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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 58 > Short Stories > Illusen's Balloon

Illusen's Balloon

by umilybeau

It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day in Meridell. Illusen the Earth Faerie was sitting down in her house, watching her pet Turtum sweep the floor, and expecting and item that someone fetched for her.

     In a few minutes, the doorbell rang. Illusen rushed to answer it. Turtum heard her say "Thank you! Here are some cream cookies for your work!"

     "Turtum! Turtum! Guess what!" Illusen flew in happily. "We have some balloons!"

     "What does that mean?" Turtum asked.

     "It means that we can start making the Turtum balloons! All I need is a Magic Wand and a Turtum to complete it!"

     "But... why are you not going to use me?" Turtum asked sadly.

     "YOU?! I don not want to use you for magic! I love you!" Illusen looked shocked. Turtum smiled sadly.

     The doorbell rang and Illusen flew off to answer it. In a few minutes she came back.

     "Look!" She said again. "It is a Magic Wand! Now we can start the balloons! Stop that sweeping and let's go!"

     The two of them sprinted swiftly upstairs to Illusen's storage room, where they set the balloons and magic wand on the Zen Table there.

     "But I thought you needed a Turtum," Turtum said.

     "I did, but can I have a small piece of your shell?" Illusen asked.

     "Sure." Turtum pulled off a small piece if his shell and handed it to Illusen. "Why do you need it?"

     "I only need a little bit of a Turtum to make a balloon," Illusen answered. "That means only a piece of shell."

     Illusen put the fur on top of the balloons waved her magic wand and said:

                    No eyes of newt,
                    No prickly burrs,
                    all have here
                    Is balloons and shell of my pet,
                    Please make these two items,
                    Into something everyone can enjoy!

     The shell and balloons began to glow like a Neopet being blessed by a faerie. They began to fly around the room faster and faster. Then they collided with each other. Next, there was a deafening bang, and the result was in Illusen's hand, floating around.

     "See, Turtum," she gloated. "I told you it would work!"

     Turtum ignored her; he was looking up at the balloon.

     "Erm... Illusen."

     "What?!" said Illusen, growing impatient.

     "The balloon... it's..."

     Illusen turned around and screamed. The previously cute Turtum balloon had sprouted fangs the size of a well-grown asparagus plant. Its eyes that were small, sweet, and black before were now red; its shell was now gray, and crumbling; and the yellow skin any normal Turtum would have was black, scaly, and scraped all over the place.

     "It is... it is...?" Illusen looked scared.

     Turtum frowned at the balloon. "It is a DISGRACE to all Turtums in Meridell and Neopia!" he yelled furiously. "I can't believe you were going to give this out as a prize!"

     Illusen leered at Turtum "Well it has turned out horrible, so it is going straight in the... AAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!"

     Turtum turned around and saw that the balloon spring to life, as if it had taken all the energy from their fight to bring itself to life. Its eyes glowed, and an evil smirk finished the ensemble.

     "Illusen, I think that this balloon made from Balloons, a Magic Wand and a piece of my shell is evil!" Turtum said, scared.

     "Evil? But Earth Faeries never make evil things." Illusen replied.

     "ILLUSEN, LET GO OF THAT BALLOON!" Turtum screamed, shaking in fear.

     "AAARRRGGGHHH!" Illusen shouted in pain. The Turtum balloon was chewing on one of her lovely red braids. She swatted the balloon angrily, and it retreated, bearing its grosteque fangs. "Oh no!" Illusen cried. Her elegant, shiny red braid had become a mess of tangles and Turtum drool. She cast a frown at the Turtum balloon, who bared its fangs at her again.

     "Maybe you should let go of it, Illusen," Turtum suggested. Illusen let go of the balloon. It just floated in the air, innocently, as if it has caused no trouble at all.

     One second later, the balloon's eyes glowed red again and it sped off into the piles of stuff Illusen had collected. "Oh dear. I wonder what it will do now," Illusen worried.

     The Turtum balloon had gone around to one of the largest piles of items. These items were Hidden Tower items and very rare items that some of the best sorcerers had collected. The balloon inhaled deeply, pausing for a moment to see where its creators were and........

     "It... it...." Illusen couldn't finish her sentence at the horrible sight she saw.

     The Turtum balloon had gobbled every last item in that pile, including an Everlasting Apple that was supposed to last forever and ever. The balloon cast Illusen and Turtum and evil smile, burped and threw an Ubikiberry Bag at them. It turned away, chewing and drooling happily. Then it floated downstairs to Illusen's bedroom. "I think that was the answer to your question," Turtum said, looking at the Ubikiberry Bag in horror.

     "Let's go and see what it is doing in my room!" Illusen rushed downstairs quickly, with Turtum at her heels.

     When they got Illusen's bedroom, they saw the balloon taking a nap in Illusen's Glowing Bed! "Guess it was just right!" Turtum and Illusen laughed together.

     While they were laughing, Illusen was thinking. "I know!" she exclaimed suddenly.

     Turtum stepped back in surprise, nearly smacking into Illusen's Stone Wardrobe. "What? What do you know?" he asked.

     Illusen smiled proudly. "A plan to get rid of this Turtum balloon! It's been making us mad, right? Well my plan is to deflate the balloon and give it to someone who makes us mad, so then they will be mad as well!"

     Turtum was puzzled. "Who drives us mad, though?"

     Illusen thought some more. "Aha!" she said after a few minutes. "Jhudora makes us mad! We can give the balloon to her!"

     "Ummmmm... but wouldn't she LIKE a balloon that makes other faeries mad?" Turtum asked.


     "Sometimes I wonder why you and Jhudora don't get guys are so much alike," Turtum replied. Illusen shot him a look as if he were rotten asparagus. "Let's just go along with the plan, okay?" she said.


After a quick snack of Illusen's Cream Cookies, Illusen and Turtum got all the materials they needed from the storage room.

     "Okay, I think we have just about everything," Illusen said to Turtum "Let's check the list. Turtum, please read it to me."

     Turtum looked at her funny. "I can't. Turtums can't read! Did you not remember that?"

     "Oh yeah!" Illusen giggled and took the list from Turtum "A bit of barbed wire...."

     "Check!" Turtum replied.

     "Wrapping Supplies....."


     "That is what's on the list!" Illusen replied. "Now here is what we do. We take the ribbon from the Wrapping Supplies and tie the Bit of Barbed Wire to it. Next we sneak to my room and throw it to the Turtum balloon. Hopefully it will land on him and...POP! It will deflate and we can fly to Faerieland and give it to Jhudora!"

     "Wow! Good plan, Illusen!" Turtum smiled. "Now let's get to work!"

     They snuck quietly into Illusen's bedroom, holding their invention. "Okay," Illusen whispered, "on the count of three we will throw it! One...two...THREE!"

     Turtum grabbed the invention and hurled it across the room as hard as he could. Instead of hitting the balloon, it made a huge dent in the headboard of Illusen's bed and woke up the balloon!

     "Oops! Sorry Illusen!" Turtum apologised.

     "It's okay. I know you tried your best." Illusen grinned, making Turtum blush. "Hmmmmm, now about the balloon, I think I know just the person to help us!"

     A few minutes later, Illusen came back with the Gelert farmer from the Meri Acres Farm. "Aye, I'll be happy to help ya!" he said. "I just do not hope that I will lose my trusty ol' pitchfork here!"

     "It's okay! I know that you will not lose it!" Turtum replied.

     The farmer took one look at the balloon and said to Illusen, "Well there, little missy, you done gone and messed up real good!"

"I know! That's why I need you to help me pop it so I can throw it away," Illusen replied.

"OK then!" The farmer replied, and set off to work.

The farmer cornered the balloon, keeping his eye on it the whole time. When the balloon tried to make a run for it, the farmer caught it. In about 10 minutes, the farmer slowly raised his pitchfork and....


Illusen ran quickly to the farmer and helped him up. "Are you okay?" she asked nervously.

"ARGH...I should be okay. Went down a little hard on my back, but I should be fine," the farmer replied, and searched for his pitchfork. "Oh no! Oh no! Where has it gone?"

They heard a small burp from overhead, and they glanced up. The balloon was patting his stomach proudly.

"NOOOOOOOOO! My pitchfork! You," he pointed at Turtum, "You said that nothing will happened to it! And now that...that...thing you call a balloon ATE IT!" with that he ran outside, crying.

"Oh dear! Now we sent home the farmer! I think that we will NEVER get this balloon deflated and sent to Jhudora!" Illusen said sadly.

"I know! We can get Sir Draik! I know that he will get this balloon down!" Turtum said, cheerfully.

"OK, I guess it is worth a try!" Illusen replied. "Let's go and get Sir Draik!"

"No need to, my lady." Sir Draik was already at the door! He was a very strong Draik, which is why he is a knight. He is blue, and you can always ask him for help if you are in trouble. "The farmer told me everything about the balloon and how it ate his pitchfork. I am sure I can get it down somehow!"

"Really? Oh thank you, Sir Draik!" Illusen said happily.

Sir Draik got out his shiny silver sword and moved silently towards Illusen's bedroom, which is amazing because he was wearing many layers of armour. When he got to Illusen's bedroom, the balloon had gone back to sleep. Sir Draik crept slowly into the bedroom, crouching down when he got to Illusen's bed. Then he swiftly poked his sword at the balloon, and... POP! The balloon deflated. All the air hissed out the hole Sir Draik had made, and it began to swirl around the room in the air. Then, after about a minute in the air, the now popped Turtum balloon fell slowly to the floor.

"Whew!" Sir Draik said, exhausted. That was a very hard job!"

"Oh thank you Sir Draik!" Illusen ran up to him and helped him onto his feet. "That was great to watch!"

"I have a question for you," Sir Draik began. "What are you going to do with that balloon now?"

Illusen smiled slyly. "Oh we have a plan for it......."


The next day, Jhudora the Dark Faerie got a package in the mail. It was the Turtum balloon. She blew it up quickly, and the next second it was causing mayhem for her! "Only one being in Neopia would have sent me this! ILLUSEN!" she yelled.

Meanwhile at Illusen's house, Turtum was taking a nap and Illusen was just taking out a fresh batch of Cream Cookies from the oven when her doorbell rang. She opened the door and there I stood!

"Hello Illusen," I said. "I'm just wondering....has anything interesting happened here lately?"

"Why yes. There was a very interesting incident yesterday. Come on in and I will tell you about it!"

The End

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