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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 56 > Articles > Pick-Your-Own: Innocent Medieval Game or Disease Spreading Epidemic?

Pick-Your-Own: Innocent Medieval Game or Disease Spreading Epidemic?

by superblitz268

NEOPIA CENTRAL - The game Pick Your Own has been released, and Neopia seems to be in a berry frenzy. The Money Tree is engulfed in Half-Eaten Berries, Piles of Dung, Old Boots, Rotten Berries, and an assortment of others. Yet the Neopets team does nothing to stop these nasty items from spreading throughout Neopia. We all know that real Medieval time was famous for one thing, The Black Plague. As these items come from the Medieval world, we can only hope that no viruses reside inside these things, as it could cause a massive outbreak in Neopia.

What about the oncoming war? I've heard that it is going to be Meridell vs. Tyrannia. What will happen when the Tyrannian army finds that Meridell is layered with piles of dung? This will only help them achieve victory, as we know how fond they are of it. And what would happen once they conquered Meridell? They would probably go on to conquer the Haunted Woods, the Lost Desert, Mystery Island, and who knows what else. As a fact that I did not write this article to speak of war, I will stop this conversation and get to the point. I decided to go and talk to the Money Tree, as he is probably being affected the most. I found him handing a bag of Neopoints to a scrawny-looking Zafara, who ran away looking disgusted at what had consumed what once was the beautiful Money Tree lawn. Here's the interview that took place there:

Superblitz268(SB): So, how are you dealing with all of flooding your ground?

Money Tree: How am I dealing with it? I can't deal with it! I'm rooted to the ground for one thing, and then I made that stupid rule that anyone could donate anything. I'm up to my head in dung! If those blasted Tyrannians got a hold of all of this, we'd be done for! They've had their eyes on Meridell ever since it was discovered, you'd think those people in Meridell would pay some attention to what they're spreading around, but no, they're to busy counting potatoes and weighing marrow's. They don't care a fig about anyone else! I've already had two Neopets complaining of feeling sick after they left.

SB: Has this epidemic affected business here?

Money Tree: Of course it has! Did you just see that Zafara who walked away, he's been my only customer, for a week! No one wants to get near all of this filth. If all of these good items keep piling up, that's going to attract the Snowager and those smugglers from Krawk Island! I shudder to think if they turned up! I was going to go over to the hospital and ask Dr. Gelert some things, but then I remembered, I'm rooted to the ground!

SB: Well, I better be going then. Bye!

I ran away without looking back. Apparently, the Money Tree was in a very bad mood. I decided to take a leaf out of his book and go and see Dr. Gelert, to see what he had to say. But when I arrived at the hospital there were two Chia Police officers. I asked them if I could be admitted and they said 'No, no one is allowed in the hospital as there are many sick patients in there.' I asked what they were sick with and they said it was classified.

Seeing Dr. Gelert seemed out of the question, so I decided to go to the pharmacy to question the Nurse Elephante that worked there. When I arrived, there was a line out the door. I heard the Nurse yell 'We close in 5 minutes! Don't let anyone else get in line!' I was the last person in line, so I had to tell a little Chia and a huge Grarrl that they couldn't come in line. The Chia went off crying and the Grarrl looked like he was going to beat me up, but then some Skeith Bodyguards walked by and he decided not to.

When the line had vanished, I went up to the desk and started up a conversation with Nurse Elephante. I noticed that she looked very sweaty, she could probably have used some medicine herself.

SB: Hi, my name is...

Nurse Elephante: Yes, yes, I know! You've got four starved, sick pets back at your one-roomed NeoHome, and you need the most expensive medicine that I had for five Neopoints!

SB: Umm, no. I just wanted to ask you about the outbreaks of disease from all of the items from Pick-Your-Own.

Nurse Elephante: Oh, I'm so sorry! It's been a hard week. All of these people are walking in, asking for free medicine. I tell them to go to the Healing Springs, and they say they already have.

SB: Why didn't the Water Faerie heal them?

Nurse Elephante: Because the line goes all the way to Terror Mountain that's why! Those Meridell people are lucky that the Tyrannians are already mad! Otherwise, I'd have to go to war with them myself!

SB: So your sure that these things are causing the disease?

Nurse Elephante: Of course! What else could be? Thousands of Neopets are coming down with Neophobia! They're afraid to leave their homes! That's not all, I've seen pets with Lumps, Neezles, Sneezles, Itchy Scratchies, Fuzzy Fungus, and even one Kacheek that had Neoblues! All of this mess is making Neopians sick, and no one will do anything about it! And all of the garbage is attracting that Meuka character, and he's only exaggerating the problem!

SB: Do you know anything about the Hospital being shut down?

Nurse Elephante: Shut down? It's not shut down, it's overcrowded! Four pets have to share one bed! Poor Dr. Gelert, he's got it worse than me! Well, I better be going. I need to go restock...Boy, I need a vacation...

SB: OK, thanks for your time. I guess......

It appears that Nurse Elephante is very tense at the moment. I couldn't blame her. I thought of taking a trip to Faerieland to see the Water Faerie, but then I remembered the line to Terror Mountain. By the time it was my turn, the epidemic would be over. But will it?

What will happen in the future? If Dr. Sloth or another evil being gains power over this disease, it could lead to disastrous results. Still, the Neopets team and other authorities overlook the fact that the spread of items from Pick-Your-Own must be stopped, or else the health of Neopia will be lost forever. I hope that others feel the same way as the Money Tree, Nurse Elephante, and I do. The things may not stage a heavy problem now, but be sure that if the circulation of these nasty things does not lower, the events that we have predicted will soon enough happen.

Many events in this article may or may not happen, and we do not hold the Neopets Team responsible for anything.

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