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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 43 > Short Stories > A Baby-sitters Worst Nightmare

A Baby-sitters Worst Nightmare

by silverkitty_8

Just recently Baby Neopets were introduced to Neopians, for some it was a very wonderful development but for others well... it was a nightmare. Now one Neopian by the name of Bnny2000 had a great idea of baby-sitting some Neopian's Baby Neopets. She thought that she could make a lot of Neopoints, since she was the first one she knew to come up with the idea.

Later that day Bnny2000 discussed this new idea with her friend Twilight_8, Twilight_8 thought it was a brilliant idea, and she too agreed it would bring in a lot of Neopoints. So Bnny2000 and Twilight_8 made plans to put up flyers to see if anyone needed a baby-sitter. They both stayed up most of the night making very colourful posters, and even Twilight_8's little sister Clairdelune_ helped.

The next morning Twilight_8 and Clairdelune_ ate breakfast as fast as they could then hurried off to Bnny2000's house. When they arrived, their friend FoxyBlaze13 was there. Bnny2000 told Twilight_8 and Clairdelune_ that FoxyBlaze13 was going to help them pass out flyers, and help with their baby-sitting. So all four Neopets spent the day pass out flyers, they put some in the Bakery, at the Coffee Shoppe, at Pizzaroo and they even passed some out at the Auction House.

Later while Twilight_8 and Clairdelune_ were eating dinner they told Silverkitty_8 about their baby-sitting job.

"Well, that sounds like fun," said Silverkitty_8.

"Yeah I know, I cant wait until we get to actually get to work; I just love little baby Neopets!" exclaimed Twilight_8.

After Dinner Twilight_8 called Bnny2000 to ask if she had gotten any messages from people interested in a baby-sitter, but Bnny2000 just said, "Nope, not yet, sorry." Twilight_8 said good bye and hung up, then she went to bed.

The next day the phones were ringing non-stop.

"Okay," said Bnny2000. "Twilight_8, Mrs. Blume has a baby Lupe I told her you'd watch, Clairdelune_, Mrs. Conklin has a baby Shoyru for you to take care of. FoxyBlaze13, Mrs. Wilde has a baby Skeith for you to watch and I guess I'll take care of Mrs. Clampton's baby Aisha. Everyone got that?"

"Yes," was everyone's reply.

"How long do we have to watch them?" asked Clairdelune_.

"A couple hours," replied Bnny2000. "I told them we'd be over in an hour."

So an hour later all the girls showed up at the house they were assigned to. After everyone finished they met up at Bnny2000's house.

"Wow, this is harder than I thought!" exclaimed Clairdelune_.

"Yeah, but it's worth it," replied FoxyBlaze13 as she shuffled a stack of Neopoints in her paws.

A few weeks later everything was going just fine, all four of the friends went to the houses they were supposed to and then met up at Bnny2000's house. Everything was perfect--they were all making NP and their job was a piece of cake, so they thought.

Later that afternoon the girls got a call from a Mrs. Bloony, she told the girls she needed someone to watch her baby Usul while she went to a dinner party with Mr. Bloony. So the girls agreed and told Mrs. Bloony they'd be over in ten minutes. After Bnny2000 hung up the phone she turned and said, "Mrs. Bloony needs someone to watch her baby Usul, who wants to go?"

"Well," replied Twilight_8, "how about we all go, we've got no one else to baby-sit, besides we'll get it'll be easier with more of us."

So they all went down to Mrs. Bloony's. When they got there, Mrs. Bloony opened the door and let the girls in.

"Okay," she said, "my daughter is in the living room playing, there's food in the refrigerator, help yourself. Oh, and if you need to reach us the number where we'll be is by the phone."

The girls nodded and said good bye and saw Mrs. Bloony to the door.

Twilight_8 and FoxyBlaze13 decided to go in a check on Mindy the baby Usul, while Bnny2000 and Clairdelune_ went in the kitchen to get a bite to eat. FoxyBlaze13 looked at the cute little baby and said in a cute little baby voice, "Awwwww! Hi little Mindy!"

The baby looked up at FoxyBlaze13 and started crying, "Look what you did!"

Twilight_8 exclaimed, "Me? I didn't do anything! She's probably just hungry!"

So Twilight_8 and FoxyBlaze13 took Mindy into the Kitchen. "Hey, do we have any baby food?" asked Twilight_8.

"Uh... yeah, right here." Clairdelune_ handed Twilight_8 a jar of Pea and Ham Baby Food. FoxyBlaze13 Took the jar and opened it.

"Okay, little Mindy Open Wide."

Mindy stopped crying for like a second then started up again.

"Maybe she doesn't like Pea and Ham," suggested Twilight_8.

"Hmmmm, maybe," agreed FoxyBlaze13, "hand me a different kind."

"Here," replied Clairdelune_ as she handed FoxyBlaze13 a jar of Forest Fruit Baby Food.

"Okay, Mindy," FoxyBlaze13 said in that little baby voice again, "How about this, open wide."

Mindy just kept crying.

Bnny2000 sighed, "Maybe she's not hungry."

"What do you think is wrong with her?" asked FoxyBlaze13.

"Well, maybe she wants to play," suggested Bnny2000.

"Fine, then let's get some toys." FoxyBlaze13 and Clairdelune_ disappeared in the living room and came back seconds later with hands full of toys.

"Here, try these," said Clairdelune_.

So for half an hour they all tried to cheer up Mindy, but nothing worked. They tried singing to her, giving her toys, food, they played all kinds of games with her, hide and seek, tag, but nothing worked. Just as the girls were about to give up Mindy suddenly stopped crying.

"Wow, it sure is quiet," said Twilight_8.

"Yeah, too quiet," replied FoxyBlaze13, Bnny2000 looked at FoxyBlaze13 and said, "What are you talking about?"

Then they heard a crash, all four girls got up and rushed to Mindy's bedroom.

"AHHHHHH!" screamed Bnny2000, "she's tearing up the house!"

"Yeah! How can such a little baby make such a mess?!?!" exclaimed Twilight_8.

All the girls scrambled around the room to clean everything up. After the room was clean the girls heard another sound from the kitchen, they all walk into the kitchen and found little Mindy eating chocolate cake, there was chocolate everywhere.

"Well, I guess I was wrong FoxyBlaze13 she was hungry!" shrieked Bnny2000. "We have got to get this cleaned up!"

So for hours the girls ran around the house cleaning up mess after mess, finally at 11:00 pm Mindy fell asleep on the floor by the couch.

"Well, looks like all that trouble making tired her out," said Clairdelune_, all the girls sat down on the sofa.

"OH NO!" Twilight_8 shrieked. "Mr. and Mrs. Bloony are gonna be here in twenty minutes and the house is a mess!"

All the girls were panicking, "What do we do?!?!" asked Bnny2000.

"Everybody take a room and clean up!" Clairdelune_ exclaimed.

All the girls scrambled around the room making sure everything was in its place, then they cleaned up Mindy and put her to bed.

Later, after the girls got home, they all had a little meeting.

"I don't think baby-sitting is for us--it's too hard! Clairdelune_ exclaimed.

"Yeah," FoxyBlaze13 agreed, "and it takes up too much of our time."

"So I guess this means it time for us to retire!" Bnny2000 replied and all the girls started laughing.

"I guess this means no more baby-sitting," Twilight_8 added.

"Good riddens!" exclaimed FoxyBlaze13.

The girls spent the rest of the night laughing at the horrible nightmare that had taken place that night, and her name was Mindy!

The End

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