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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 43 > Short Stories > The Second Pet

The Second Pet

by sensei_fuzzy

"C'mon, slowpoke!" I yelled to my red Chomby, LilFuzzyB. "If you don't come in with me, you won't be able to come in at all!"

"I know, I know," LilFuzzyB replied, exhausted. He had become so slow when he played with that magical red Chomby plushie and transformed from his original state of a blue Shoyru. In order for him to catch up, I slowed down a little. He panted as he caught up and walked alongside me the rest of the way to the Pet Creation Centre. We reached the beautiful stained glass doors that were the main entrance into the Creation Centre. The glass had designs of all the Neopets in many of their different colours. There were a few other people and pets around us admiring the designs as we walked in.

The Pet Creation Centre was very busy and packed with newbies and Neo-billionaires alike. Despite this, it seemed… smaller than the last time I had visited it. This last time had been my first day in Neopia, so the whole world seemed unfriendly and big at that time. Now, however, I had a pet by my side and several Neopoints in my pocket, both of which gave me great security.

There was soon a heavy tapping on my arm; it was LilFuzzyB. He pointed at a long line of people and said, "When are we going to start?" I sighed and reluctantly got in the end of the line.

After a long wait in line, we finally got to the desk where a clerk was rapidly writing things down , and typing different things into the computer. He looked up to see us, smiled, and pulled a file out of the drawer marked "Second Pet".

"Species?" the clerk asked us.

"Ummm… how about a Pteri?" I replied.




"Male, of course," LilFuzzyB said quickly to the clerk. "Sensei Fuzzy doesn't want any female pets, and he never will."

"LilFuzzyB, be quiet!" I snapped at my Chomby "Make the gender female."

"Thank you, please now proceed to the next desk, where you can name your pet and choose its personality" the clerk said as he handed us a form that stated on it the details about the pet. LilFuzzyB and I walked over to the next desk, where the clerk there took a look at our form and pointed to a desk with a sign over it saying, "PTERI". We walked over to it, and were soon at the front of the line there.

The clerk at the Pteri desk asked, "Where does your pet like to live?"

"The city," I replied.

"If they met another pet, what would they do?"

"Attack if they are weaker," I said confidently as LilFuzzyB gasped next to me. He was already furious about having a sister, and this would only add to his being mad at me.

"Okay," the clerk said as he typed rapidly, "and finally, what does your pet like to do?"

"Bullying others," I said. The clerk printed out a form and pointed to an empty line marked NAME. He pointed at a group of chairs, implying that I should go sit while thinking up my new Pteri's name.

I went over to the chairs and started thinking about bird names, family names, guild names… Part of her name has to be 'fuzzy' since that's the family name… and I'd like to keep a pattern between her name and LilFuzzyB's name… SecondFuzzyB? no… PteriFuzzyB? no… what about LilFuzzyB's initials? LFB… so if I end with FB, I'll be fine… FuzzyBird? Nah, probably taken… What about KIKAFuzzyBird? no… KIKAFluffBird? Hey, that's got a ring to it… but there's no fuzzy in it… That's it! I wrote my idea down on the form as my pet's official and permanent name. I walked back over to the Pteri desk and handed the clerk the form.

"All right," the clerk said as he handed me a set of four dice. "If you would proceed to the stats table, then FuzzyFluffBird will be born!"

As I walked to the stats table, it occurred to me that LilFuzzyB wasn't with me. I stopped and began to panic, trying to think where he had gone when I heard a noise of crashing and yelling. I looked over to see a big fight between several pets…

"LilFuzzyB!" I yelled as I ran over to the fight. "Get out of there! Stop it, all of you!" I was worried about him, even though I didn't see him in the fight. I kept yelling, but to no avail.

A group of Chia police ran over and tried pulling some pets out of the fight, but they too were unsuccessful. One of them got hit, and soon the Chia police were involved in the fight. It kept getting bigger and bigger, and more and more people were running out of the Pet Creation Centre. Finally, since nobody was taking action, I pulled out a bag of exploding pizza pasties and threw them at the fighting pets. There was a huge explosion that knocked me, among many others, back.

"Wake up, Sensei Fuzzy," an unfamiliar voice said to me. I opened my eyes and thought that what was before me was a giant artichoke. After thinking for a second, it occurred to me that it was a mutant Chia

"How… how did you get into my house?" I stuttered. "Ho do you know my name? Who are you?"

"Relax," the Chia said. "You're my owner… but you probably don't recognise me. My name is FuzzyFluffBird."

"FuzzyFluffBird?" I asked.

"Yeah..." she responded.

"But… but… you were never even born! Even when you were to be born, you were supposed to be a blue Pteri!"

"I was a blue Pteri… but if you want the whole story you can ask him," she said as she pointed to another mutant, this one was a Shoyru. "I think he belongs to you, he had a nametag on that said you were his owner…"

"LilFuzzyB!" I yelled as I crawled over to the ugly Shoyru. "Wake up, LilFuzzyB!" I looked at his face to see that he was awake, and crying.

"I'm… I'm sorry, Sensei…" he said, trying to hold back tears. "I got mad at the Pet Creation Centre because some stupid pet spilled a Shoyru Transmogrification Potion on me. It wouldn't have been so bad, except that everyone around started laughing. I attacked the jerk that spilled that awful potion on me, and as pets tried to stop us, they started up in the fight.

"People would throw down whatever they were holding and join in. A Chia transmogrification potion got spilled sometime during the whole thing…"

"So that's how FuzzyFluffBird got the way she is…" I said. "Except she wasn't born yet…"

"Well, when the exploding pizza pasties hit us, I was the only pet that didn't get knocked out. I saw the dice in your hand and decided that the best surprise for when you woke up would be to have your little Pteri in your arms. So I rolled the dice and a weird thing happened. After I gave the approval for the stats, a mutant Chia sprung out of the dice. I had thrown the dice into the Chia transmogrification potion!" LilFuzzyB burst into tears and continued, "Just get rid of us. Abandon us. We're so ugly we can't even look at ourselves right… and FuzzyFluffBird doesn't even know what she was supposed to look like!"

"Shhh…" I said soothingly to LilFuzzyB. "It's okay, I still love you. I love you both, no matter what you like. We're a family, right?" LilFuzzyB stopped crying and looked up at me. FuzzyFluffBird, who had also been very depressed, looked up at me, both looking very hopeful. "Now," I said with an idea in mind, "LilFuzzyB, do you really want that Hypno Helmet?"

"Kinda…" he said, still sounding gloomy.

"Because I have a little over 100,000 Neopoints saved up in the bank. It'll be enough to make FuzzyFluffBird a Pteri again, and give you both a little extra colour…"


"Sensei Fuzzy, where are we going today?" my glowing Pteri asked me.

"He already told you," LilFuzzyB the disco Shoyru replied. "We're going to the adoption centre. Don't you ever listen?"

"Sensei! He's being mean to me!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"You're just mad because you won't be the youngest anymore."

"I hate being the second pet..." FuzzyFluffBird groaned.

I started to run to the doors of the adoption centre, and my pets soon caught up. I held LilFuzzyB's hand, and put FuzzyFluffBird on my shoulders as we walked in the doors, ready for whatever new adventures would come our way.

The End

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