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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 43 > Continuing Series > Balthazar and Luna_8080's Moon Charm: Part Three

Balthazar and Luna_8080's Moon Charm: Part Three

by fire_faerie_8080

I stifled a cry of outrage. She was normal; she wouldn't fight me under her own will power and I knew that.

"You must be joking," said Amy amazed.

"It would be except for this chip," he said pulling out a chip that was slightly different than the one Kauvara had. Air Faerie was struggling with all her might but when he attached the chip she ceased to struggle. Her eyes glowed black.

"What did you do to her," I cried angrily.

"Another gift from Dr. Sloth except this chip is especially designed for Shoyrus and for fighting. You won't live through this. This is the perfect irony you know must fight to survive yet how can you injure you beloved sister," he said harshly.

I was stuck what should I do. I couldn't think. Then he said one word that made very miserable. Attack.

Air Faerie flew at me not only were her eyes glowing black but she her whole body seemed to glow. I realised something with a jolt she had no weapons but she had some very powerful abilities. I knew this was one battle I wasn't going to win or lose. I did something that may brand me as a coward but I ran. Yes I Luna ran right past a stunned Balthazar into the street and I just kept running. Soon I flew and I was flying very high and then because I was finally beginning to regain my senses and get my wits about I fainted and faintly remembered the dizzying drop that was in store for me.

My eyes fluttered open and I was laying on something that felt strangely familiar and comfy.

"Well, well it's not everyday you get to see this sort of crazed flying," a voice said.

"I don't usually fly like that," I replied giving a small smile.

"Really," said the voice and making herself known to me.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw who it was.

"Jhu... dora," I choked.

"Surprise, surprise," she said sarcastically.

"I didn't know that Dark Faeries were in the business of rescuing people," I said beginning to relax.

"They usually aren't but if I didn't that snippy Fyora would have run me out of Faerieland," she snapped as if she was hiding that she might actually be good.

"Oh right," I agreed.

"I need to go I have some important news to give to the Uber Faeries," I said sitting up.

"Thanks Jhudora I'll have to make sure and come to do a quest sometime," I said picking up my stuff and leaving.

When I was past the Healing Springs I silently decided to be nicer to any Dark Faeries I saw even though my history with them wasn't exactly the best but it was only one and she was a Uber Faerie anyway. I finally was beginning to relax after I made sure I still had the Charm with me. I just sort of strolled along the streets of Faerieland trying to remain inconspicuous, which was hard considering I'm a silver Shoyru, and slowly making my way to the castle. I was just hoping with all my heart I could figure out some way to fix this whole mess. I sighed and found a nice spot on a little cloud to eat some omelette and keep a look out for anyone that may have followed me.

Balthazar was fuming not only had his perfect plan failed the Shoyru had gotten away. The friend had gotten away to but he had captured her and now had two weapons to use against the Shoyru He knew the little beast had been running like crazy and then took off and he was almost certain he saw her fall toward or into the ocean but when he went to look not only was there a large cloud of green and purple smoke there wasn't a Shoyru He decided to look in Faerieland itself even though he was despised there and he despised Faerieland. Besides he only knew of one thing that could make smoke like that and that was Jhudora. He swiftly put on his cloak and he and his two little weapons headed straight for Jhudora's cloud just in time to see something silver flash around the corner of the healing springs. He sent Amy after it while he dealt with Jhudora.

Jhudora was just lounging about not giving any quest to anyone at the moment when she saw the figure come toward her.

"No quests today. Leave!" she boomed.

"I'm not interested in a quest Jhudora," said Balthazar.

"Balthazar I knew it was you I can smell your foulness a mile away," Jhudora snickered.

"Where is the Shoyru?" asked Balthazar quietly.

"What Shoyru?" asked Jhudora, "I've seen hundreds today."

"Don't play dumb with me you know exactly who I am talking about," said Balthazar becoming angry.

"Fine I won't she left on business and that is all I know," snapped Jhudora.

"Really I bet you know more," said Balthazar grinning as if he just did the most evil thing in the world and liked it.

"Leave! You're a menace to society and what is more I am not helping you!" screamed Jhudora.

"Fine!" he yelled coldly, "I like hunting better anyway." With that he left to seek out his prey.


I sighed putting away the half eaten omelette. I knew I had to go before somebody found me but I was tired and soon fell asleep. In my dreams I saw the Fire Faerie she didn't say anything but she looked very sad. I woke up in a cold sweat. I ran for that castle I knew it was now or never. I pounded on the door so they would let me in. Finally someone opened it. It was Maria.

"Maria you remember me right I need to talk to one of the Uber Faeries it's urgent," I cried.

"I'm afraid you can't," she said.

"I have to it's a matter of great importance!" I yelled becoming angry.

Then the Uber Fire Faerie came to the door.

"Maria what is all this noise I told you to keep it down," the Fire Faerie barked irritably.

"I have something important to tell you!" I yelled.

"It's the impostor get her!" yelled the Fire Faerie as I was attacked Maria.

"No I'm no impostor I've come to warn you it's Balthazar," I cried out defending myself.

The Fire Faerie picked me up by the wings so I couldn't fly away or hurt anything for that matter.

"Please you've got to believe me," I said almost whispering and beginning to cry from desperation, "Please Air Faerie is in trouble and all the Faeries are in danger. Please help me."

A look of concern came over the Fire Faerie's face. She gently put me down and led me inside. She then gave me a Cup of Tea and had me sit down on a nice comfy sofa. Soon I fell fast into a dreamless sleep.

To be continued...

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