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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 47 > Short Stories > Shadow's Strange Life

Shadow's Strange Life

by blue_shoyru_girl

Leaning against the door of the Health Food Shop, I watched my owner, Blue_Shoyru_Girl, haggling to get an apple.

"Come on!" she shrieked, "Only a little less!"

"No! I need to eat, you know!" the shopkeeper roared.

"Well, so do I!" she screamed back.

A bunch of humans and their NeoPets were staring at them. A grinning Chia walked up to me. "Hey, is that freak over there your owner?"

"Uhh," I started, but Blue_Shoyru_Girl stormed past me, still yelling at the shopkeeper.

"I don't know why I came to your stupid shop, anyway!"

She looked back at me. "Come on, Shadow!" she said. She named me Shadow_Sneak when I was created because she wanted to paint me Shadow. For now, I was blue. I followed behind her, then flew into the air beside her. Her brown hair was pulled into as usual. Her blue/green/grey eyes sparkled in the sun. We stopped by her shop, which was near our NeoHome.

"All they bought was carawool and one of those raspberry snow puffs from Terror Mountain. We should raise the snow puffs' price from 600 to 700 NP," she said, smiling evilly. Then, she went to the shop till box, entered a few numbers that only she knew, and it opened. She pulled out 605 NP and stuffed them in her pocket.

Nothing interesting happened on the way home, I just listened to Blue_Shoyru_Girl mutter about how stupid she was for wasting her NP on a NeoDeck.

When we finally got home, Crescent_Moon_Howler, her Lupe, nearly ran into us. (We just called her Moon, like they just called me Shadow or Sneak-I have no idea where Blue_Shoyru_Girl got the "sneak", but I kind of like it) "Hey, guys!" she panted, "Yellow_Sun_Beam found a Cobrall!"

"Where?" I asked excitedly.

"Next to our garden!" she answered.

When we arrived at the garden, the first thing I saw was Yellow_Sun_Beam, a yellow Kacheek, trying to coax a small Cobrall to come out of a rosebush. Blue_Daybreak, and Aisha, was next to her (we called Yellow_Sun_Beam just Sun_Beam and Blue_Daybreak just Daybreak).

Daybreak looked worried. "Watch out," she said, "I've heard those things can spit Negg juice 30 feet!"

"I'll be careful," Yellow_Sun_Beam replied.

I watched her carefully crawl through the bush, then she emerged on the other side, the Cobrall wrapped around her arm. Blue_Shoyru_Girl raised her eyebrows. "Cool!"

Sun_Beam smiled as the Cobrall slithered around her paw happily. "Oh, mom, can I keep him?" she asked Blue_Shoyru_Girl. We like to call her mom sometimes, and she didn't mind it.

"Okay," she sighed.

"Can I see him, Sun_Beam?" I asked.

She nodded, and as I walked up to look at her new Petpet, to our surprise, it glared at me and hissed!

"What's with him?" Moon asked.

"I don't know," Sun_Beam said, frowning, "I guess he's just not used to you. I've been with him for almost an hour trying to get him to come out of the rosebush."

A little later...

While Blue_Shoyru_Girl made dinner, the rest of us played with the Cobrall. Since he belonged to Sun_Beam, she named him Slither. After dinner, Blue_Shoyru_Girl called us to the door.

"I forgot to get more stuff for my shop," she said, "we'll have to got to the auctions. Their stuff is usually cheap."

We followed her out into the dark, Sun_Beam holding Slither. Daybreak looked up. "But the sun's gone!"

"Yeah, isn't it cool!" I said, grinning at her.

Blue_Shoyru_Girl turned around. "Shadow likes it. If he likes it, why don't you?"

"I like it, too!" said Moon.

"I don't mind it," Sun_Beam said, patting her Cobrall on the head while it hissed softly.

I sped into the air, happy to be out of the house, Moon right beneath me, raising her head and howling as she ran.

"What are you two doing?" Blue_Shoyru_Girl yelled, laughing at our antics. Really, I had no clue; we were just being silly. I flew down and started gliding next to Moon.

"So, why are you howling so much, anyway?" I asked.

She looked up, still running. "There's a full moon," she answered calmly.

I shook my head at my ignorance, then darted away as she emitted another ear-splitting howl.

When we finally arrived at the auction house, it didn't take long for everyone else to get there. Blue_Shoyru_Girl is a fast runner, Twilight is fast, and we just went on a Faerie Quest, so Sun_Beam got a lot faster. When we walked into the auctions, I noticed that Slither had a strange, mischievous glint in his eyes, but I didn't say anything.

Sun_Beam let Slither down off her shoulders. I looked up at Blue_Shoyru_Girl and watched her quickly looking around for a Shadow paint brush under 4,000 NP. She really wanted to paint me, obviously. I wish I could get painted, but hopefully I will soon.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash and a bunch of people yelling, and when we turned around we saw Slither slithering joyfully through the crowd, a bunch of angry-looking people behind him.

"Get that Cobrall before it does any more damage!" one cried.

Suddenly, Blue_Shoyru_Girl froze and stared at a girl in the group with intense dislike. I immediately recognised her. She had insulted us, and said a lot of rude things that I don't want to repeat. She had a really stupid name, which was Cimilia, and a large Faerie Meerca.

Cimilia looked up, and seeing Blue_Shoyru_Girl, glared at her.

"You," Blue_Shoyru_Girl muttered.

"Yep," she answered.

"Oh, great," Moon said, running over to them with me flying quickly behind.

As I was flying towards Blue_Shoyru_Girl with Moon, I heard another noise behind me, and turned around. Sun_Beam was sobbing as she watched the angry crowd chase her Cobrall around the auction tables. I stood in the middle of them for a few seconds, but before I could do anything, Sun_Beam got the angriest look I have ever seen on a Kacheek, then ran across the room to Blue_Shoyru_Girl, jumped on her back, and pulled the first weapon she could find out of her backpack: a rainbow gun.

"DIIIIIEEE PETPET KIIIIIIILLLLLEERRRS!" she screamed, jumping into the air and shooting at all sundry.

I looked over at Blue_Shoyru_Girl. Finally noticing what was going on, to our amusement, she pulled out an omelette and threw it at Cimilia's face! She started crying and her Faerie Meerca whimpered, flew to the ceiling, and wouldn't come down for many hours afterward. This whole time, Daybreak had been trying to catch Slither, but he was too fast for everyone, and kept tripping every human or NeoPet in his path. Right now, Sun_Beam was standing in front of Slither, still shooting and screaming battle cries. All she managed to do was give most of them a few bruises, but it kept them away.

Moon uttered a low growl and charged toward the mob, trying to get to Sun_Beam and Slither. Daybreak two longest ears bent down angrily, and she ran over to help Moon and Sun_Beam. Blue_Shoyru_Girl, with her lightened backpack, pulled it off her shoulders and swung it around, knocking humans and NeoPets out of the way. I just head-butted a few people, (I'm good at that) then with all of us attacking together, everyone rushed out. Even the auctioneer was gone!

When we settled down, Sun_Beam leaped on to Blue_Shoyru_Girl's shoulders.

"Let's go home," she said, waving her fluffy yellow Kacheek tail and hugging her Cobrall.

Blue_Shoyru_Girl smiled. "Yeah. I'll get the stuff for our shop later."

As we walked home, I smiled and thought, My life is really strange!

The End

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