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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 43 > Articles > The Truth About Dark Faeries

The Truth About Dark Faeries

by gryphonsong

JHUDORA'S CLOUD - Due to the success of "The Truth About Mutants", I've allowed LoveChargoun, my mutant Lupe, to narrate another of my articles for me. I would also like to say that in The Truth About Mutants, sometimes personality does change with colour, but rarely. Mostly just habits, hobbies, etc. will change. Anyway, enjoy!

Hello, I am LoveChargoun, currently wishing that I lived with a Darkness Faerie instead of GryphonSong. I'm here again because so many people think that all the Darkness Faeries are just so bad! They're always the villains of every story in The Neopian Times. But are they all bad?

"I personally don't like the fact that we get such a bad reputation. I mean, sure, we do some bad things now and then, but in the long run we're as much a part of Neopia as you. If not for us, Neopia wouldn't be as interesting," Maelstra the Dark Faerie commented.

Although Dark Faeries do make stories interesting when one of them is the villain, what about Light Faeries? Light Faeries can be just as villainous.

"Well, I have been known to wreck some havoc," Aerillion, a Light Faerie, said, giggling.

So you see, Light Faeries even admit to being as bad as Dark Faeries sometimes. Haven't you ever come upon a mischievous Light Faerie while playing Cheat! Who tells you that someone is cheating when they're not? Argh... how many times that has annoyed GryphonSong!

Speaking of GryphonSong, she recently found out that she was a Fire Faerie (see her series "On The Outside" for details) and has something to say on behalf of that. "Seriously, if you ask me, I've met Darkness Faeries who are so polite and kind that it makes me ashamed to be in their very presence! Light Faeries, on the other hand, are unimaginably annoying and have a tendency to forget manners - that's not to say all of them are like that, but about half of them are."

When I entered the House of Light, home of the Light Faeries, it was hard to get to the Uber Light Faerie without minor Light Faeries tripping me and picking at my fur. Surrounding the Uber Light Faerie was very polite and willing to help me, instead of knocking me flat on my face. They ushered me to their leader and curtsied as they left.

"I certainly am not very happy with the actions of my minions. They do tend to be a bit raucous and I only let the most reserved, educated and polite to join my inner circle. Still, I do not seem to influence all of my faeries," the Uber Light Faerie admitted.

When going to the Pool of Water, home of the Light Faeries, there were far more polite faeries, yet some thought it fun to dump water all over me to see if the metal on my back would rust. As a matter of fact, it did, and I had to wait for the Uber Water Faerie to find me, stiff and still, to oil the metal on my back and shine it.

"I'm deeply sorry about my faeries, they do love a good joke or two. All faeries do, you know. Now what were you saying? Oh, yes. Dark Faeries are actually quite nice, a very determined sort that are eerily polite. Sure, they do have some evil intentions, but don't we all? We're all ambitious and evil sometimes," the Uber Water Faerie said before being summoned by an injured Tonu and his worrisome owner.

The House of Darkness was a very scary place; I'll give you that. I entered through to huge black and purple double doors that were heaved open by two Dark Faerie Guards. Strangely, this was the first place where I had ever seen male faeries. As I stepped in, the intense gazes of dozens of Dark Faeries who watched me silently until I found the Uber Darkness Faerie's throne met me.

"Yes, well, we would like to take over Neopia, but due to an agreement with Fyora, we have sworn allegiance to her and her people. If the need arise, we, each and every one of us, would die for Neopia and its inhabitants," the Uber Darkness Faerie said.

When I asked about Jhudora, she answered, "Jhudora is a rogue. Plain and simple. She opposed to the agreement at once and we were forced to exile her. Her cloud is well guarded, magically and physically so that we are unable to enter. If we are ever able, we will stop her."

I tried to speak with Jhudora, but she refused, as did Fyora and the Uber Earth Faerie, who was experiencing a drought and was frantic with, worry for her plants and due to a feud with the Water Faeries couldn't get them properly watered.

So you see, Darkness Faeries aren't evil at all, save the rogue Jhudora. They love a good joke now and then, but don't all faeries? Water Faeries, Fire Faeries, Light Faeries, they all love to pick on pets, me especially, it seems. Also, even Darkness Faeries will give you a quest once and a while, and not a bad one, either.

I discourage writing about evil faeries or good faeries because it's stereotyping, especially evil Darkness Faeries. I've seen an extreme amount of those stories nowadays and it's extremely annoying! Not all Darkness Faeries are bad and not all Light Faeries are good.

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