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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 40 > Short Stories > After Rain Comes Sunshine

After Rain Comes Sunshine

by zhb27

"Time to go home!" Wero did not like this much. The day had gone so fast, he did not want to go back to her owner and his owner. The little Floud grabbed with his tiny arms he red Grarrl that was standing in front of a building. His owner, a greedy Zafara, stood there in front of his white limo.

"Come on," The Zafara, named Goldendollars, shouted, "I have to open a mall in 15 minutes!"

Wero was a sad Floud that had a very rich owner. Most of the Petpets would like this, but not Wero. His owner had no time for him and did not love him like all the other Petpets were loved. So, he was dumped in a Petpet day care, though it was one of the best in Neopia. All the Petpets were spoilt there... most of them were even pretty painted Faerie! So you see, it was hard making friends if you did not care about money, who was the best and who had the best stuff. There was only one very friendly pet, a red Grarrl. She was his private caretaker, and they often liked to make fun together.

Asina ( that is how the red Grarrl was called) had no owner and lived in a white chocolate house in Faerieland. Asina liked to talk with Wero about "Asina’s adventures from escaping from her greedy owner." Sometimes, Wero thinks that Asina always made these stories because of him, that they never happened, but she just wanted to make Wero happy.

"I WANT TO GO!!!" Goldendollars shouted. He was angry with the wasted time; this happened always every day. Wero was stuck in the day care, and every day he had to say goodbye in the end. Wero let the arms of Asina go and flew to his owner. The now-grumpy Zafara pushed Wero so he would hurry up...

It was quiet in the limo, except the mumbling of Goldendollars, then Joko the Chia driver said that they were at the mall. Miljonsofdollars stepped out, not waiting for someone to open the door. He was already late Wero stared out of the window. Suddenly, his owner went pale and so did Wero. At the same time, everyone was gone, except a few who where standing outside, trying to get into the mall. It... it was already opened.

Hannah, a Faerie Krawk, was standing happy and satisfied with a couple of scissors. Goldendollars could explode! You could see that his head was getting red from anger, but Goldendollars quickly held it in and walked over to Hannah. "Hello, Hannah!" He stuck out his hand. Hannah looked at his hand for a second, and then put her nose up in the air like she'd had chewing dung shoved towards her.

"My fur is too pretty for that fur..." she said with a kind of phony accent. She pointed at her Faerie body, and then at Miljonsofdollars with his rainbow fur.

Goldendollars ignored it but asked, "Why are you here? Why do you have scissors in your hand, and why is everybody already in the mall while it is not open yet?" He asked this like he already knew the answers.

Hannah smiled, then answered, "It is already open by moi... you came so late, and I just happened to be here..." (Again with that phoney accent).

Goldendollars already got the point and headed back to the car. Uh-oh! Wero ran off to the other side of the car. He would get in big BIG trouble from this, because Wero let them be late. He had to take so long saying goodbye, even though his owner warned him, "One more time…" Wero could even hear it, like it was happening right now. Goldendollars said nothing, he just stared.

This was the silent time—Wero knew the steps right out of his head. His owner always did the same; next was the… Wero did not want to think about it. He was locked up in his room for more than 2 days, or something like that, the last time There were no clocks in this room, and not even windows, so he could not tell what time it was. He only knew that he was terribly hungry. It happened the same, and there he was... poor sad Wero. He was not allowed to go back to Asina, 'cause his owner said she had bad manners.


"Daaaad, my Petpet is really getting annoying! If I keep him, who knows what will happen?!?" Goldendollar said, sitting down on a big red and golden chair.

His owner grinned. "I know," he says, and throws a cage towards him, where a lot of shrieking is coming out. Goldendollars opened it and…"I love it, Dad!" he says with a happy face.

The next morning, two Lupes grabbed Wero out of his room and threw him in a cage. He was taken somewhere in the woods. Wero could see, 'cause they had thrown a blanket over the see-through holes, but Wero could hear the leaves crumple while the Lupes took him deeper into the woods…

Wero was sleeping in his cage. He looked dully in front of him while the cage opened, then a lupe held him. "The boss don't want you near the house! If you come, it’ll go badly with you." Then, he threw him on the ground and walked away with the other Lupe. Wero was wrong; it was not a forest, it was a park. He looked around scared. All these strange people, he thought. He floated around the park, looking for food. He had not eaten for a loooonnnnnnggggg time.

I wish Asina was here, he thought looking up at the sky. It was already very late. The stars were brighter than bright this night, like they wanted to be my night lamp. I wish Asina was here, Wero thought again. I would be her pet and she would love me and treat me right... Wait a minute, Asina! I could go there, Wero thought, but before he could think it over he fell asleep!

The next morning, he woke up really early. Shivering from the cold, he floated on. The sky was dark, but still bright, something like when the night is over but the day has not started yet. The whole street was silent, like it was holding its breath in for a exciting moment. And then, that exciting moment came...

A boy and his pet came walking around the block. They sat down at a bench near Wero. Wero came carefully closer. "I can't believe it," the boy said, looking at his Mynci, "this pet and his owner have more than 10,000k!" Wero straight away understood that he was talking about Goldendollars. Wero looked at the Mynci closely. He was coloured green. Wero floated curiously near the Mynci, hoping that this Neopet did not have a Petpet and would keep Wero.

Suddenly, the Mynci turned his head and looked at Wero. "Hey, little guy!" said the Mynci, smiling. Wero tried his very best to be as cute as possible.

The boy looked at him. "Geesh, he looks starved." The boy said. He searched in his pocket and found a piece of bread, then threw it on the ground.

Wero thankfully floated to it and ate it up. "Ow it's soooooooo cute!" the Mynci said, looking at Wero. "Can I keep him, Can I keep him?" he yelled with a begging face.

"Have you forgotten your Splyke? It's taken me a fortune to buy your Petpet, and I am not gonna trade him for a Floud! Besides, I bet his owner is looking for him. Come on..." The boy stood up and walked away. The Mynci looked for a while at the Floud, and ran after his owner with a sad face. Wero was just... there. He almost went home with a friendly owner.

Suddenly, a red Grarrl picture popped in his head. "Asina!" He shouted…

After a long long long time….

He had been searching, and found out that the park was on a quiet side of Neopia Central. When he knew that, he went off to search for some kind of transport to Faerieland. He finally got the answer from a Chia passing by. "Well, first if you go right, and then walk straight ahead, go left and there it is... it's a big building that's white and looks like a cloud. Yep, you can't miss it!"

On his way there, Wero had found a billboard. You could see there an advertisement about Goldendollar's company, but not only was Goldendollars standing there; a Meekins was there to snuggle up at Goldendollars' legs (That Petpet was in the cage. If you do not understand me, check out the story a little back.) Wero was first in doubt, but when Wero saw the billboard, he was determined to go to Faerieland. Wero had sneaked in, 'cause he hid in a girl’s backpack. And there Wero was... he was standing in front of Asina’s house. He slowly floated to the door and knocked. It took a long time, and just when Wero was about to float away, the door opened. "Asi.. "Wero said, but could not finish his word. It was not Asina standing there. There stood a striped Kacheek.

"Looking for Asina?" She said. Wero excitedly nodded his head. "She moved," said the Kacheek slowly, "her new address is somewhere on Mystery Island." Then, she closed the door..

Wero was sad. How could he believe that he would have a happy ending with Asina? Nobody cares, he thought. He did not know where he went; he just stepped in to the first very best door. He did not see the sign that said Faerie Petpets..

"Hey, little guy!" A warm and friendly face looked at Wero. Before Wero knew it, he burst out his whole story. The face just seemed so... so... trustable. Only later, Wero recognised that that warm and loving face was from the Faerie Petpet shopkeeper. The beautiful Faerie decided to keep Wero, but Wero longed for an owner, and the shopkeeper noticed that, so she decided to sell him. And maybe... maybe one day if you're at Faerieland, please pop by the Petpet Shop, and maybe you'll see Wero, happier than can be…

Author's note: The charracters in this story were made up, so if someone's pet is called Goldendollars, I didn't mean you!

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