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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 49 > Continuing Series > The Chosen One: Part Three

The Chosen One: Part Three

by faerieneggs4u

"WAHOO SHOYRETTANI, YOU are da bomb! Woooo!" screamed Shoyrittik. Shoyrittan and Shoyrianta were hugging each other, jumping up and down. Shoyraitti was looking sulkily on.

     "One-hundredth straight sparring victory!" shouted Shoyrettani as she was lifted into the air by her admirers. Her opponent, a dim-witted Faerie Grundo, looked evilly at her. She seemed to be plotting revenge. Sulking away from the cheering crowd, she walked to the courtyard and sat down with a sigh.

     "You seem to have a lot on your mind." The Faerie Grundo jumped. She then saw that a Halloween Kougra was sitting across from her.

     "You don't go to this school, do you?" the Faerie Grundo asked.

     "I'm thinking about it," replied the Halloween Kougra. "Do you happen to know a Starry Shoyru named Shoyrettani? I hear she's a great fighter, and I'd love to meet her."

     "She's not that great," grumbled the Grundo.

     "Oh, what's--" began the Kougra, but was quickly cut off.

     "Grutinadi? Are you here?" asked a voice. The Kougra muttered, "Drat," and melted into the shadows, just as a Starry Shoyru came out.

     "Grutinadi?" asked Shoyrettani.

     "Whadda you want?" growled Grutinadi, turning her back to the Shoyru.

     "I want to say I'm sorry. I didn't realise I hurt your feelings, and I want to give you this," Shoyrettani replied, holding out a wrapped item. The Grundo suspiciously took it, unwrapped it, and gasped. It was an extremely expensive Malice Potion! She looked at Shoyrettani, tears in her eyes.

     "I just ran out and bought it with the last of my allowance," Shoyrettani said. "No hard feelings?"

     "None," agreed Grutinadi. They hugged and then Shoyrettani jumped up.

     "Want me to teach you some strategies?" Shoyrettani asked. "I don't do that with everyone I defeat you know, or I'd have no time to train."

     "You bet!" shouted the Grundo excitedly.

     Drat! I thought we had them! Oooh, I'll get her someday if it's the last thing I do, thought the Halloween Kougra. She sulked away in the shadows.


"So, you mainly go on the offensive?" asked Grutinadi a few hours later.

     "Unless my opponent is stronger than me. Then I go on the defensive. Limited offence, big time defence. I use my defensive ability, Shoyru Hover, one defensive item, and one attack item. That Malice Potion would be extremely useful. It's terribly strong, and can cause tons of damage to almost any creature, Light or Dark," Shoyrettani advised. "Another thing to help is to feed the noggin. Read lots of books. They increase your ability to problem-solve, and help you be able to switch strategies in the middle of a battle to trip up your opponent. I use several strategies in my real battles, tripping up my opponents by randomly switching between them."

     "Wow. I guess I have a lot to learn," Grutinadi said. Then she screamed.

     "Whoa, what?" Shoyrettani looked around, and then gasped. The Shadow Usul was standing right behind them.

     "Shoyrettani… How pleasant it is to finally meet you face-to-face. We weren't exactly face-to-face when you stole my lunch." The Shadow Usul's red eyes flashed, and Grutinadi screamed and froze into a solid block of ice.

     "WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!?" Shoyrettani screamed. "YOU COWARD!"

     "Coward, am I? I seem to remember in our first encounter, you were the one who ran away," the Shadow Usul said casually, buffing up her claws with her icy breath. Shoyrettani's hair began to stand on end from anger, and she began to hiss and spit like an angry cat.

     "Shoyrettani, you okay? It sounds like your having a fit of some sort." The door began to creak open.

     "Don't come in! The Shadow Usul's here, get the Master!" Shoyrettani screamed at Shoyrianta as the door swung open. She began to run away, but the Shadow Usul froze her before she could take two steps. Shoyrettani now turned to the Shadow Usul, eyes red with anger, lightning and dark clouds gathering outside, and lightning flashing around her. Her birthmark, a diamond in between her eyes grew brighter and whiter. Finally, it became a real diamond imbedded in her skin.

     "No. No... this cannot be. No!" screamed the Shadow Usul. Shoyrettani's power was still growing, however. The floor beneath her began to crack, and she heard screams from below. Realising what was happening, Shoyrettani floated into the air.

     "It's time to make you pay," she growled. The Shadow Usul fled, leaving her frozen victims behind. Once she was off the Training School grounds, her victims thawed. Shoyrettani calmed down and returned to normal.

     "Wha-what happened? Where's the Shadow Usul?" asked Grutinadi. Shoyrianta nodded.

     "I'd like to know that too," she said.

     "Ummm… Would you believe that the Shadow Usul fled from me?" Shoyrettani asked. The two Neopets looked puzzled.

     "Shoyrettani. Always showing off her stuff." Shoyraitti came out of the shadows. "Pity the Shadow Usul was so scared, you could really show off if you beat her up."

     "Hey! What happened to the floor?" Shoyrianta asked.

     "The quote-on-quote 'Battledome Queen' here cracked it with some sort of supernatural thingy. That birthmark is now a real diamond too, in case you were going to ask," Shoyraitti sneered. "I'm off to dinner, I'll see you suckers later."

     "Wait up! I'm starving!"


"Her… power… It's… incredible!" gasped the Shadow Usul. "She… She's the… the… the…"

     "The what?" demanded Count von Roo.

     "The… Chosen One… the Legendary Fighter… It was… It was a fluke that the Chia Clown won the one time, she's… She's invincible! Nothing can… Nothing can stop her when she sets her mind to defeating someone, unless… Unless they run away. She… She could take over Neopia if… If she wanted, but she… She won't, she's too pure-hearted."

     "No! The Chosen One isn't due to arrive until Year 4!" yelled Balthazar.

     "Um, this is Year 4," said the Spider Grundo.

"Oh! Never mind me, then!" said Balthazar, clearly embarrassed.

     "What does the Prophecy say about her weakness?" the Pant Devil asked.

     "The only way to make her as weak as any Shoyru is to take the Diamond off her. That is, if it is right, and if we can get that close to her," Balthazar said.

     "We'll attack her when she's sleeping then!" said Meuka eagerly.

     "You can't Meuka, you haven't challenged her yet," the Ghost Lupe said. "I can however, since I never challenge Neopets."

     "No fair! I don't wanna be left out!" Meuka cried.

     "Then we'll wait until you can challenge her."


Several days later, Shoyrittik came down with the NeoFlu. Meuka challenged Shoyrettani and she began to worry for the first time in her life. She asked the Techo Master for bodyguards, which he supplied because word had spread of Shoyrettani's legendary stature. He did not want his favourite, most loyal pupil to be injured in her sleep, as Shoyrettani had told him of the meeting she had a premonition of.

     "Make way for Shoyrettani, the Legendary Fighter. Make way for Shoyrettani, the Chosen-"

     "Shut up! I don't want that kind of attention, just stop anyone from hurting me. You don't need to make way for anybody," Shoyrettani snapped.

     "Sorry, Ms. Chosen One," sneered the bodyguard, a new student Halloween Kougra named Kougrittono.

     "That's it, you're fired," snapped Shoyrettani. All of a sudden, Kougrittono launched herself at Shoyrettani, who nimbly stepped aside.

     "You wanna fight, huh? Well, let's go to the sparring grounds then," Shoyrettani said casually, flicking a bug off her shirt. Other Neopets around them were screaming things like "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" and "Go get 'em Shoyrettani!" and "You show 'em how it's done, girl!" Shoyrettani smiled.

     The Kougra spat out a mouthful of dirt, glaring at Shoyrettani. Shoyrettani squared her shoulders and prepared for a fight, not for the Kougra to go peacefully to the sparring grounds. Sure enough, the Kougra launched himself at Shoyrettani, who knocked him down easily. Then she felt her power being drained. She looked and saw that the Kougra had gotten her diamond.

     Focus. Focus, Shoyrettani thought. She felt a warmth spread over her body and a stabbing pain on her forehead. Creatures around her gasped as she "regrew" her Diamond, and regained her power. The Halloween Kougra looked dumbfounded.

     "Bu-but the Prophecy never said…" His voice trailed off.

     "You didn't expect the Prophecy to tell you Evil creatures everything, did you?" Shoyrettani sneered. "It knows who's reading it, and it changes depending on how pure someone's heart is. I read the Prophecy myself, for pleasure reading, as I didn't know I was the Chosen One back then. I learned that little trick from it."

     "No. No!" screamed the Kougra as Shoyrettani came closer. "Please, please don't kill me!"

     "Kill you?" Shoyrettani asked, puzzled. "I'm not going to kill you, I going to turn you over to the Pteri Police. Faerie is part of that Police Force. She'll make sure you get your just desserts."

The End

Now nobody dares cross my Shoyrettani. She's the toughest little mujer out there, and she never gives up on her goals.

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