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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 43 > Articles > Having a Happy Uni

Having a Happy Uni

by imajica_macabre

UNI MEADOWS - Today, as a random event, I got a message from my Uni saying "I just wanted to say, you're the coolest owner ever!". I was very flattered because I love Imajica_lateralus very much even though she is still young and we've only been together for 22 days now. So straight away I thought about giving her a little treat as a thank you for being such a lovely pet and while I was looking for something special I thought about all the other Unis out there and wondered if they were all being looked after properly. Just in case anyone out there has a new Uni or one they are not sure how to look after here are a few hints that might help you along the way and a few stories about how I learnt how to live with my own beautiful Uni.

Firstly and most importantly Unis love to look good, the odd grooming here and there works wonders for their happiness and keeps them looking in tip top condition if you want to enter the beauty contest. Even if you don't have much to spend a little hair-gel and some eye shadow will do the trick and you can keep costs easily under 50 NP if you use the Shop Wizard. If you have a little more to spend some lovely clothes can be found in the Uni Clothing Store which will make your Uni beam. Then for the big spenders out there what about a paint brush? Make your Uni stand out from the crowd with faerie wings or how about a glittering gold shine?

Another thing to remember about your Uni is that he or she is a very social pet, you must play with them or they will get bored - I find that mine loves hide and seek best but I've bought her a pack of cards and a colouring book for those times when I'm not around. Perhaps if you have a home for your pet you could invite some other pets around for a party. A Uni will love to show off all the lovely furniture you buy them and mine is very excited at the moment while I save up for some silver rooms in our new house in Faerieland. It is also a good idea to join a guild, because then your Uni can meet lots of other people and their pets and you can get lots of helpful hints from the other Neopians.

Now imajica_lateralus doesn't like to fight very much, she has only been in one fight and she lost! She got very badly beaten and it was all my fault because I had no idea about the Battledome or preparing my pet for it. I made the very silly mistake of not giving her any weapons at all and nearly tried to equip her with Scorchio Wings that she cannot use! Straight afterwards I took my pet to the Healing Springs and luckily a faerie helped me out, then I bought Imajica her favourite chocolates and a book to read while I researched Battledome equipment. I've found that there is some lovely body armour for Unis and a mask to match that will protect them and look great of course! Then a faerie blessed her with the ability to heal herself and all I need now is a weapon she can take with her to fight with, if she ever wants to try again that is!

Rather than fight Imajica loves to learn. So far she has read 28 books and she cannot wait for me to find her more. And when we play cliffhanger she gets smarter and smarter, at the moment she is even figuring out when to go to Coltzan's Shrine to get the best help! I try and get her all the books I find but some of them are so expensive I needed to join the library at my guild to help me along and when I find a book she has already read I try and trade it with another like-minded Neopians for something new.

Another thing that my Uni seems to like is gourmet food. This is food that is between 90 and 100 in the rarity index. The problem is this food is very hard to find and so very expensive on the Shop Wizard I can't afford to buy her all the things she wants. So we struck a deal. Because I am buying her all these books at the moment and saving for her special home we will lay off the gourmet foods for the moment. I have too much money to go to the Soup Kitchen because that has to be saved for the very poor pets but there are places I can eat for nothing and therefore save money for the things my Uni really wants. I go everyday to the giant omelette on the Tyrannian Plateau and take a slice, this is more than enough for my Uni and if I ever got desperate or the omelette ran out I go to the Tombola because sometimes that gives out food as a booby prize. If none of these work and you need food for your Uni don't despair!!! Visiting the Healing Springs can heal your pet of its hunger sometimes, it might take a few times but to see a happy Uni all of these things are well worth it I think!!!

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