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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 49 > New Series > The Shoyru Theft: Part One

The Shoyru Theft: Part One

by silvaskulltula

SIRENS WERE BLARING at full power, search lights swept the area. Dozens of Shoyrus combed the facility frantically searching for the intruders. "They couldn't have gotten too far, men. They must still be here, spread out," instructed a silver Shoyru. His name was Darinio, and he was larger than the other Shoyrus, by at least a foot. The thing about that was, the others were of average height.

     "Sir, we have isolated each sector," reported a shadow Shoyru. Darinio smiled, knowing that the thieves could no longer escape his grasp. "What are you waiting for, you oaf! Activate the scanners!" he bellowed, realising the shadow Shoyru was still in his presence. Speeding away, he zoomed down the hall and around a corner. Turning on his communicator, the bulky, metallic Shoyru awaited the results.

     Waiting in the hall for over five minutes, Darinio demanded they tell him where the criminals were. "ZZzzt..." the com device buzzed, "We have a heat lock in Sector Alpha-06. Can't get a visual, sir. The cameras are down for some reason. Requesting permission to strike the targets with the automated frost cannons."

     Darinio practically screamed into the speaker, "Are you crazy?? The gunfire would damage the item!" Thinking for a little bit, Darinio came to a decision, though he hadn't been thinking for too long. "I'm going in myself!" he announced as he flew post-haste towards Sector Alpha-06.


"All right, open the doors," Darinio commanded. The thick steel doors creaked as they slowly opened, and did so again as they closed upon the Shoyru. Though it was normally dimly lit, the lights were off completely, which was tolerable since the constant splash of red illuminated the area, with only brief periods of darkness.

     Surveying the area, which turned out to be one gigantic room, Darinio noticed something odd. There were usually large boxes full of equipment in the corner, but they were nowhere to be seen. Thinking something was dreadfully wrong, he contacted the main control room.

     "Darinio... something definitely isn't right here. We've almost all power. The cannons are down, and the scanners are too. We have no way of locating the culprits. But they still have to be in there."

     "Roger," Darinio responded, unfazed by the news, much to the surprise of his somewhat cowardly crew. Out of nowhere, giggles erupted. Hearing echoes of the laughing, Darinio could not be sure of their point of origin. Looking about him, he could not seem to find them. "Up here, silly!" said a high-pitched voice, stifling another giggle. He looked up to see two purple glows, which seemed to be holding... the boxes of equipment! Before he could react, the two unloaded their cargo upon Darinio, who was then forced to the ground beneath his feet in an instant. Flying around in a crazed manner, the two enigmas giggled and chattered about. After they waited a few moments, to wait and see if he could get up, the two blew a hole in the southern wall, and flew out into the night sky.

     The thieves hadn't counted on one thing, and that was the fact Darinio was as strong as he looked, if not even stronger. Lifting the boxes off of him, the Shoyru shakily climbed to his feet, got a running start, then jumped up and flew off through the freshly-created hole. Because of their physically visible energy exertion, the intruders offered an easy chase. On top of that, with his speed, it appeared Darinio was closing in on them. Unfortunately though, they were a bit ahead of the Shoyru.

     The base from which the three were heading from was covered by water on all sides, for many miles in each direction. The water beneath them rippled and parted, for they were flying fairly close to it, just above it actually, not to mention the fact they were going extremely fast.

     Now Darinio was getting rather close to them, but the three of them were heading into an expansive city. He knew he had to catch them now or he may lose his chance. Straining himself, he tried desperately to make himself go faster. They could not get away with that which they had stolen. They could not.

     Despite his strenuous efforts, he could not accomplish his task before they reached the city. Taking the first sharp turn, the two arcane beings disappeared from his view, but only for a moment, as he was biting at their heels.

     "Rilora, we have to do something!" cried one of them to the other.

     They turned left, they turned right, they performed aerial acrobatics seen nowhere else. Yet no matter what they did, be it U-turns or anything else, the two could not seem to shake him. In an act of desperation, the two thieves began collecting energy as they sped away from the silver Neopet.

     When they considered what they had collected sufficient enough, they made two sharp lefts at their fastest possible. They then stopped, did an about-face, and waited for Darinio, which wasn't long. As soon as they saw him they blasted in unison, and the combined strength overwhelmed Darinio, who was caught off guard in the first place. They knew their trickery would not give them much time, but hopefully time enough in order to plan their escape. Diving in and out of alleys and streets, they searched for the means to rid themselves of this annoyance.

     Up ahead, they saw a construction site. At maximum speed, the two set to work. One positioned things this way and that, while the other started to rapidly gnaw on a metal chain, which gave way easier than you'd imagine. When all was set up, they waited for their stalker.

     "Over here, loser!" a shrill voice taunted. Greatly angered by this, Darinio rushed towards them at top speed, with a flame in his eyes. The one farther away released the chain it had chewed apart. Then it took a parcel twice as big as it was and jetted away. The other remained; it wanted to see the silver Shoyru taken down once and for all. Unfortunately for it, the calculations were off, and it missed Darinio. Instead, the purple light was struck by an enormous bar of metal. Shrieking in pain, it was sent careening into the side of a building, whereupon it fell onto the street below.

     Landing nearby, the Shoyru slowly approached - there was a chance it would lash out at him - the fading light. It appeared to be helpless, so he picked up his pace. Closely examining it, he could see what it was. A Dark Faerie! "Uhh...." she groaned. Grabbing her, Darinio interrogated her.

     "I'd go after your friend, but she's gotten away. So, I think you'll help me find her," he explained, his countenance stoic. But he could tell she was getting weaker, as indicated by the dimming of her light. "Tell me!" he ordered, and she began to clear her throat. "Rilor... a," she managed. She then began to vanish, giggling the whole time. Then, she was no longer there... she had disappeared into thin air! There was no way she was finished, not like that. With a huge sigh, Darinio made his way to the local police station.


"Hehe and I bet those stupid Shoyrus fell for it!" exclaimed an ecstatic Rilora as she unsheathed what they went to all that trouble to steal. A light shone appeared as the bundle was opened. She quickly took it out of the bag, and held it up high, symbolising their triumph. "So what is it again, Rilora?" asked her partner. Shaking her head, Rilora said, "How many times do I have to tell you, Tieli? It's the mystical Shoyru Stone! Ever since anyone can remember, this stone's existence has been integral to their culture. Think of all the Neopoints we can make with this baby!"

     Tieli nodded along with her friend, then abruptly asked, "Can we change back now? This is sooo boring, pretending to be Dark Faeries!" Rilora consented, and the two shed their false visages. The dark colours faded... their hair grew out, into a golden blonde. Their eyes reverted back to blue, as did their clothing. They once again appeared as innocent Air Faeries.


Darinio stopped in front of the police station. Over ten stories high, it was far from the smallest in Neopia. After marveling its size for a brief moment, he entered the glass and chrome doors. Once inside he looked for the actual police, but all he could find were rooms and rooms filled with people waiting around for something. Approaching a blue Quiggle, Darinio asked her why everyone in every room was waiting.

     "Oh, don't you know? The first two floors of the station are one big waiting area. You see those yellow lines on the walls? They indicate where you sit next." The Shoyru looked about him and saw tons of little yellow arrows, which must have been a pain to paint. The Quiggle continued, "When the person at the beginning of the line gets up to speak with the authorities, everyone gets up and moves over one."

     Completely stunned by this, Darinio asked, "You mean I have to wait at the end of the line?! That would take hours, if not days!" Turning around, Darinio ran toward the exit. All of a sudden he saw a dark arm cross his path. His eyes led him to what it was connected to, which was a shadow Shoyru in a trench coat and hat.

     Seeing that the large silver Shoyru was puzzled as to why he would stop him, he started speaking. In a secretive tone, the shadow Shoyru said, "Follow me." The two then departed from the building and snuck into an alley nearby.

     Darinio, curious to know what the meaning of his being stopped was, and asked, "Who are you?" The shadow Shoyru tipped his hat and said, "The name's Tenshinoyume, Tenshi for short. I think I can help you out, my friend. Follow me, please." And with that Tenshi fluttered his shadowy wings and flew up high over the city. Darinio did the same, with a slight hesitation.

To be continued...

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