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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 58 > Short Stories > Dragon Thieves: Rouges

Dragon Thieves: Rouges

by child_dragon

Image by child_dragon

Without MiracleStar's refraining influence, we were quite ornery. If we wanted to do something, we did it. We gave very little thought to the results of our actions. I'm sure if our owner ever found out just how impulsive we could be, she'd have a fit.

I decided one day we needed an outing. Nowhere special, just a chance to get out of the house. MiracleStar was the first person I asked. She declined, absorbed in something. So I bugged Jaix next. The Acara was cooped up in his room, reading. I'm not even sure he heard my invitation. Feeling a little discouraged, I headed over to Taffin's room. The door was cracked, so I just walked right in. He sat at his desk, gazing at a picture. I snuck over and peeked over his shoulder. He shrieked in anger and snatched up the photo, running over to his dresser and shoving it in, slamming the drawer shut. But not before I saw what it was. I fell to the floor, laughing hysterically.

     "It's not funny!" he raged.

     "Oh, yes it is!!" I gasped. "You really fell for her, didn't you!?"

     "Hmph. Well, she is very, ahem, good-looking…"

     "Geez Taffin. And you get near Angel_the_Faerie ever again and she'll brain ya with that portable kiln. Now c'mon, let's go somewhere."

     Taffin looked a little mollified.

     "Sure. But Nianso, where?"

     "I don't know. Maybe Neopia Central?"

     He considered it for a moment, then nodded.

     "Okay. I'll go get Skyil!"

     He trotted from the room, and up the stairs. I cast one last look at the drawer before following him out.

     "Taffin, you're a loon," I muttered to myself.

     I stayed at the bottom of the stairs, listening somewhat bemusedly to the ensuing conversation between the Kyrii and Aisha.

     "C'mon Skyil, we're going to Neopia Central!"

     "But I don't really want…"'

     "Of course you do! Let's go!"

     "Ow!! Taffin, let go!"

     The Kyrii came downstairs towing the protesting Aisha by one long golden ear. He flashed me a cheeky grin and led the way out the door and to Neopia Central.

     Skyil did cave in and come with us willingly. We flew the whole way there, enjoying the easy currents. I chose the first destination, Kauvara's magic shop.

     "I haven't been in there for ages," I said, stepping through the door.

     The shop was relatively empty, a young boy with a Buzz looking at the Chia morphing potions. The Buzz didn't appear pleased. I glanced over at the numerous shelves, marveling at the potions.

     "Can I help you…" I heard the starry Kau start to say, only to trail off in mid-sentence.

     She was staring at me and my siblings in awe.

     "Remarkable," she breathed. "How on Neopia did you come by those wings?"

     "Erm," I said, not wanting to explain.

     "Oh, look at the time!" Taffin exclaimed in a high voice. "We've got to meet our owner now, nice talking to you, bye!"

     He said the last sentence very quickly. Kauvara started to protest, but the three of us had already fled out the door.

     We visited a couple other shops. It was near noon now, and we were getting hungry.

     "I want a hot dog," Skyil said sadly.

     "And?" I asked, wondering why that'd depress her.

     "We don't have any Neopoints with us."

     "So?" Taffin asked with a shrug. "I'll distract Hubert, you get yourself a hot dog."

     Skyil's eyes lit up and the duo headed off for the stand. I hung back to watch. It went off perfectly, Taffin engaging the Mynci in a conversation, and Skyil swiped a hot dog. Two, actually. They rejoined me and we started to walk off. But I heard a squawk of protest from Skyil.

     A red Lupe had grabbed her tail and now regarded her fiercely.

     "I saw you take that," she accused.

     "But…" Skyil stammered.

     "There's no excuses! I saw you steal!"

     Skyil dropped her gaze, tears threatening.

     "And just who do you think you are?" I demanded, stepping between the two.

     "I'm WhyndeChyme. And I despise thieves."

     Skyil cringed at those words, and in anger, I shoved the Lupe. WhyndeChyme snarled and shoved back, staggering me back a couple steps.

     "Stop it!" Skyil screeched.

     But it was too late, I was on top of the Lupe doing my best to hurt her. She snarled and rolled, dropping me to the ground, but I latched onto her tail with my pointy teeth. She howled and snapped at my wings.

     "All right, break it up!" I heard Taffin roar as the Kyrii barreled into the fight.

     I was knocked aside as Taffin tackled WhyndeChyme. There was a sudden flash of light, and a pop. Taffin had teleported, but while he still had a good hold on the Lupe. Both the pets were gone. I scanned the area, spying them both high up on a tree branch. The red Lupe was hanging on for dear life.

     "Didn't know I could do that," Taffin murmured.

     Then his eyes rolled back in his head and he toppled from the branch to land with a heavy thud that made me wince.

     "Taffin!" I cried, running over to him.

     He was unconscious, no doubt from using his talent in such a way.

     "Skyil," I said suddenly. "Come help me get him home."

     She silently obeyed, and between the two of us we lifted the Kyrii up.

     "Hey!" I heard WhyndeChyme call nervously from above us. "Um, ya know, that wasn't exactly fair."

     I didn't bother to reply and started heading for home.

     "Wait!! Stop!! Thieves!!" she cried desperately, standing on the slender branch. "WOAH!!"

     The branch shifted with a breeze, and she fell to her belly, wrapping all four paws around the branch and hanging on for dear life.

     "So how are we going to explain this to MiracleStar?" Skyil asked worriedly.

     "If we use the back door," I said, thinking, "we won't have to…."

The End

Note: Thanks to meg_the_smeg for allowing me use of her pet, WhyndeChyme.

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