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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 50 > Articles > Your First Five Days as a Neopian...

Your First Five Days as a Neopian...

by ajennsis

SOUP KITCHEN - Okay, so you're new to Neopets, and you want a guide to show you the Dos and Don'ts of playing the game. This article doesn't take much time to take into action. Note: This guide was intended for Neopians who don't have much time on Neopets, but are on almost every day. If you go on Neopets a lot, it's okay to take it 2 or 3 days at a time.

I'll be presenting this article in the format "Day 1, Day 2, etc." As I said before, you are able to do 2 days in 1 or however many you have time for. However, if you do skip days, you will have to ignore such mentions on Day 3 and so on like "Go to Tombola" or "Go to Coltzan's", as you cannot go there until your account is 48 hours old. So, without further ado, let's get down to business! You are able to skip such things as "Play Meerca Chase" if you don't have the time, but it is recommended that you do, as games are the main source of Neopoints.

Day 1
Well done, you've joined Neopets, and earned 200 Neopoints! Unfortunately, to play games you need to have verified your account, so while you wait for the e-mail to come, here are some things you should do:


First of all, you should create your first pet. (You are able to adopt a pet from the pound, but I do not recommend it, as pets from the pound cost money, and creating a pet will give you 50 Neopoints) Just pick a species of Neopet, a colour, name, gender and you're basically done. After that, go to your inventory (click on "Shops", then click on the ice cream at the top). You will see a picture of your Neopet! Underneath the picture of a your Neopet, there will be a button to click on, saying "Get my Newbie Pack!" You will then get 5 items, which usually contain a book, a weapon for the Battle Dome, and a little food. (When this article was written, the Newbie Pack contained: The BIG Book of Puzzles, a Rainbow Gun, a Can of Neocola, a Tigersquash Corn Dog, and a Mint Chocolate Chia Pop) If you want, you can read to your pet, and equip it with a rainbow gun. Visit the Healing Springs (In Faerieland) to heal your pets, or possibly get a healing potion.

Go play Fruit Machine (In the Lost Desert) and you COULD win Petpets, Neopoints, items and more! (You could also win nothing, but it doesn't cost anything, so why not spin?) Go to the Giant Omelette (In Tyrannia, go to the Tyrannia Plateau) and get a free omelette! By now, your e-mail should have been sent, so go verify your account! After that, you should play a few games, just to earn Neopoints (Optional!)

Check the News section every day, as sometimes it can give you really useful information, like "10,000 Ixis have just been released!" and you really wanted an Ixi, or, "The newest edition of the Neopian times is out!" For a while, you should read both the editorial section and the "articles" section in the Neopian Times. (Optional!)

Go on again tomorrow for more information!


Feed your pet food from your Newbie pack yet. Your pet starts out bloated; feeding him/her won't do ANY good!

Create more than one pet for now, as they get very hard to care for if you have few Neopoints Buy any stuff yet, that will be taken care of soon enough. Your pets DO start out in a perfect mood, so you don't need anything yet.

Day 2
Okay, you've made it to day 2. I don't think that your pet will be hungry yet, or unhappy. Don't be impatient, though, you will be spending Neopoints soon enough. Here, more of the beginning Neopets advice is covered.


If your pet is hungry, you can go to the Soup Kitchen and feed it. I recommend this, because your pet will get free feeding provided that you have less than 2,00 Neopoints Even if your pet is only satiated or very full, you should still feed it up to bloated. Okay, I think it's about time you made yourself a Neopian Bank Account! This will be very useful in saving money. Go to "Shops" and click on the safe. Then, enter your name. You can skip the NeoHome bit, as you won't (or at least, shouldn't) have a NeoHome yet. Pick any occupation you want, and any salary you want. Then, depending on how many Neopoints you have, pick what type of account you want. (If you have less than 1,000 then you'll need junior saver, and so on.) Then, type in how much money you want to deposit. I highly recommend you deposit all of your money, because this way, ghosts or something won't steal your Neopoints

I think that it's also time you created your shop, as it is your second best way to make Neopoints It's easy to make a shop, just go to "Shops" and click on the house next to the ice cream. It costs 150 Neopoints to open a shop, so go withdraw 150 Neopoints from your bank account! Click "Create/Edit a Shop". Name your shop (it can be anything you want, and you can change it anytime!) and write a shop description. (If you're good with HTML work you can put that in your shop, too) Then, pick what Neopets picture you want your shopkeeper to look like. Name your shopkeeper, and write a little welcoming message that they say. Then click "Create Shop". You can edit this shop at any time, so don't worry about disliking something.

Do your daily things: Go to the Healing Springs (You can actually go there once every 45 minutes if you're on for long enough!) Play Fruit Machine, and get your free Omelette.

Play some games, and check the News (Optional!)


Buy any stuff for your shop yet. If you have any items that somebody gave to you that you want to sell, wait for a little, okay? Create another pet yet. I think you can wait for a few days…

Day 3
Okay, you've finally made it to 48 hours. Now, a whole new world has come alive for you. We'll basically be covering the new things you can do today, so just be patient please.


Go to Tombola (Located in Mystery Island) and spin it. (Warning: Tombola is closed from 12:00-1:00 Neopian Time. Even if you lose, you still win something, even if it's just a bottle of sand, and even that has a use. Grarrls just love to eat those bottles of sand, so it might be a good idea to have a pet Grarrl. (P.S Don't even bother selling your bottles of sand, as they sell for 1 Neopoint)

Go to Coltzan's Shrine (Located in the Lost Desert) and approach the shrine.

Sometimes nothing will happen, sometimes your pet will be blessed, you may find food or a dubloon. Whatever happens, you can use the Shrine every day.

You are also able to spin the Wheel of Excitement. You can spin this wheel once every hour, so you can go on it more than once if you're on for long enough. However, if you have any valuable items in your inventory, you really should put them in your SDB before you spin, as the Pant Devil sometimes comes and steals an item. (Costs 100 Neopoints to spin)

Lastly, you can also spin the Wheel of Mediocrity, but I'm not quite sure you should do that, as most of the time, it seems to land on 10 Neopoints, or 20. This is bad because it costs 50 Neopoints to spin.

Don't forget to go to the Healing Springs, Giant Omelette and Fruit Machine, too!

Play games, check the news, you know the drill… (Optional!)


Spin the Wheel of Excitement when valuable items are in your inventory. Create another pet yet.

Not making any money? You'll need it for tomorrow, so start playing!

Day 4
Okay, the main point of today is Shops. Restocking, getting bargains, and selling things at reasonable prices are included. I will mention the freebies, but the main focus is on your shop today.


Firstly, go to Tombola, Fruit Machine, Coltzan's, Healing Springs, and Giant Omelette, in case you get any prizes you don't want.

Check news, play games, earn some more money for restocking (Optional!)

Now, to get down to shops. There is an order in which you need to do things. Your starter shop can only hold 5 items. If you already have more than 5 items you want in your shop, you should withdraw some money and upgrade it. Now, here come the steps.

1. Go to the main shops (after withdrawing some money) and go to whichever shop you want to have items from. (I recommend that you go to the Neopian bazaar, it's to the left of the main shops. The items there aren't taken as quickly as the items from the main shops)

2. Before buying some items you'll need to check the item on the shop wizard to make sure you aren't getting ripped off. (The main shops' prices are always higher than normal, because you can haggle down the price)

3. Whichever has the better prices, go buy the item there. Sorry, I don't carry a guide for haggling. Maybe I'll make one some day!

4. Now you have the item. If you want to put the item in your shop, go ahead, but by now your pets may be a little hungry, or unhappy. A helpful thing to do in pricing is to go a few Neopoints lower than the lowest price you find on the Shop Wiz.

5. Wait for it to sell. When it does, the money will go into your Shop Till. You should withdraw it from there and put it in your Bank account.

That's all for today, learn more tomorrow!


Sell things too lower than the lowest price is. Making a price lower than it needs to be will only decrease your profit. Buy things that are expensive: for now your shop should be fairly cheap. As you get more money, your shop can earn you more money. Feed your pet today. If they're hungry, that's good. Tomorrow we'll teach you another way to keep your pets always full.

Day 5
Well, now that you know how to earn money from you shop, as well as from your games. I expect that by now you should have a few zeros in your bank account. Well, today is an important day to be learning about. Today, you'll learn about "Guilds". Well, you may be saying, "What's a Guild?" That is one of the many things you'll learn today. Well listen closely, friend. A guild is an organisation of people who band together to accomplish large tasks. Or, in Neopets, guilds are more just knots of people who group together to enter contests, win prizes, benefit from services, meet new Neopians and have lots of fun! Well, here are some ways to join a guild:

1. If you know somebody in a guild, and want to join the same guild, type in their username in the search box underneath where it says your Neopoints (For convenience, we'll use my guild, ~Fire&Ice~ and use my link)Then, click on the link that says "Amazing Acara in guild ~Fire&Ice~" click on the link that says the guild name, and it instantly transports you to the guild. Then, click on Join Guild, on the guild sidebar.

2. Suppose you know the name of a guild, but don't know anybody in it. Go to Shops, then click on the tower. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the search bar, type in the exact guild name, including capitals. Click "Find that Guild!" then click on the guild name that appears. To join, click on the "Join Guild" button in the guild sidebar.

3. If you don't have any idea of a guild for you, here's what you can do (we'll be using Cute City for sheer convenience): Click on Cute City, in the neighbourhood selection. You'll then see a whole list of guild names and guild descriptions. There are many pages of guilds, so if you don't see a guild that you like on one page, why not try another page?

Well, now that you're in a guild, you should begin to benefit from the services that your guild offers? If there are newbie packs, why not register for one? Enter contests, and so on? The things to do are (almost) limitless!

Go on Tombola, Fruit Machine, Coltzan's and all the rest of your free stuff.

Play games, read the news. (Optional!)


Create your own guild, unless you have a lot of good ways to advertise your guild to get some members. Guilds with only one person can get very lonely at times.

Join a guild, get a newbie pack or free offer and then leave. That is very cruel to all guilds and guild members to join a guild for free stuff.

Well, there you have it. Your first five days as a Neopian are finished. I hope you learned a lot about Neopia and Neopets Hopefully, if you did start out being poor, you looked at this guide and aren't poor anymore! This is Ajennsis, signing off.

PS - It's okay to create another pet now, as you probably can afford to maintain a healthy, happy Neopet.

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