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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 48 > New Series > Follow the Stars: An Aisha's Story - Part One

Follow the Stars: An Aisha's Story - Part One

by muas

An Aisha is Born

I NEVER WAS very graceful or serene, though you often hear of Aishas' elegance. In fact, when I was first created, I was afraid I would be sent right back to where I came from, I caused so much havoc. I had nothing to be afraid of, though those first few days were, indeed, scary. I am writing this many years after those first incidents, and I have grown; my writing skills have improved from what would doubtlessly be an intelligible mess had I written this then. Nevertheless, I write truthfully. This is the story of my life.

        The first thing that I remember is being on a soft bed just my size. I was very young, but I was alert, and paying attention to everything. The wall was directly ahead of me, and I could hear through it. (That is, at least, one thing I have in common with other Aishas.)

        A female voice on the other side was saying, "Let me see. An Aisha... female... yellow. But what shall I name her?" She tried out a few names, but apparently they had all been taken. Finally, she said, "Muasaum," and such an unusual name wasn't in use. After she verified she wanted a female, yellow Aisha named Muasaum, I heard a door opening to my left.

        This was the first time I looked around, and I suddenly realised I was not alone. There were other Aishas in this room, my age, all on soft beds like myself. I was in a group of other yellow Aishas under a sign saying 'female'. Other, 'male' yellow Aishas were to our right, and Aishas of other colours were scattered around us. I was momentarily mesmerised by this sight and didn't notice that a strange-looking creature had entered the room.

        I did notice, though, when he stopped right in front of me and stared right into my eyes. He was large, with a long trunk he used for a mouth, and a strange jewel in the middle of his forehead. Of course, as I later learned, he was an Elephante, but I did not know it at the time. All I knew then was that he was a scary thing different from anything I knew.

        So, as is the normal reaction of yellow Aishas when faced with this type of ordeal, I meowed, louder and louder. "Don't cry," he said, which did little to keep me quiet. "Come on, you're going home soon!"

        I gulped. What did he mean, home?

        He picked up a blanket and then wrapped me in it. I was almost completely engulfed--I could barely see--but what I could see looked confusing. More creatures of every shape and size, and a few that resembled myself, walked through the halls on apparently urgent business. A few carried bundles in which baby Neopets like myself were cradled, just as confused as I was.

        He kicked a door open with his foot and we were in another room--the Lobby. Standing by a desk was a teenage girl with brown hair and blue eyes, and around her were what I later knew to be a Tyrannian Elephante, a Checkered Gelert, and a White Lupe. My siblings. I stared, quietly, at them, and they stared back. He handed me to the girl.

        "And here is your 50 Neopoints," said the Elephante, handing over a sack. She took it in her free hand and tucked it in the blanket next to me, while I continued to stare. Then, with the pets trailing behind, she led them outside.

        She sat down on a bench and then set me down on the ground for the first time in my short life. I gazed around, looked into everyone's face for a few moments, and then grinned widely. I suppose I must have liked what I saw, and they liked my smile. Everyone grinned back.

        "Your name is Muasaum," she said to me, and I nodded, but still did not say a word; I was assessing the situation. "I am Muas." Then, she pointed to each pet and said their name. The Tyrannian Elephante was Juega, my new sister; the Gelert and Lupe were Klaue and Reizend respectively, my brothers. Klaue, I later learned, was quite used to new arrivals, but it was quite new for Reizend and especially Juega, the youngest.

        As they talked to me, I began to feel safer and more inclined to talk. And boy, did I talk! I was extremely hyper in those days. I talked so fast, Reizend had a hard time following me, and none of them could give me answers quickly enough. But in those few minutes, I learned that I was the newest pet, that we were pretty well-off, and that I was really, really hungry.

        I also managed to accidentally scratch Klaue's nose, shred a bit of Juega's fur, knock over a passing Blumaroo, bonk my head on the bench, and almost causing a riot on the streets. Muas just laughed, and apologised to the people I injured. Then we headed for the closest food shop, while I was delegated to waiting outside.

        I waited quietly, trying not to make any more moves or cause any more havoc, until they emerged. Reizend carried sweets; Klaue, vegetables; Juega, meat; and Muas, an assortment. I sampled each, and it was from Muas' choices that I found my favourite food, the omelette. I adored it; Muas laughed and said she was happy to give me all the omelettes I could stomach.

        As I ate, Klaue teased me with stories of mutant pets and the Pant Devil until I almost began to cry; than Muas said, "That's enough, Klaue."

        Juega suddenly realised she had to do something, called a "Lab Ray". I didn't know what she was talking about, so I asked Muas after she had left. She patiently explained that the Lab Ray was a machine that could change a pet's stats, level, colour, species, or even gender. Muas had spent lots of NP going to the Ray and Juega had volunteered to be what some Neopians refer to as a "guinea pig". This caught my imagination, and I asked eagerly, "Could I go to the Ray tomorrow? Just to try? Please?"

        Just as Muas was going to reply, an Elephante came lumbering up. This pet was a strange colour: purple on one side, and orange on the other. "Yes?" asked Reizend politely. "What do you need?"

        At this, the Elephante promptly burst into tears. "Don't you recognise me?" it cried. "I'm your sister! Juega! Oh, look at what the Lab Ray has done to me!"

        We looked. We tried to stifle giggles. We attempted to console her. But there was no way to do so; she hated her Split look. She insisted it made her look ugly and that it just was not right for Elephantes. And yet, she further demanded that Muas not buy a paint brush to change her back, because "what if the Lab Ray just does it again tomorrow?" Muas conceded her point.

        Then, Muas asked me, "Do you still want to do the Lab Ray, knowing it can change you into a colour you may not like?"

        I was undeterred by Juega's plight and said, "Yes! Of course! I would love to. I mean, this only happened just this once, right? What if something really good happens? Or if I get painted Faerie, or Robot?" (During Juega's absence and Muas' quick tutorial on the Lab Ray, Klaue and Reizend had shown me what Robot and Faerie pets looked like.)

        Muas finally consented to letting me try it; I would be willing to bet all my Neopoints that she did so just to stop me from annoying her further. With that settled, we headed home, Juega occasionally sniffling over the loss of her beloved Tyrannian coat.

        When we got home, after looking over the nice, cozy Mystery Island cottage, I asked to be excused so I could explore. Since no one else wanted to come with me, I headed into the twilight to play by myself. I discovered that Muas had a nice garden and green grass growing; I amused myself looking at the flowers for a bit. When I looked up from this, I saw a blue, plump figure moving stealthily past our yard.

        "Hey!" I called, hoping maybe this person could be a new friend.

        It froze, turned, and I saw gleaming eyes. I realised that this was the Pant Devil Klaue spoke of. "Hello there, young pet," he said, with a twisted grin. "You certainly have very good eyes, don't you? Listen." His voice turned from sugary sweet to tough as nails. "I'm on the run from, well, the law, if you know what I mean. You probably don't. But, you've seen me. Listen, I'll give you a toy if you promise not to tell anyone you saw me."

        I was almost frozen on spot, but I managed to nod. "Okay, I promise," I said, more to get him away than to get a toy.

        He grinned, reached in his sack, and pulled out a soft plushie. He tossed it to me, and I caught it easily. By the time I looked up again, only wind remained where he had been.

        Without even examining the plushie or playing with it, I ran back inside. "The, the, the pant devil!" I cried. "He was out there!"

        "Klaue, were you teasing her again?" asked Muas with a glare at the Gelert, who shook his head innocently.

        "No! He wasn't! I actually saw the Pant Devil out there!" I cried, angry with Muas for disbelieving me.

        "Wait, Muasaum," said Juega, from the corner. "What's that in your paws?"

        I looked down and saw, for the first time, what type of Plushie it was: a purple Poogle. And it seemed to glow around the edges, an odd effect that had me mesmerised I almost didn't react when Juega came plowing into me, knocking me down and holding the plushie between her massive feet.

        "Wha? Juega, what--" I tried to say, but I was stopped by what happened next. She was holding the Plushie, as I said, and moved it from foot to foot. Then she seemed to glow--the same glow the Plushie had moments earlier--and got... smaller. Yes, I saw her shrink before my very astonished eyes. The orange on her right side receded until she was all purple; she lost her trunk; her eyes grew smaller... until she was a Poogle.

        "WOW!" was all that I could say as I moved to Muas' chair. "What happened to you, Juega?"

        "I saw that was a Magical plushie," she said, "which change the pet into the species represented. I didn't want you changing so I grabbed it quickly." She looked down at herself. "Well, this is better than Split!"

        Yes, as you may have understood by now, Juega was in fact not disturbed in the least that she had changed colours and species completely. She was, actually, extremely happy that she wasn't Split anymore. The Plushie, once it had performed its magical duty, reverted back to a normal Purple Poogle Plushie and now retains a place of honour on a shelf in my bedroom.

To be continued...

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