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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 49 > Short Stories > Agent Magnolia and the New Faerie Queen

Agent Magnolia and the New Faerie Queen

by peachifruit

"COME ON, SYS-OP! You're going to keep us late!" Agent_Magnolia the red Aisha screamed as she ran through the streets of Faerie City. The time was currently 11:55 A.M. NST, and Magnolia had a due library book to the Faerieland National Library in five minutes.

     "You REALLY ought to keep track of the date, Mag!" Sys-op called, yards behind. "I mean, what would you do if I weren't here to tell you what time it was?" Magnolia looked down; it was right. Earlier that day, Sys-op's warning was the only thing that got her to Faerieland on time.

     Magnolia looked up. The library was straight ahead. Sys-op flew ahead of her and pulled the door open as Magnolia ran through into the building and to the front desk. Magnolia pulled the book from her purse and set it on the counter in front of the startled librarian, a spotted Blumaroo. "I... came..." she started, panting. "Here to... return... book..."

     "And it's just in time." The librarian smiled. "11:59."

     "Um... thanks... err..."

     "Funame, (Foo-nah-may,)" the librarian replied, pointing to her nametag as she put the book under the counter. The clock's bell sounded.

     "Mag," Sys-op whispered. "It's noon."

     "Oh NO! Funame, I have to go!" Magnolia grasped Sys-op's tail and dragged her out of the library frantically. Upon leaving Faerie City, she headed straight for Neopia Central. "I'm going to be late," she said to herself.

N.P.I.A. Headquarters
     Magnolia silently walked down the hallway to her office, trying to attract as little attention as possible. Reaching the fifth room on the hallway, she cracked the door ajar, slid in and shut it quickly. Facing the door, she sighed.

     "What a pleasant surprise."

     Magnolia whirled around to face a very irritated looking Chief and a very angry looking Natalie. "Oh, it's only thirty minutes!" Magnolia cried, throwing her paws into the air. "Give me a break!"

     "What were you doing?" Natalie asked.

     "We had to return a near-late library book to Faerieland," Sys-op explained. "Why, do we have a case?"

     "Actually, yes, you do," replied Chief. "The client this time isn't exactly a client. You see, last night, two individuals broke into the Faerie Castle. The Faerie Queen is in Sakhmet meeting with government officials, so she wasn't present. The other Faeries, however, were imprisoned in the Castle's dungeon, and presently, no one in the city is allowed inside."

     "How will we get in, then?" Magnolia asked.

     "I'm glad you asked. The two culprits are currently remodeling the castle, bringing in their new furniture and art to put inside. I think that it would be best for you three to dress up as statues to be brought into the castle."

     "Wouldn't they know if we were statues that they wanted in the castle or not?" Natalie inquired.

     "I don't know," was Chief's reply. "Just try to act inconspicuous, okay?"

     Magnolia sighed. "You don't pay me enough for this job, Chief."

Faerie City
      "Magnolia! Stand still, will you?"

     "I'm trying!" Magnolia cried as Natalie dipped a small brush in a bucket of gray paint. "If you used a bigger brush, maybe you'd get the job done faster!"

     "Bigger? I'd miss details that way!" Natalie had already been painted a marble-like gray by Magnolia, and was now wearing a long, gray dress to match. This job had been completed in a mere half-hour, but painting a squirming Magnolia was a much more difficult task. "Why won't you just stand still?" Natalie inquired, turning around to paint Magnolia's ear.

     "I don't quite know," Magnolia answered, wincing at the touch of cold paint.

     "No more visits to the Coffee Shop for you, Magnolia. There-done!" Magnolia sighed as she stood in the mirror. She looked like a NeoHome garden statue, wearing solid, stone-like wings and a long dress and bearing a cracked vase. Sys-op sat on her head.

     "Well, that looks convincing. Come on, let's wait outside the castle, and they'll probably take us inside," Natalie suggested.

     "I don't know..." Magnolia started.

     "You'll be fine. No one will notice," Natalie interrupted.

     Magnolia and Natalie went outside the gates of the Faerie castle and held a statuesque pose similar to those of the other statues. Not long after, they were carried into the castle by two yellow Skeiths and set down in a large circular room. The room was nicely furnished with flowerpots, paintings, and an array of bookshelves. Magnolia sighed and sat down as the Skeiths left.

     "Great! Just great!" Magnolia fumed.

     "What, Mag?" Sys-op asked.

     "I forgot my pose!" The Aisha cried. "Was it this?" she asked herself, striking a dramatic pose. "No--this... that's not right... no--"

     "Mag, someone's coming!" Magnolia bolted upright and struck a random pose.

     Suddenly, the door flew open. A yellow Eyrie with red, curled hair, standing upright, walked into the room. She wore a long, red dress, and bore a fan. 'How strange,' Magnolia thought to herself. 'I've never seen an Eyrie like that before. This must be one of the culprits, but whom else?'

     "Well, this isn't right," the Eyrie said to herself. "That statue should be over... oh... EN GUARDE! GET IN HERE!"

     There was the loud sound of porcelain breaking, and suddenly, a fully-grown green Krawk raced in the room. "What?" he asked, panting. "And don't yell like that! You nearly gave me a heart attack!"

     "Quit complaining, En Guarde. Now, look at this statue." The Eyrie pointed straight at Magnolia, who gulped.

     "What about it?" En Guarde asked.

     "It's in the wrong spot-this one, too." The Eyrie pointed at Natalie. "Move this one to the right a little."

     En Guarde pushed Magnolia to the Eyrie's right, and Magnolia was forced to move her feet. Surprised by this sudden movement, En Guarde looked down. Magnolia held her pose.

     "This statue is acting strangely, Camella," En Guarde concluded.

     "What? You idiot; statues can't move!" cried the Eyrie, now identified as Camella.

     "Okay, if you say so. Here?"

     "Much better! Okay, let's go get the next ones."

     "No thanks," En Guarde started. "I'll stay here and watch these two." Magnolia swallowed hard.

     'He's on to me,' Magnolia thought. 'Oh, Mag, you've gone and done it--how will you get out of this one?'

     "Okay, if you want." Camella left the room, leaving En Guarde behind. The next five minutes for Magnolia were of silence and anxiety. En Guarde wasn't exactly finding out what he wanted to. He stood up and left the room.

     Magnolia sighed and her pose fell. En Guarde came back and Magnolia struck another random one, different from before.

     "That wasn't the last pose you had," he observed.

     "Oh," Magnolia replied, knowing that pretending to be a statue wouldn't work anymore. Magnolia ran past En Guarde, through the door and down the hallway.

     Camella sauntered down the hallway of the castle, carrying a tall pile of glass pots. Dropping them all in shock with a loud crash, she cried out, "HEY! That's that statue!" Camella turned to two Skeith guards behind her.

     A long silence followed.

     "Don't just STAND there! FOLLOW HER!" She cried, throwing her hands up in rage. "And get me a broom!"

     Natalie followed close behind Magnolia and Sys-op, panting as she ran. "MAGNOLIA!" she cried. "You just left me back there!"

     "Sorry! I had to! I couldn't tell you that I was leaving!" Magnolia replied, turning around a corner. "Excuse me!" Magnolia ran underneath two Kyrii carrying a large statue. Needless to say, they dropped it.

     Turning another corner, Magnolia didn't notice that a rug had been pulled up. Needless to say, she tripped on it.

A minute later...

     "Well, Magnolia... any other plans?"

     Magnolia was tied to a wall in the throne room along with Natalie and Sys-op. "I'll take that as a 'no,'" Sys-op told Magnolia.

     "Be quiet."

     "So, that was all it took," Camella sighed. "I should have thought of this plan AGES ago."

     "You were probably dissuaded by your past failures," En Guarde replied.

     "Whose side are you on, anyway?" Camella looked away. "Oh, well. The furnishings should be just about in now. Come on, En--"

     Suddenly, the sound of an airplane could be heard. "Oh, that must be the Faerie Queen. Back from Sakhmet, no doubt." Camella said to herself. "No matter. En Guarde, bring me plan B."

     "What plan B?"

     "The one that tells me what to do when the Faerie Queen comes back."

     "Um... hold on a second." En Guarde looked through a file cabinet. "Hmm.... there isn't any."

     "Come again?" Camella asked in disbelief.

     "There is no plan B."

     "You mean I didn't prepare for this?" Camella shrieked. "But--there HAS to be a plan!" The door swung open, and the Faerie Queen Fyora, in all her regal beauty, stepped in.

     Beauty was quickly spoiled.

     "What on Neopia--who are all these people?" she asked. The Queen sighed. "How many times do I have to explain that there are no tours while I'm away on buisine--EEK!"

     The Queen stared blankly at the room. All of the furnishings she had carefully placed in it were missing and replaced. "Who DID all of this? Where did everything GO?" she fumed, crossing her arms. Her stare was finally placed on Camella.

     "Um... I didn't do it," Camella tried to explain.

     "I never invited you into my castle!"


     "Ha!" Magnolia cried. "Look's like you're in a pickle!"

     "What are YOU laughing at?" The Faerie Queen inquired. "I never invited YOU into my castle either!"

     Magnolia paused. "Oh. Sys-op," Magnolia said, looking down at her Kadoatie.


     "Say good night."

N.P.I.A. Headquarters, Weeks Later
"Investigators report that the two culprits went by the names of Camella and En Guarde. When Queen Fyora returned, things got out of hand. All five of the intruders were sent straight to NeoIntensive Care after Her Highness allegedly went into a rage. Two Aishas and a Kadoatie emerged from the NeoHospital and are now continuing their lives normally. As for the other two... well... they're still in the NeoHospital. This is Akiko Hashimara for NTV news, back to you in the newsroom--"

     Magnolia turned the television off abruptly, turning her attention to Chief.

     "You REALLY don't pay me enough for this job, Chief."

The End

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