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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 47 > New Series > The Chosen One: Part One

The Chosen One: Part One

by faerieneggs4u

The Lupe was weak. It had gone several weeks without food, and it's only hope now was to find an abandoned carcass. Too weak to hunt, too weak to steal, and too weak to walk anymore, the Lupe fell. Almost immediately, a black shadow started creeping towards it.


In the meantime, elsewhere on Mystery Island, a young Starry Shoyru trained for her next battle. Sparring with her classmates was the easiest way to gain battle experience. But she became distracted by an unsettling feeling, and was punished by a hard blow to the head. The Techo Master called a time-out.

"Shoyrettani, what is wrong? You have never failed to block a move, not in months! What happened?" he asked.

"I sense something evil coming. Something that--Oh no! I have to go Master, something just occurred to me!" the Starry Shoyru replied.

"You may go, then. However, be sure you come back," the Techo Master told her. Shoyrettani nodded and flew away.

"It was somewhere around here," she said to herself several hours later. Then she saw it. A Lupe staggering, weakened by hunger. A shadow following it, waiting to pounce. Shoyrettani landed silently in a tree, waiting for the perfect moment. The Lupe fell. The Shadow pounced. NOW! Shoyrettani thought, propelling herself forward and knocking the Shadow off the Lupe. The Lupe was unharmed. But Shoyrettani just realised what she'd gotten herself into. Because that Shadow was no ordinary Shadow of Despair, like Shoyrettani thought. It was the Shadow Usul.

"RRAAA! YOU DARE DEFY ME? PREPARE TO BE DESTROYED THEN!" it shouted, lunging at Shoyrettani. She dodged, picking up the limp Lupe, and flew into the clouds.

Shoyrettani flew to the Training School with the Lupe. It still had not regained consciousness. She touched down in the middle of dinner, and her sisters came running over to her.

"Did you do that?" Shoyraitti, a Blue Shoyru, asked. The others glared at her.

"You know Shoyrettani wouldn't put something near death if it wasn't something like the Shadow Usul," Shoyrittik, another Blue Shoyru, said. Shoyrittan (Blue Shoyru) and Shoyrianta (Rainbow Shoyru) nodded. Shoyrianta wasn't actually a sister, but she was close enough to be one.

"Funny you should mention the Shadow Usul," Shoyrettani said casually. "As it tried to eat this poor Lupe. Look, it's starving, we have enough money to buy more food, let's give it our dinner when it wakes up."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up there. You fought the Shadow Usul?" Shoyrianta asked, awestruck.

"No… I knocked it off the Lupe, grabbed the Lupe, and scrammed. I didn't have time to fight it, this Lupe is in critical condition," Shoyrettani explained.

"And that was very wise, my young pupil. You learn fast," the Techo Master said, walking up. "You may love to fight, but you know when to fight your instincts and run away. You probably saved that Lupe's life when you ran away with it instead of fighting. Now let me see it."

Shoyrettani handed the Techo Master the Lupe. It was a mere 23 pounds from starvation, literally skin and bones. The Techo Master carried the Lupe to the dining table, where he poured some soup down the poor soul's throat. A few spoonfuls, and the Lupe was awake, slurping down soup ravenously. Everyone stared, and the Techo Master ordered for the Soup Faerie to be called over to make soup for the Lupe.

Within days, the Lupe had recovered from its malnourishment, and was following Shoyrettani everywhere like a puppy dog. The Lupe turned out to be a boy, by the name of Luprexian. Shoyrettani and her sisters began to help him train, and he learned that Lupes can eat veggies, and that they're not poisonous, unlike what he thought before.

"There were tons of fruits and vegetables around me, I should've eaten some!" he cried, exasperated.

"You didn't know, Rex, so what's the big deal? There was still the Shadow Usul problem, and not even I, Battledome Queen of the Neggs family, can take on that vile creature single-handedly, and certainly not without weaponry and armour," Shoyrettani said.

"So, you lied to us then, huh, Shoyrettani?" Shoyraitti sneered.

"Can it!" Shoyrianta and Shoyrettani chorused. Just then a gong sounded.

"Oh, no, it's time for class already? Poop!" Shoyrittik said.

*Shoyrittik really doesn't enjoy fighting, she likes make friends with the enemy more, but I am forcing her to go into training, in case there is ever a War.*

"Why can't we ever actually fight?" cried Shoyraitti.


"We must get back at that Starry Shoyru, if it's the last thing we do," said the Shadow Usul. The other Evil creatures nodded.

"Her name's Shoyrettani!" piped up the Chia Clown. "Out of twelve plus battles with her, I only defeated her once, and that was when she was trying out a new strategy. It failed to my utter delight, heeheeheeheehee!"

"Chia Clown, can you give us any more information about this Shoyrettani?" the Pant Devil said. "I have a date to battle her, and I want to know her weaknesses."

"Oh, no weaknesses, heehee! It was just plain luck that I beat her, yup, yup, but it was delightful!" the Chia Clown yapped. "She doesn't even have a Shoyru Sword, nope, nope, and what she uses to defend herself is an extremely powerful Shoyru Shield. Not a Shoyru Battle Shield, oh no, too expensive for her, just a Shoyru Shield. She's poor, she can only afford a few Codestones at a time, she mostly finds them, or her friends give them to her. But she's powerful, oh yes, extremely powerful. Her strength is immense, or something like that, and her power is mainly her strategy."

"What is her strategy?" Meuka said. He nodded to the Swamp Ghoul to take notes on what the Chia Clown said.

"Oh, it varies. You see, I'm kind of her 'Strategy Tester' you might say, heehee," the Chia Clown began. "Sometimes she uses tons and tons of Noxious Nectars and Purple Blob Potions for a quick defeat, using her Shoyru Dive on me, and blocking my attacks with her Shoyru Shield. Sometimes she goes on an all-out offensive without the potions, you know, the whole Yellow Frost Cannon and Trumpet of Deafening sort of thing. Sometimes she uses a mix of the two. Sometimes she uses lots of defensive moves and items, whittling me away slowly. It all depends on her mood."

"I beat you she'll be wanting to make you a fast kill," said the Ghost Lupe to the Pant Devil. "After all, you are slightly stronger than her, and so she wouldn't want to chance it. Your best bet would be to strike her first, and make it quick."

"That would seem the smart thing to do, except for that little problem of her Shoyru Shield," said Balthazar. "You see, when a Shoyru is wielding a Shoyru Shield or a Shoyru Battle Shield in battle, then it is very hard to get an attack through."

"Then I'll just steal it, doofus!" shouted the Pant Devil indignantly, throwing a Limited Edition Evil Chia Plushie at him. Balthazar, being a Lupe, broke it.

"Hey, you're payin' for that!" shouted the Pant Devil.

"Let's get back on track, shall we?" said the Shadow Usul. "Tonight, you steal her Shield. Go now and take it!"

"Aye, aye, Captain!" joked the Pant Devil, and he soared out the open window.

To be continued...

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