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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 42 > Articles > Refusing, Denying, Rejecting: Same Thing!

Refusing, Denying, Rejecting: Same Thing!

by lyra142

NEOPIA CENTRAL - Before I get on with things, I would like to talk about some things that might concern some of you.

In my last article, I talked about three different kinds of rejects. They were food rejects, game rejects, and toy rejects. For all those Neopian players out there who have not read my last article and are thinking that I am a total nutcase for saying that there were such things (though you can relate food rejects to gross foods, games that didnít quite work out right, and toys with weird body parts), I am NOT talking about that sort of thing. What I mean is when you give something to your pet and they donít take it and turn it down.

Example: Food rejects. You buy some food and your pet refuses to eat it.

Now that thatís straightened out, I shall begin.

There are, yet, three more rejects that have been brought forth by some of the Neopian players. Therefore, I am writing a follow-up explaining them.

Iíll start off with:


Picture this. You are a book fanatic and you want to let your Neopets experience the same great feeling of reading a book and also to get them educated, much like a lot of parents do to try to encourage their children to read. You also want to win the book reading contest and show off that super cool trophy in your trophy cabinet. You go to the book store and spend hundreds and hundreds of Neopoints on books that you think might interest your pet. You then go home and take the first book out of your inventory and give it to your pet (by coincidence, theyíre all the same :P). But then, your pet gives it back to you and says, "That is SUCH a boring book!" Well, what should you do?

Just give the book to one of your different pets and see if they read it. If they all refuse (and it must have been a really bad book!), sell it and buy a different one, or you can play some of the games that can raise your petís intelligence, like Poogle Solitaire and Cliffhanger. As well, if you go to Coltzanís Shrine at the right time, your active pet could gain a point of intelligence.


You have finally earned enough money to buy that cute little, take for example, Ramosan, that caught your eye the other day while going to the Petpet shop. He/She is worth 15,000 NP at the Shop Wizard and 59,921 NP at the Rock Pool. After months and months of playing games for hours on end, you can at last go to the PetPet shop and buy one. When you go home, practically beaming with happiness and joy that you bought something that would make your pet twitter with excitement, you show your Neopet the Petpet, expecting its eyes to go all round and glowing. But oh my! Your Neopet scrunches up its face with its nose wrinkled up like something that stunk badly, as if there were a pair of three week old gym socks that were left unwashed after an hour playing a sweaty game Deckball.

Now, here comes the fun part!

For one million Neopoints, would you:

a. Force your pet to take the Petpet (most unlikely)
b. Get all embarrassed and run away
c. All of the above
d. None of the above

If you guessed... umm... OK, I admit that I donít really have an answer, but what you should do, and probably already have done, is SELL IT! Another thing you can do is set them free! Let them go back to their wild habitat! (Keep the Flouds away from carrot patches, though!) OK, OK, so you canít do that, but why not be generous and donate the Petpet at the Money Tree? I bet that lucky person (probably out of thousands and thousands of other people who are trying to get something) would be delighted to find a lovely little Petpet to bring home to their pets : ). Hey, what else can I say? Now to Potion Rejects.


You just got back from the Battledome and your pet is now all battered and beat up by some hairy tough guy (not to mention a few opponents ; ). You go and buy a ton of, lets just say, Potion I, the cheapest thing you can afford because youíre practically broke. When you are FINALLY finished buying from the Shop Wizard (which takes like FOREVER trying to get a low price) you go to heal your pet but then... everyone say it together: YOUR PET REJECTS!!! (You knew that was coming, didnít you?).

There are many places in which you can heal your pet. One of the most popular ones is the Healing Springs, located in Faerieland. But the Healing Spring isnít very reliable. One, being that you can only visit it once every hour, and two, being that you might just get healed three Hit Points, or not enough to get your pet(s) fully healed. To name a few other places you can heal your pet, they are listed below:

1. You can go to Coltzanís Shrine (if youíre at it the right time)

2. Play Wheel of Excitement, but be warned, because this is a gambling game, and not only do you have to spend 100 NP, but chances are that you might not get healed, but even get attacked by the Lava Ghoul or something that would make your pet feel worse : (

3. There are also certain Random Events that happen over the site while you are exploring. Random Events like the Ghost Lupe visiting you and healing your pets.

So there you have it! If you think about it really hard, you would see that there are many kinds of rejects in the world of Neopia, and Neopet personality plays a BIG part in the ways of life in this virtual reality. Who would have thought that your pet could say no to things? Like us humans, Neopets have their own taste on the good things, and the bad things.

I hope this article brought something to mind to all of you Neopian players, and I guess there is still a lot to learn about the wide and wonderful Neopia. : ) Bye for now!

For all of those people who Neomailed me for suggestions and things that I left out in my last article, I would like to say thank you, because this article wouldnít be here without you. Enjoy your little gift from me to you! : )

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