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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 52 > Short Stories > The Lab Ray's New Creation

The Lab Ray's New Creation

by hivenperious

The day was stormy, as the rain came down with the strength to knock down some houses if they were not sturdily built. The lightning flashed almost every second. As I watched the rain through my window, I noticed the wind had picked up and the trees began to sway with the strength of the wind. I walked out of my room and called for Jet, "Come on, it is time to go."

     Jet came out of her room and over to me. She looked at me and said, "Okay I am ready."

     I got out my umbrella, and we walked out the door. As we approached the end of our street the wind had died down a little so it wasn't that hard to hold onto the umbrella anymore. We followed the Secret Laboratory Map, and made our way up a mountain to find a building that was standing alone, surrounded heavily by a forest. We made our way through the dense trees and walked up to the door. It seemed that it could only be opened from the inside. When I noticed Jet was looking up, I looked up and found a camera watching our every move. Next to it was a loudspeaker. Suddenly a voice came on and said, "Ah, good another visitor. Please come in."

     Once that was said, the big metal doors in front of us began to open. As they opened, the doors made a loud squeaking noise. "What did he mean another visitor?" Jet asked.

     "I am not sure," I returned as we proceeded through the doorway.

     There was a sign saying to please follow the line on the floor. When I looked down, there was a yellow line starting where I was standing and continued on until I lost sight of it around the corner. Jet and I followed the line for several minutes. The more we walked, the more we began to notice that it was getting darker. The yellow line made a sharp left and we followed. Once around the corner, we found ourselves at the end of a line that seemed to continue forever. In front of me was a Krawk. I asked, "Excuse me, but do you know how much longer this is going to take to get to the end of the line?"

     The Krawk turned around and replied, "The line ends right around that corner and it only takes about a minute for each pet to get the ray."

     We continued our conversation and eventually Jet joined in to talk also. About twenty minutes later, we were about the fourth pet in line. Our conversation stopped as we ran out of things to talk about. Right before we were about to turn the corner, there was a window that was tinted. I looked through it to find that, a mammoth object was in the middle of the room. "What is that?" I asked the Krawk.

     "Oh that, that is the spectators view of the lab ray. You can see it actually work on the pets, it is quite interesting," he replied.

     We were now next in line after the Krawk went. Another set of metal doors opened, and through the loud speaker the same voice we heard before said, "Next in line."

     Krawk turned around and pointed to the door saying, "You can go first, I normally take a long time."

     "Why?" I asked

     "They normally have to tie me down, because I get too nervous looking at the lab ray," he replied starting to shake.

     Whatever the reason was, Jet and I agreed and walked through the doors. A yellow Scorchio was at the desk. He was wearing a white lab coat. He was a small Scorchio from all the others I have seen. His hair stood straight up and was white, but he also had glasses that if you looked into them you would become mesmerised. In a voice that made him sound crazy he said, "Yes, welcome, welcome you certainly are. Please give me your pet's name."

     I replied, "Jet"

     He looked up at me and smiled, "Jet? Well that it is a funny name, very funny indeed. Any-who lets get started. Remember we are not liable for what happens to your pet, no we are not."

     "Yes," I replied

     "Jet come with me, you must watch from the spectators' area, yes you must," the Scorchio said.

     I walked back out the metal doors and they slammed shut behind me. The Scorchio lead Jet over to a big cross on the floor. They were talking, but because I was on the other side of the wall I couldn't hear them. The Scorchio went over to a humongous control panel. The lab ray began to start spinning. While this was happening the Scorchio went over and made sure everything was lined up. Then, with what seemed to be panic, the Scorchio ran out of the room and shut the metal doors behind him. A rumbling began to occur and the spinning of the lab ray became faster and faster. Jet stood his ground, as the lab ray began to glow green, then yellow, then blue, then suddenly a loud high pitch sound came and the ray that the lab ray produced hit Jet in the chest. Jet fell to the floor, the Scorchio came back in. He went over to the control panel. A piece of paper came out of its printer. The loudspeaker came on, "Congratulations to the owner of Jet, Jet's hit points increased five!"

     With a sigh of relief I slouched into my chair as the yellow Scorchio brought Jet out and laid her in the chair next to me. "Jet will be fine, fine she will be. Just give her a few moments to rest, rest she needs. Please stay her until she recovers, yes recovers," and the Scorchio ran off.

     "Next in line," the loudspeaker boomed again.

     The Krawk that we had met earlier walked through the double doors and after a minute or so we saw him go into the room with the lab ray. They had not turned of the loudspeaker so, we could hear everything. "Do you need to be strapped down, with some straps?" the yellow Scorchio asked.

     The Krawk nodded and the Scorchio went over to the control panel and hit a button with made the floor which the cross was on come apart and a flat board came up with straps hanging from the side. I noticed that the line that I was in was now forming again and had about five people in it now. I looked back through the window to find the Krawk on the board and the Scorchio strapping him down, "Here we go."

     The Scorchio ran back over to the control panel and hit a few buttons. The lab ray began to spin again. The Krawk began to scream and yell. "Mommy, I want my Mom!" he cried.

     He tried to get out of the straps, but they held him back and he was stuck. The lab ray continued to spin and the rumbling occurred again. The roof was slightly open, as for why I wasn't sure. The lab ray began to spin faster and faster, and with no hesitation the yellow Scorchio ran out of the room and slammed the doors behind him. The Krawk was not struggling anymore and he didn't yell either, he laid there with his eyes tightly shut. A strike of lightning went through the small opening in the ceiling and hit the lab ray. The lab ray began to shoot its ray at the Krawk but then it exploded, and the whole room filled with smoke. The yellow Scorchio opened up the metal doors and ran to the pet. When the smoke began to clear, the Scorchio stood up and said, "Oops, this isn't good."

     The line outside all looked at the window when they heard the comment. Two shadows were moving around frantically and the disappeared. The Krawk came through the doors of where the people in line go in. He took a few steps and we all looked at him. It was unbelievable, the Krawk had transformed into something that looked like a smaller version of the Krawk, except it had wings, its tail was longer, and he lost most of his hair except a few strands that were sticking straight up. He walked very slowly, and the crowd which had formed moved out of his way as he proceeded to leave the building. Jet began to wake up, and when the transformed Krawk walked by, Jet screamed and fell back into the chair. The rest of us watched in awe as he left. "Well that was interesting, yes it was. Next in line please," the loudspeaker boomed.

     The line reformed still in amazement and one of the owners and their pet walked through the double doors. On the floor was a new issue of The Neopian Times. On the front cover was a title that said a new pet has been found, the Draik, but they are limited so adopt one quickly. When I looked at the picture, it looked identical to the transformed Krawk. I took one look at the transformed Krawk as it turned the corner and sat there in awe waiting for Jet to wake up.

The End

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