us almost like skyscrapers. I grabbed the large brass doorknob, turned it slightly, and pulled open the door. A rush of cold air came tumbling after us. We all stepped into the darkness, but before we could take another step Seryn and I were grabbed around the waist, as the large door slammed shut behind us. Suddenly these torches lit up the dark emptiness showing we were in a room, our pets were gone, and giant Chias were holding us tightly. Then this evil figure stepped out of the darkness and showed it to be an old Nimmo in a dark green cloak one like the one Seryn was wearing.

     "I knew it! You're helping Aunt Jhudora!" Seryn snarled.

     "Yes, I am. And now you will be thrown in the dungeon till further notice," the Nimmo answered with a kind but cold smile.

     "You won't get away with this!" I yelled to the Nimmo as we were dragged into the darkness.

     When we made it to the dungeon we were literally thrown into our cell. "Ouch," I said to the darkness. I opened my eyes to see Seryn sitting on me.

     "Man I just keep on falling on you," she said in a joking voice, trying to lighten the mood.

     "Get off," I said grumpily as I pushed myself up.

     "Well, excuse me," Seryn answered, annoyed with me... again. I don't think faeries were meant to get along with humans.

     "So what do we do now?" I asked the princess as I walked toward the cold steel bars that surrounded us. However, before she could answer, those pesky Chias showed up again.

     "Jhudora want to see Princess. She come now," the Chia commanded.

     "Hey, none of us are going any where unless we get some questions answered!" I growled with more courage then I felt I had. I stepped in front of Seryn and stared intently at the one Chia Well that made him furious so he pinned me to a wall as the other Chia grabbed Seryn. She was kicking and yelling "You dirty beast let me go!" I tried to get out of the Chias grip but it was too strong, then suddenly WHAMM! The Chia whacked me up side my head causing me to black out. I felt myself fall to the hard cold ground. The last thing I remember thinking is I hope Seryn will be all right.

To be continued...

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