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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 43 > Articles > The Rise and Fall in a Popular Market

The Rise and Fall in a Popular Market

by catnippy

NEOPIAN BAZAAR - The rise and fall in the popular market of food and chocolate prices has always been high. Someday a bag of nachos for your pet will cost you a nice simple sum of 50 NP, the next a pocket tearing 700 NP. I was out to ask a few shopkeepers what they thought of this. I asked many popular shopkeepers, and here is a copy of the interviews:

Interview One: The Food Shop

I walked in the shop: and had to hold my breath. Neopets and their owners were milling around the shop like bees around a honeycomb. Cartons of Kau Kau milk were snatched of shelves, Crispies eagerly ravished by the mob and rare Neggs gone in a blink-and-you-miss-it scenario.

I pushed my way through the crowd to the main man--the little yellow Chia with the ever famous apron. I stopped a minute to hold my breath. I raced up to him and splurged out a question.

"Sir... what do you think (pant) of the (pant) rise and fall of (pant) food and chocolate prices in (pant) Neopia?"

He stared at me. Then he slowly replied with a long drawl.

"If your not buying anything, I can't help you."

I glanced around. Everything was disappearing FAST. I noticed a pile of Tuna Subs for 60 NP. I grabbed one and pushed to the front of the queue.

"60 NP please."

"55 NP"

"OK. I accept your offer of 55 NP."

He looked past me to serve the Aisha behind. Within minutes, the shop was empty. The shelves left only crumbs behind.

"Brrrr." The Chia flopped down on his chair. "The midday rush."

"Well, Sir. Will you answer my question?"

"The rise and fall is to entertain the Neopian population. Without it, everyday will be the same, prices would fall rapidly and I would have no job to go to."

"If you have any, what tips should a Neopian go about to make sure they only get rising goods, not falling?"

"Buy cheap items, and lots of them. These will skyrocket in days, months maybe years, but you are guaranteed they will profit."

"Thank you for your time, Sir"

"It's OK. If you need any more food the shop restocks in about 2 minutes....."

I was outta there faster than a dog to its food bowl.

Interview Two: The Healthy Shop

This shop was quieter, yet still had many piles of Organic Fruits and Vegetables on the shelves. A few Neopians glanced at the shelves and purchased the occasional item, but the piles were not receding as fast as in the Food Shop. I saw a cute green Quiggle with a "veg" badge pinned to his chest (does that hurt??).

I bought some Vegan Cheese while talking to him.

"78 NP please."

"50 NP."

"OK. I accept your offer of 50 NP."

I'd saved 18 NP in one haggle. I felt sorry for the Quiggle I smiled at him and asked him if he wanted me to ask him questions, and if he didn't, I would go away. He said yes. Success!

"Sir, what do you think of the rise and fall of the food and chocolate prices in Neopia?"

"I am quite disgusted with it, myself. I lose many a customer to the food shop because you can make more of a profit from his sales."

"Why don't you lower your prices?"

"I try. I gave you some cheap Vegan Cheese, did I not? It's hard work and Neopians are so fond of the junk food."

"Sooo... if you have any tips to the average Neopian to avoid NP loss, what are they?"

"Buy items which you think will rocket in price, not what the rumours say. The rumours are often wrong, and made up so you loose lots of NP."

"Thank you for your time, Mr Quiggle Good Luck in future sales."

"Thank you. Bye"

I left, slightly wiser than before I came in. Only one more interview to go...

Interview Three: The Bakery

A small shop, minute compared to the other two. A friendly Kacheek had a friendly apron on. "The Bread Master". He had a lot of customers, not as many as The Food Shop, but many more than the Health Shop. I thought he looked busy, but I would try to ask him my question.

"Sir, what do you think of the rise and fall of the food and chocolate prices in Neopia?"

"They are funny, they teach young Neopets how to live when they are older, and they increase profits for me!"

I didn't know how he heard me. I seemed to have been pushed behind a few Neopets and I could only just see his head, floating near a checkout. I had a short bout of rage and pushed through, clutching a sugar Doughnut.

"67 NP Please."

"60 NP."

"Sure thing. Any more questions?"

"Yep. How do you think Neopets and their owners benefit from having unsteady prices and worries about their financial future?"

"The minute you have something worth over 1,000 NP, or higher than its original worth, sell straight away."

"Do you sell anything over 1,000 NP in worth?"

"Yes, we sell toast, they are rare at the moment."

"So you believe that the rise and fall of prices is good?"

"Almost certainly."

"Thank you for your time, have a nice day."


So, now your thinking, what did I learn from reading your article? Well you learned that prices rise and fall to keep you interested, they rise and fall for richer and for poorer and they rise and fall for your benefit only. I would like to thank The Food Shop, The Health Food Shop and The Bakery to make this whole think possible. I also enjoyed the journey, and hope to bring you more exciting news soon.

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