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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 49 > Continuing Series > Eternal Spirit: Part Two

Eternal Spirit: Part Two

by bekalou

CHARDIYE HUDDLED IN a crumpled heap, waiting for the Lupes to finish him off. He was so weak and injured by now that he wished that they would be quicker, just to put a miserable end to his miserable life. But the blow never came.

     Chardiye opened one golden eye, and nearly jumped out of his skin. He was floating in mid-air, and the only thing he could see beneath him was vast, endless blackness, dotted with stars. He tried to yell, but his voice was lost in the nothing that surrounded him. He looked up, trying to see where he was, and gasped.

     Above him was a tall, arched, Gothic-like ceiling, evidently of a hall that the shell-shocked Eyrie could not see the end of. He must have been standing on some sort of invisible floor, because the hall appeared as if it had no floor at all. Chardiye stood up.

     "H-hello?" he called shakily.

     A breath of wind floated from the depths of the hall, and Chardiye just caught the euphoric answer, "Come closer, my child."

     Chardiye moved deeper into the shadows of the long hall, not daring to speak. Was he dreaming?

     "I understand that you have found yourself in a bit of trouble in the past, my dear," lilted the voice, "But you still found a way to believe in me. I am grateful. Long has it been since I have had anyone so faithful to my story to come up and have a talk with me..."

     "Alurula," Chardiye whispered.

     "Yes," the voice answered in mellow joy, "I have seen the corruption of the Neopian society, and I was afraid that I might be forgotten-"

     "I never forgot you!" Chardiye cried into the empty hall, "I always remembered! I always hoped that I would meet you someday!"

     It was a while before the voice of Alurula spoke again. When it did, it sounded warm and comforting.

     "You, then Chardiye, have chosen the one question you wish to ask me?"

     "Yes. I wanted to ask you..." Chardiye swallowed hard, "Where can I find the Amulet of Eternal Spirit?"

     Alurula was silent again. Then--

     "The Amulet lies in the hearts of all who live on Neopia. Since it was taken from its plinth, by greed and evil, it cannot be found by searching any land. Only when those who stole it are ready to return it, the corruption of the world which you live in will not lift. It can only be sought by looking deep."

     Chardiye was contemplating this unexpected answer when Alurula continued, "But the Amulet itself lies in my possession. The physical thing was created when the Faeries came together and formed Neopia. It is the resemblance of the true Amulet. Inside of the sacred artifact a flame burns, a flame that will go out if the hearts of too many Neopians turn cold. When the flame burns out, only when the Neopians' hearts turn right again will it reignite. Just a short time ago, I witnessed the flame that burns within it go out."

     "Can the flame be rekindled, Alurula?" cried Chardiye.

     "I am sorry," said the melodious voice sadly, "I can only answer one question..."

     Chardiye looked down at his feet sadly.

     "Oh, young one," said Alurula's whimsical voice, "Don't dismay. It has been so long since I have had any visitors at all. I do wish I could answer all of your questions, but some things you are too young to understand. But whenever a faithful pet comes to me with his woes, I always provide him with a tiny piece of myself to guide them."

     Chardiye looked up, stunned. A warmth unlike any kind the Eyrie had felt before seemed to surround him. He imagined it must feel just like a mother's embrace.

     "Could I just stay here with you, Alurula?" Chardiye blurted out, tears welling up in his golden eyes again, "Must I leave here?"

     "Chardiye," the voice said, a stern note mixed in with the loving tone, "Do not forget what you have come here for. Lonely am I only when none in the world of Neopia are faithful to me. Without the care from any Neopian, I would cease to exist. For that I am thankful to you. But if you stay here with me, you would become just like me, and I do not want that for you, Chardiye. Although you might not see me, I will always be right beside you."

     Both of them were silent for a time, and then Chardiye voiced something that he had been wondering ever since he had read the legend of Alurula.

     "What do you look like, Alurula?"

     Alurula hesitated.

     "My true form is too great for your mortal eyes to see," she said finally, "But it is not wrong for you to wonder. Why not? I will show you a more subtle form of myself than the real thing. Watch very carefully, Chardiye."

     Chardiye stared hard into the darkness before him. It happened very suddenly. There was a flash of white light and Chardiye could see, for a brief instant, the shape of a girl with long, golden hair and bright green eyes. She was dressed in a flowing white gown. The girl had a very serious look on her pale face, but as their eyes met, Chardiye felt as if his life had been completed.

     "Goodbye, Chardiye," the girl that was Alurula said softly to him. She put her hand to her lips and blew the green Eyrie a kiss, and the magnificent hall, the girl and the stars below disappeared once more.


Chardiye opened his eyes. He was sitting in the middle of the field outside of Neopia Central, just where he had been when the Lupes had attacked him and he had cried out to Alurula. He couldn't see the Lupes anywhere, though.

     He sat there, stunned, with a feeling of unreality closing in on him. The face of the beautiful girl would be imprinted on his mind forever, and her words echoed in his head as if she had shouted them just moments before. He looked down at the ground, saddened by the fact that he would never see Alurula again. He gasped.

     Around his neck was something he had never seen before. A small, round charm encrusted with jewels hung from a thin gold chain. Chardiye held it to his face, taking in every aspect of the treasure. On the front of the emblem was a single word:


To be continued...

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