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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 49 > Short Stories > Frixx Errant: Trust Your Friends

Frixx Errant: Trust Your Friends

by feniques

SQUIREFRIXX CRINGED AS the sticky swamp mud slopped over his boots and seeped between his toes. He gazed ahead at the seemingly endless Mystery Forest swamp and asked his Eyrie companion, "We're lost, aren't we?"

     The green Grundo squire glanced over at KnightFrixx, who tromped ahead slashing at hanging vines with his Sword of Domar. The blue Eyrie knight wore a strange suit of purple-patched armour and carried only his sword. Seeta the little Alkenore trotted along at his heels, faithfully carrying his pack for him. SquireFrixx leaned down to give Seeta a pat on the head, both in apology for making her carry equipment and in thanks for being such a good sport. She licked his paw in understanding. KnightFrixx shook his feathered head and replied, "Of course we're not lost. We're wandering. Knights and Squires are supposed to wander. It's part of the whole image." He whacked half-heartedly at a nearby Glant.

     SquireFrixx adjusted his heavy backpack and muttered, "Great. So we're not lost, we're just wandering creatively. Remind me again why I'm the one carrying everything?"

     KnightFrixx grinned in the murky darkness. "You're the one who signed up to be the squire, George. You even named yourself after me. I get to do the fighting, you get to carry the equipment."

     "Why me? I'm not the one who packed twenty-seven pairs of Magical Smelly Socks!"

     Her knees wobbling unsteadily under the weight of her pack, Seeta snorted in complete agreement. "Bloaty Feet are worse than death. You'll thank me later, just wait and see," Frixx loftily replied.

     George reached back into his pack and pulled out a Cool Purple Teddy Bear, waving it towards the Eyrie. "The least you could do is carry your own Teddy Bear."

     Frixx ran over to George, grabbed the Bear from the Grundo and stuffed it back into the pack, looking furtively around for anyone who might have seen it. "Don't wave that around! It will ruin my spiffy image!"

     "Spiffy's not the word for it. More like "vinegar". Your armour's starting to smell like olives again."

     Frixx looked down at his purple patched armour and peeled one of the of the olive labels off of the tin metal, leaned his head down and took a big sniff. He wrinkled his beak and glared back at George. "Well, I would have had enough money for real armour if SOMEONE hadn't spent all our Neopoints rolling Spicy Juppie Cheeses down the hill."

     George blushed. "It looked like fun. Besides, olive tins make fine armour" In an effort to change the subject, George waved his antenna to the left, pointing out a treeless area bordered by a large lump of dark vegetation. "Does that look like a path to you?"

     KnightFrixx grinned, a gleam of excitement in his eyes. "Maybe. Think there's an inn over that way? I'd kill for a cup of hot borovan right now."

     "Me, too."

     George pushed aside a hanging vine to let the Eyrie go ahead. Frixx eagerly splashed through the watery puddles and stepped up to the dark lump of vegetation blocking his way. He swung back his Sword of Domar and slashed at the dark lump, chopping right into the dark moss. He almost lost his grip on his sword as the dark plant-like mound jerked sideways and roared.

     Frixx and George scrambled backwards as the lump surged upward. George picked up Seeta and ran behind a nearby Spine Vine, yelling at Frixx to follow. Frixx cursed to himself as he recognised the monstrous mossy mound. Twenty feet tall and stinking of rotten moss, a wounded Swamp Chia was no match for one Eyrie, he thought, knight or no. The Swamp Chia reached out with a plant-like arm towards the frightened Eyrie.

     Frixx scrambled to his feet, but not quickly enough. The Chia grabbed him around the throat. Frixx gasped, choking on the smell of rotten moss. He lifted his sword high enough to slash at the monster, but the Chia snarled and grabbed his sword away.

     "What is your name!" growled the Chia.

     "I... I'm KnightFrixx," the Eyrie stuttered. "Uh…I'm sorry…"

     The Chia shook Frixx, spraying the knight with wet moss as he shouted, "No, your real name! So I can write it on your gravestone after I stomp you into the ground!"

     "Never!" shrieked Frixx. "I'll never tell anyone my real name! I'd die first!" Frixx kicked at the Chia, but only managed to tangle his toenails in the vines.

     "AAAARRRGH! Tell me!" The Chia lifted Frixx off his feet, still clutching the poor Eyrie by the throat, his beak flushed purple from lack of air. He flapped his wings, trying to get leverage, but to no avail. With the last of his air, Frixx gasped out, "George! Help me!"

     Crouching behind the Spine Vine with Seeta, George shook in fear. No weapons, no armour…what could a simple squire do? He watched helplessly as Frixx flailed about in the Chia's grip. Finally, in desperation, George yelled out, "His name is Aloysius!"

     Both the Chia and the Eyrie turn to stare at George for a long, silent moment. The Chia snorted. Its arm shook, and it dropped Frixx to the ground, laughing so hard it couldn't stand up straight. It bent over and put both mossy paws on its slimy knees, laughing. It looked up and caught sight of the stunned Eyrie knight and laughed even harder. "BWAAA HA HA HA HA! Aloysius?" It laughs. "You're named….Aloysius? No wonder you'd rather die!"

     Frixx glared over at George as the Chia sat down and wiped its eyes. "Ah, that was a good one," the Chia said. It reached behind a tree weed for a little notebook, flipped it open, and wrote something down. At their blank looks, the Chia shrugged at George and Frixx. "I collect names. Sometimes it takes a little persuasion to get them, though. Sorry about the choking. But don't worry, your secret's safe with me." The gruesome mossy Chia grinned at them and thudded away, leaving the three adventurers standing in the swamp staring after it.

     Frixx wobbled unsteadily over to George, reaching down a paw to help the Grundo up. The Eyrie put an arm around his friend's shoulders and patted Seeta on the head. "Thanks, you guys." George grinned. "No problem."

     "But Aloysius?" George handed Frixx his purple teddy bear. "Who's going to believe a twenty-foot Swamp Chia? Your secret's safe with me."

     George picked up his pack, put an arm around his friend and his faithful pet, and all three walked towards the edge of the swamp and had a nice cup of hot borovan.

The End

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