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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 42 > Short Stories > Neopia's Last Hope

Neopia's Last Hope

by guilmon_tamer

The young, seventeen year old Battle Faerie leaned up against a tree. Her rosy pink wings fluttering. Her long, straight purple hair blew gracefully in the cool breeze, her long pointy ears sticking out, and her focused emerald green eyes stared down to nothing in particular. She made a fist in the bright green glove she wore, and squeezed it as hard as she could.

"Why did they have to die?" she asked herself. "It's just not fair."

For the past few months, mysterious creatures called Tonus, had been attacking Faerieland. Tonus were a bit larger than the faeries, which wasn't very big. They were a bulky, brutal race of warriors and raiders. Physically, they were heavily set, with twisted boar-like faces and corded muscles. They utilised many implements of destruction, usually heavy clubs or thick blades. What the Tonus lacked in finesse they make up in savagery.

"I loved them... I loved them all," she said, and lowered her head, as tears came pouring down onto the earth.

The faerie's name was Elva, and she lived in one of the finest places of all Faerieland. She and her parents had lived in a huge stone castle that towered towards the heavens. It was beautiful.

Elva's family as well as her friends had been destroyed by the Tonus. She tried to stop them, but there were too many, and overpowering. She just couldn't fight them all. Although Elva was an experienced fighter and swordswomen, she couldn't stop them from the terrible truth that haunted her every moment since that day. Her parents were not alive. Her best friends were gone. Her castle was no more. Her whole life had crashed down right in front of her and there was nothing she could do except watch. The only reason she survived was because she managed to fly away, one thing the Tonus could not do.

Then, Elva looked up from the ground, wearing a determined face. "I will avenge what happened to my family, as well as my friends," she said out loud. "I will not allow the Tonus to hurt Neopia any more."

And with that, Elva rose from the ground, her wings flickering, and sped towards the Dark Lands, where the Tonus lived. She wasn't going to take anymore. She had had enough, and it was now time to take revenge on the heartless, cruel beings. No other faerie was going to do it, and she sure wasn't going to sit back and watch the Tonus take over. She was the last hope for all of Neopia. If only she knew what she was up against... *

Elva had been flying for days. Her wings were worn out, and could barely keep her off the ground. She had to take a break, but she just wouldn't let herself. She couldn't let herself. She was the only hope her kind had, and if she stopped, for anything, that would just give the Tonus more time to plan on taking over Faerie Land, and maybe even other lands.

"I mustn't give up," she told herself as her feet began dragging on the ground. She forced her wings the flap harder, but she was starting to get out of breath. Before she knew it, she was on the ground panting, her wings limp with exhaust.

She traveled all the way to the Haunted Woods. Just beyond that was the Dark Lands. She was almost there, so close, and yet so far.

"I can't fly another inch," she breathed, trying to pull herself up, but fell back down. "But I have to try," she urged. "I... I just can't give up. Not yet. Not when everyone needs me." Her wings quivered as she tried to get herself in the air. "This will not work. I need help. But where can I get it?"

The tiny faerie squinted into the darkness of the black trees. It looked like night, although it was the middle of the day. Not a single soul seemed to be out, until she heard...

"A faerie!" It came from a strange looking Aisha. It was pure black, and had two large glistening white fangs, and a pair of ebony wings. "Why, I haven't seen a faerie since I was a wee little girl," it continued.

"A-Are you an... Aisha?" Elva asked, startled by the creature.

"Yes. That's right," it grinned. Her voice was cold and it made Elva's neck hair stand on end. "My name's Shade," she said, and eyebrow raised.

"I-I'm Elva."

"Well, Elva, you look a bit worn out. Why exactly are you here, anyway?"

Elva looked away, remembering all the sorrow. "I wasn't meaning to stop in the Haunted Woods. I need to go to the Dark Lands."

At the mention of the place, Shade quivered. "The Dark Lands!?" asked the female Aisha. "Now why would anyone, especially a beautiful faerie like yourself, want to go there?"

Elva hated it when everyone thought all faeries were so pretty and beautiful, and were nothing more than that. She was a Battle Faerie, which meant she wasn't recognised as being lovely and beautiful, at least not to the faeries where she came from.

"The Tonus there are attacking Faerieland, and I'm the only one willing to stop them."

"Tonus huh? Well, I personally hate to Tonus, and if it will help you any, I can fly you the rest of the way to the Dark Lands."

Elva's face lit up. "That would be wonderful!"

"Well, don't expect me to stay. Once I get you dropped off, I'm outta there!"

"That's fine!" said Elva, glad she would finally be on her way.

So the Aisha lifted the tired faerie onto her back, and with her vampire-like wings, lifted them up into the air. It took them no time at all to reach the Dark Lands. It had to be under 30 minutes.

"Well, thanks again," smiled Elva to Shade.

"No problem. I'm just glad you're feeling better."

"I guess all I needed was a little rest."

"Guess so," said Shade, waving as she flew off towards the direction in which they came.

"Well, I made it," she said. "Now all I gotta do is find the Tonus."

But finding the Tonus would be less of a trouble then she thought. In a matter of fact, they found her... *

"Let me go!" cried Elva. She had been tied to a twig in the ground (since trees were far too big for the tiny creatures to wrap ropes around), and the Tonus had been discussing what to do with her.

"She learn Tonu secrets," one of the dumb creatures said.

"She no remember secret when she dead," another grinned evilly.

"I have a better plan," said a Tonu who talked normally. He seemed to be in charge, and wore shiny metal armour, unlike the rest who only had leather shirts with holes. "Let's put her in the Torture Chamber."

"Yes! Torture Chamber good! Fun, fun!"

"Fun, fun, fun!"

"FUN!" they all cheered.

The Torture Chamber, huh? thought Elva. That doesn't sound good.

The Tonus untied her, but what they didn't realise was that she could easily fly away. One of the Tonus was holding onto her arm, but his grasp was weak, and easy to break.

"Ayyyyyaaa!" screamed Elva as she escaped. Her wings took her high into the air, and she stared down at the tiny beings.

She didn't have a sword with her, but that was no problem. A spare one was laying carelessly on the ground. She flew down, and picked it up.

"She got sword," said one of the stupid Tonus.

"We have club."

"We lot. She one," said another.

"Then we get faerie girl."

The Tonus dove after her, but her wings took her high into the air, leaving the Tonus smashing into each other.

"Foolish beings!" insulted the lead Tonu. "After her!"

"But how? She in air. We on ground," asked a Tonu.

"We will fire our arrows!" cried the leader.

"Good idea! Me have lots of arrows."

"Then fire them you fool!" cried the leader, noticeably getting impatient.

Elva, in the meantime, was reciting an ancient spell she had learned year ago by a wise old faerie. The spell, if done right, would bind all the Tonus together, making it virtually impossible for them to move, let alone escape.

"Aminia cordiln voritud lemidon bindorion," she said, speaking the last few words.

Just then, the Tonus all came crashing together, and were stuck. They couldn't get up or do anything. Luckily, she didn't even need the Tonu's sword. It was in poor condition any way.

"We stuck," said a Tonu.

"Stuck like gum."

"Mmmm... gum..."

The lead Tonu shook his head in discuss, knowing that they were defeated. Although Elva never really hurt anyone, seeing the Tonus suffer in her own "torture chamber", was enough to soothe her soul. She never told anyone about the trapped Tonus. They would be there forever, until they starved, which is really what they deserved.

Elva had saved Faerieland, and maybe even all of Neopia. She had become a hero, and one of the most well known faeries ever. Not being able to celebrate her victory with her family and friends was hard, but knowing that they were in a better place and that no more Tonus would ever terrorise Neopia again, was enough for her. She was just glad everyone was safe.

Elva had lived to be an old faerie, and when she left Neopia, she went warm and cozy in her sleep. All of Neopia mourned that day, and was saddened, but her story lived on, until present day, when I am telling you this story. Some say it is just a legend, that creatures like Tonus and vampire Aisha's could have never existed, but who knows. Maybe there once was a brave young Battle Faerie that saved Faerieland. I guess we'll never know.

The End

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