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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 43 > Short Stories > The Boy Balthazar: The Story of a Lupe That Went Bad...

The Boy Balthazar: The Story of a Lupe That Went Bad...

by elitetyrannitar

Many times in Neopia, I have heard stories of the infamous Balthazar. This Lupe was said to be pure evil from birth. But I could not believe that, since he donates hundreds of faeries to the Money Tree. How could such a generous NeoPet turn into a hideous beast? Besides, I had never heard of a NeoPet being evil from birth. I decided to start this dangerous quest for highly wanted information in the Haunted Woods.

As I traveled through the treacherous paths and hindering terrain, I came upon a tiny village. It seemed ragged and aged as if under a spell. I strolled through the village, peering through broken glass of burned out buildings. As my search continued, I came upon a strange outgrove on the outskirts of the town. I knocked on the door, and to my surprise, an old Lupe tackled me! I threw him off and released a snow wurm that pinned him down. He easily gave in and told me who he was. His name was Razair, the father of Balthazar! I was very excited to hear this news, but soon calmed due to Razair's look. I asked Razair where I could find him, but he seemed very disappointed at the name. He quickly denied the question, and advised to stay clear of the creature. Then I turned to leave the hut, muttering my lack of information.

Razair suddenly jumped again, hearing my muttering, and started to tell me his story. The following is the story of the boy Balthazar, before he became the evil faerie bounty hunter he is known as today.

The Cliff.

Some loved it.

Some hated it.

And Balthazar definitely hated it.

The Cliff was a place that was favourite to young Lupes who wished to spend the day basking and playing in the sun. The Cliff was also rumoured to hide runaway faeries from Fyora, the ruler of Faerieland. The young Lupes always loved to search in the trees surrounding the Cliff looking to catch a glimpse of the fabled faeries. But this place of fun and excitement was not yet known as the Haunted Woods.

Balthazar was not the usual Lupe you would find strolling around the Cliff. He was the one Lupe who would never go to play. The only time he left his dwelling was to get away from his parents. He despised his parents. Always telling him what to do and when to do it, and never giving him any free time. It was not his fault he was a bit slow and could not take orders right. He deeply regretted that he had let his family down the one time they had to protect their food stock from a very hungry tribe of Skeiths. Lately, he had been sneaking out during the day. He only did this for the greatest love of his life, hunting. He loved to hunt, whether it be small Pteris on their way back from the Tyrannian Plateau, Chias running from the small island to Neopia Central, or other Lupe children. He had grown strong, defeating these insolent creatures day after day, but was not totally indestructible. He once ran into a werewolf, which was made hideous by Edna, the local shaman. They traded blows, each more devastating than the next. But the werewolf pulled a Rod of Super Nova and used it on full power. With a howl of defeat, Balthazar laid torn and beaten on the ground, the moonlight shining on his broken body. The next day, he woke and started for home. When he returned, his mother and father had left the dwelling. He picked up a note posted to the door reading:


You have failed our family for the last time. This was the last time to get a stock of food from the market, and you have yet again forgotten to take your orders. We have left you here to become worthy of our family. Maybe being here will teach you your priorities and you will learn some discipline. I hope you will learn the ways of the Lupe and be true to your kin. Goodbye Balthazar.

Your ungrateful father,


Balthazar burst into tears. He ran back into the woods, past playing Lupes, past Pteris and Chias, and almost past a group of teenage faeries. He doubled back, and stared at the extremely rare fliers. They were beautiful, with glazed eyes of different shades, their long silky hair, and their fashionable dresses and skirts. They soon discovered his peering, and turned to him.

"Who's there? Ohh, look Jhudora, a Lupe!"

"Oh, I've always wanted to see one of those!"

Jhudora was dressed in a black gown with purple lining around the rims. She was not as pretty as the other faeries, but still shone radiantly.

"Aren't you a little short to be a real hunting Lupe?"

Balthazar was outraged, after all the fights he had won, he had been ridiculed by a tiny faerie?

"Hey, go easy on him Jhudora... he's kinda cute."

The magical faerie looked at him in the eyes, blowing him a kiss.

"What do you mean? He is a weakling! He's not a real hunter, and therefore should not be honoured by our presence. Be gone with you, you wimp!"

The loving faerie tried to stop the laughter among the faeries, but was beaten. The whole group soon was teasing and poking at the scared and confused Lupe

Balthazar was soon feeling as sad as he was before. He now hated the faeries and their ways, and he wished them to be destroyed. He was stricken by all the power summed up in his lonesome heart, and released a deadly cry above the forest. His cry was full of hate, anger, and somehow room for despair. Over the cry, the forest shook. The once playful and joyous Cliff was turned into a scary, mountainous hill overlooking a darkened forest. Balthazar's hate had said it all, as the playing Lupes were suddenly turned into swamp creatures. The faerie Jhudora was sent flying into a hideous bog, not to be seen for the longest time.

Even Balthazar himself overtook changes. His body grew large, heavy, and shaggy. His face grew muggy and shady. His claws grew long and sharp, and deadly. With a final attempt, the faerie renegades tried their best to hold Balthazar back, but could only merely slash his face. He devoured every faerie with a gulp of air, and spit them back into a cramped bottle. He then left his creation, the Haunted Woods, and went into a deeper place not known to Neopians, to hunt faeries the rest of his life. He sometimes shows a glimpse of his former self to Neopians in the Money Tree. I have learned greatly of this tortured soul and his story, hoping to find a solution to his hatred. With a heavy heart, I return this story to you, the Neopians.

The End

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