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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 44 > Articles > Welcome to the Grand Illusion - The Return of the Hi-Scores, Flash Game Trophies Up For Grabs

Welcome to the Grand Illusion - The Return of the Hi-Scores, Flash Game Trophies Up For Grabs

by bsharp222

GAMES ROOM - With the recent return of the most of the hi-score tables on the 4th day of Relaxing, everybody has been given a clean slate, and for some, a second chance. I recall myself waking up fairly early due to insomnia and logging in to find that most of the game's tables were back, and already full of new names. I tried playing a couple games, but I was too sleepy, so my scores didn't get too high. Ever since, the scores have gotten better and better and I find it to be really hard to get a trophy now.

Now I am sure that almost everybody reading this is wondering if they will actually ever out play everybody and rise up to the coveted "Champion" status, a status so rare in Neopia that some have gave up trying to attain it. Well it could happen, because there still are a few games left out there with no hi-scores like Chomby and the Fungus Balls, Deckball, Deckball Timed, Dice-A-Roo, Faerie Caves, Ice Caves Puzzle, Neggsweeper, and Neggsweeper Cumulative. That leaves 8 possible categories for anybody to win a nice shiny trophy in, and 24 trophies to earn. Who knows, maybe you will be the first one to play a game and become an instant Champion, or you may take a lesser noticed 2nd or 3rd, but hey a trophy is a trophy right? I am hoping for the same thing to happen for me. I personally have been waiting for Faerie Caves to come back. :)

Now I would like to give you a run over of what these 8 categories are all about. This is for those who are fairly new to the gaming business.

Chomby and the Fungus Balls - In this game you control a blue Chomby, which you have to navigate around the screen to get a star to put on the platform in less than 100 seconds. This game can be fairly tough if you have a really fast computer. However, if you have a slow computer, then it is a lot easier, because you have a lot more reaction time. On the down side though, with a slow computer also comes slower finish times, thus lowering your score.

Be Aware Of - On level 6, you may or you may not see a game screen, but just the background. To get around this just press the space bar and it will load it for you.

Tips - Dodge the fungus balls!! ;) Dodge, but be careful, there are also mushroom like objects that travel around the screen are just as dangerous, and they turn 90 degrees clockwise when they hit something. Also, the fungus balls, they move in a straight line until they hit something, and then they may rebound and go back the way they came, or they may go off in another direction.

Deckball - Deckball is kind of like a free roaming hockey game. It will only give you points for playing it on its hardest level, Captain. This game, if you haven't played it yet, is fairly hard for most beginners, so unless you are up to the challenge, you should probably look elsewhere. This game has no time limit, so try and get a many goals as possible, if your opponent makes even one goal, it is game over.

Tips - Try to predict what your opponent is gong to do, sometimes if you line yourself up just right, you can make a goal off of a ball that was hit towards you.

Deckball Timed - This is a bit easier if you are good at making goals. You get 3 minutes to show what you're made of. Once again, this game only gives points for playing on the hardest level.

Tips - What can I say? Just be quick, and the trophy is in the bag. :)

Dice-A-Roo - This is a game of pure luck. Now you have two choices, you can take the risk of getting up to a higher die, and possibly getting the jackpot, or you can leave with whatever points you have in your pot.

Tips - If you have a substantial amount of Neopoints in your pot, then you should be careful, if you want to keep them. Sure there may be a ton more points in the jackpot, but remember, there is a way to lose your pot, and your chance at the bigger pot along with it.

Faerie Caves - OK this is a newer form of the Ice Caves Puzzle game. If you are shooting for the top spot on this one, you will have to already have the whole path of the game mapped out, and memorised. Trust me, this game isn't a push over. The maximum score is 279 points, and once somebody achieves that, the Champion trophy is spoken for. This game employs moving objects, that when used correctly will open gates, and some that possibly will kill your Lupe character, Garon, if it is in the way.

Tips - Remember that there is gravity on the screen, so balloons/air bubbles will go up, if there isn't anything in the way, and rocks/balls will wall if there isn't something holding them up. Watch out for dynamite, especially the green kind because its explosion is bigger. Also, the best advice I can give is to practice this game first before they get the table for it back up. It won't be easy for you if it is your first time playing it. Oh, and lastly, you should always do the Fire, Earth and Light levels before you try their counterparts Water, Air and Dark.

Ice Caves Puzzle - The Ice Caves Puzzle game, in my opinion, is easier than the Faerie Caves game. First of all it doesn't have any floating object like balloons or air bubbles. Secondly I feel that the set-ups, while being challenging, aren't as difficult to figure out. I think it took me like a month or so of playing Faerie Caves to figure out how to get the maximum amount of points. Anyway, overall it is just like Faerie Caves.

Tips - Watch out for the falling snowballs, and for hidden traps. The hidden traps I think are flaws in the game, but I am not sure. Always try to plan ahead is the main priority in this game.

Neggsweeper - OK this game is just like the classic game Minesweeper. The game is simple, you click a square and it reveals a number, or numbers and those numbers represent how many red neggs are bordering it. It is a fairly easy game after a while. The nice thing about this game is that random good neggs are spread across the screen, even the elusive fish negg. When you click on a square sometimes a message will appear saying that you have found a negg worth a certain amount of points. Also, if you click on a blank square, which doesn't have any red neggs bordering it, it will clear up an area of "blanks," and you will have more information to work with. Unfortunately, if you click a blank and one or more of the newly cleared squares have a good negg concealed, then you won't get any points for the negg, and you won't know that the negg was even there.

Tips - For this game, what I do is I figure out which squares are red neggs based on the numbers on the squares. I make sure that I mark them so that I won't have to keep track of which ones not to click. Then I find squares that aren't red neggs and also aren't blanks. I click them and then I try to place any flags based on the new information it gives me. I just keep repeating this process until the game is finished, and in this way, you won't lose any valuable points for having clicked a red negg, or for clicking a blank which could eliminate several hundred points from the board. Sometimes, however, you just need to take the plunge into the unknown, and risk getting a blank because you can't find anymore which, you know aren't blanks. This strategy is proven to be effective by myself. I tried it several times and wished I could have kept the score that arose from my hard efforts, however at the time the hi-score tables were off-line. :(

Neggsweeper Cumulative - This category is just for those with the most points collectively for playing Neggsweeper

Tips - Play Neggsweeper as much as you can. :) Well I hope that this has been helpful, I am speaking from experience on these games. I was a grandmaster in some of these games before they erased the scores. I know a lot about the puzzle games, and Faerie Caves especially.

I know that if I was the first one to get a shot at it, I would put a score up on any game, which nobody could beat, unless they were cheating of course. So get going! Good luck, and happy gaming to you :)

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