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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 43 > Short Stories > The Fat Shoyru

The Fat Shoyru

by basilisk4

Soii the Desert Shoyru, and Sharon (her owner) were going on their daily runs. You know... Tombola, Shopping, Wheel of Excitement, Coltzan's Shrine, blah, blah, blah, and etc.! Little did they know what was going to happen...

At Coltzan's shrine...

'Some food appears in front of youuuu!' Then the two heard a whisper saying, "You'll need it..."

"What was that for?" Soii asked.

"I dunno!!" Sharon replied.

At the fruit machine...

"Congratulations!!! You have won 1000 Neopoints and a desert fruit bundle!" Again, "YOU'LL NEED IT..."

Soii asked, "is someone pestering us?"

"If someone is they better go away..." mumbled Sharon.

At Tombola...

"You got a can of baked beans!" the Tombola man exclaimed. "Ah... I feel sorry for you, here have 167 Neopoints!"

Then the mysterious whisper again... "You'll..."

"BE QUIET!!!" yelled Soii and Sharon.

"...LOVE it..." finished the voice.

"WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Soii exclaimed, "I HATE BAKED BEANS!!!!"

The Tombola man put up the "Closed for a hour sign" and walked away muttering, "Neopians these days... no respect..."

At the Island Mystic...

"Your Shoyru will become different!" the Island Mystic said.

"Yeah right! Whatever!" Soii murmured.

Again, the voice, "Listen to it..."

"GO AWAY!" roared Soii, "Stupid voice!"

The mystic stared at the two Neopians.

At the Wheel of Excitement...

The Dark Faerie came laughing evilly and waved around Soii. Then she said, "I don't have time for you little Neopians!"

"Hope you like your gift!" she called out, "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" She flew away still roaring with mechanical laughter.

"I don't feel odd at all!!!!"

The voice... "Soooooooon..."

Sharon just rolled her eyes and said, "Let's go play some games!"

"Umm... Sharon?"


"I'm hungry!"


"I'm hungry!"

Soii was a Shoyru that was never hungry. She was regular sized and regular height.

"But we just started playing!"

"I know..."

"Urrggghh! I was on a roll!"



So... today Sharon and Soii had lunch... Early! A whole table was filled with Neopian goodies and 90 percent of it was just Soii's. The whole day went by normally (thank goodness). Later they met up with Sharon's other Neopets, Famii, a blue flotsam and Kaynii, a blue Kacheek.



Soii was in the kitchen and the refrigerator door was wide open. She was devouring everything in sight. Suddenly, a flashlight shone at her.

"Soii... OH! My go--! You know if Sharon finds out she is going to be MAD!"

"YEAH Whoa!"

It was Kaynii and Famii.

"I'm hungry... Surely she can't get mad at that!"

"Hmmm... Good point... hand me that sub."

"Nope taken!"


Kaynii sat down next to Soii and took some food out of the refrigerator and started devouring them.


The three Neopets of Sharon awoke with a start.

"Huh?" Kaynii questioned, "What's wrong?"

"We had nothing to do with the food! Remember!" Famii told the two.

"Don't know what you are talking about!" Soii said grinning innocently.


The three Neopets walked down stairs and asked, "What's the matter?"

"See for yourself!" Sharon said furiously indicating to the refrigerator. " IT'S ALL GONE!"

"Oh my!"


"What the...?"

"ALL OF IT!! EVEN THE BAKED BEANS!" Sharon roared. "Oh yeah some friends are coming over to help us!"

Ding! Dong! The doorbell had rung and Sharon answered the door.

"Basilisk, Dragon, Element_lite, and Judy are here!"

"Hey! You said you have a food problem?" Basilisk asked.

"Yep! I just went shopping and filled up the fridge yesterday! I don't get it!"

"You'll know soon..." the mysterious voice said.

"Did you hear that?!?!" Sharon asked the four.





"I heard something!" Kaynii said.

"Me too!" both Famii and Soii said at the same time.

"OK... well we bought food!" Basilisk said.

"All of us!" Dragon exclaimed.

"It should fill your fridge and there'll still be leftovers!" Judy said cheerfully.

"You all bought that much?! THANKS!!!" exclaimed Sharon.

" Hey! We haven't even eaten yet so some of it is for us!" Lisa told Sharon.

"Let's eat!"

"Uh... Where's the food?" Sharon asked.

"Our Neopets have them!" Basilisk replied.

They called their Neopets and they came into view. All of the Neopets came ad were carrying a big bundle of food. After setting down the food...

Soii grinned and commented, "Looks great, but what is everyone else going to eat...? And... what about the main dish...?"

"YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!!!!!!" everyone shouted. The hungry Shoyru waddled over to the food and started on a whole turkey.

"Hey! That's mine!" shouted Water_Gem. But, on one bite, the turkey had disappeared into Soii's mouth.

As more food vanished, Basilisk yelled, "Hurry! Get the food AWAY form HER!"

"Yeah!" the others rumbled in agreement.

Everyone leapt to the food, but only found half of what Sharon's friends had bought.

"YOU DAFT Shoyru!" yelled Dragon, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!"

"You gonna eat that?" Soii asked, eyeing the pumpkin pie Dragon was holding.

"She's mad!!! GET HER AWAY FROM THE FOOD!" Element commanded.

Battle_master, a gold Shoyru(Well the laboratory machine right now is NOT being nice!) was the closest to Soii. He quickly grabbed a rope and bound the STILL hungry Shoyru 's paws tightly, and then dragged her FAR away from the food.


After the breakfast,(what was left of it) Sharon gave a LONG lecture about sharing, not being greedy, and blah, blah, blah!

"I thought you would never eat that much! Blah, blah, and blah, No more food, blah, blah! How could you?! Blah, blah, blah..."

The Shoyru paid no heed as she eyed the food with stars in her eyes. Then... her stomach rumbled LOUDLY!

"...and never, ever do that... WHOA! What's that noise?!" Everyone looked around until their eyes fell onto Soii, who was trying her best to look innocent.

"Oh not AGAIN! Don't tell me your still hungry!" Sharon grumbled.

"Get used to it..." Again... the mysterious voice!

"What?" Sharon whirled around. "Who said that?"

"Said what?" Judy asked.

"Get used to it! That's not funny!" Sharon screeched. She heard a noise and turned around to see that her still hungry desert Shoyru was gnawing at the tightly bound rope.

"Shoyru! How many times do I have blah, blah, blah! Don't EVER blah, blah, blah!..." For the rest of the day, Soii was locked up in her room and given no food.

"Soooooooooooo Cruuuuueeeeeeel!" moaned Soii. Moans and stomach rumbles could be heard throughout the day.

" Come on, let's go because I CAN'T TOLERATE IT!" Basilisk screamed over the moans, groans, and grumbles.

"Yeah!" the rest yelled out...

While they were talking, Soii weighed herself in the restroom and...

"A hundred pounds?!" Soii screamed out to no one.

"This is wrong," she muttered. Normally Shoyrus weigh about 60 pounds.


"What's that?!?!" Swoop, Basilisk's blue Pteri asked.

"EEEWWWWW! WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!!?" Dragon asked.

"UUGH! Now we know who ate the baked beans!" replied Sharon. Everyone fled, leaving the bewildered Shoyru behind.

When Sharon and the rest came back the horrid stench was gone!

"Thank er... Neopia!"


While everyone was sleeping and gone, Soii was busy picking the lock on the door. It worked! Soii silently thanked to no one that everyone was sleeping upstairs. She then raided the refrigerator that was filled with goods again.


The refrigerator was filled with all sorts of delicious and delectable Neopian foods! Later a beam of light was cast upon Soii. She had eaten ALL of the FOOD!

"AAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGHH!!!!" and "WHERE'S THE FOOD?!?!!?!?!?" could be heard through the neighbourhood. Everyone( who was spending a night) sat bolt up.

Judy asked, "What happened?"

"Oh! No!" Dragon said.

Element replied, "NOT AGAIN!"

Basilisk said, "...I bet it's-"

"SOII!" everyone finished altogether.

Everyone filed down the stairs in their pyjamas, rubbing their eyes, mumbling," 4 AM? That Shoyru is SOOOOOOOOO dead meat!

"Don't mention meat!" boomed a voice. Kaynii, Famii, Soii, and Sharon looked up.

"Huh?" Sharon gave Soii the Evil eye. The Shoyru grinned innocently. Fortunately, there were the some hidden food left upstairs.

Sharon went to the bank to collect her interest and some Neopoints to buy a tiny, tiny day long meal for Soii.

"OK! Your going on a diet! AHH! WHAT HAPPENED to YOU?!" The Shoyru was now twice as fat as she was tall...

The fat Shoyru needed to lose weight... FAST!

"You're lucky it's the summer!" Sharon shrieked. "Off to the Grundo's Gym!"


When they arrived at the gym, they applied. The desk clerk, who was a strong blue Shoyru, did not notice the Shoyru because she went over to the snack machine and was starring mournfully at all the food.

"Who's der Neopet that needs this trainin'?"

Sharon looked around, "SOII! Get over here!"

The clerk's eye nearly popped out seeing Soii.

"That Shoyru needs some trainin' all right!" All the instructors came over to see Soii and slowly backed away with looks of horror painted on their faces.

"That's one fat Shoyru!" one of them exclaimed.

Soii glared murderously at the instructor.

He back away and bumped into the doors, squeaked, then ran away yelling, "AUUUUUGHHHH GET AWAY FROM MEEEE!"

"Erm... ER um... I'll try!" a young silver Lupe stuttered.

The clerk glared at the Lupe, "You're a newbie!... Anyone else?" The instructors backed away, except... for the Lupe.

THE END?!?!!? Or is it? NO it's not! (:

Well... the Grundo's gym didn't work... It turns out that the poor Lupe ran away screaming, "I QUIT!!!!" and "MOMMY!" Soii tried the running mill and just one step onto the machine and it broke. "Oops!" She tried weightlifting and ended up eating the weights! "BUUUURRRRPPP!" She tried track and well... a snail was beating her by at least ten laps!


"Umm... Sharon?" Basilisk asked while trying to suppress a giggle, while the group was taking a walk.


"You know that so called mysterious voice?" Element questioned.

"I haven't heard it in a while!"

"WE were doing that!" Judy told her.


"Yeah, it's kind of ironic that we picked the same time that... you know..." Dragon said.


At a place nearby...

The Dark Faerie stood on top of a building.


She then flew away laughing evilly. "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!"

The End (for now!)

Author's note: Hey it's me Basilisk4! I'd hoped you liked the story! Feel free to Neomail me! Yes... I received Sharon's consent on this... go ask her! Dragon is Dragonwitch34, Basilisk - moi, element- Element_lite, and Judy is... neptune3168 maybe... Oh yeah and many, many, many, thanks to dragon who gave me the idea! ;) I may write a second one... and who will figure out what the Dark Faerie meant?!

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