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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 40 > Short Stories > The Deepest, Darkest Evil vs. Little Dippaw

The Deepest, Darkest Evil vs. Little Dippaw

by al_the_chia

Neopia Central

Little Dippaw, the starry Lupe pup, smiled as he walked out of the Toy Shop with his father, a brand new Meerca Balloon tied onto his paw. “Gee Pops, this is SOOOO COOL!!” He cried, bouncing his paw up and down to make the shiny balloon dance.

Big Dippaw laughed. “Ya deserve it for helpin’ me out with the Spring Cleanin’, son. I couldn’t be more proud of ya! Pickin’ up dem boxes like they were filled with nothin’ but Styrofoam!!”

Big Dippaw chuckled, opening up his newly bought book, How To Be A Better Father. Suddenly, a dark shadow blocked out the sun. Little Dippaw gasped as his balloon began to wildly bounce on his paw. “Uh…. Pops!?!??”

“Not now, son, I’m busy reading about paying attention to your children.”

Little Dippaw’s eyes widened as his paws went off the ground. The balloon shot into the air, Little Dippaw still tied onto it. “THIS IS SOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOL!!!” Little Dippaw screamed, zooming farther and farther up into the sky.

Big Dippaw looked away from his book. “Son, I told you to… son? Where are ya?”

Above Neopia…

Little Dippaw shrieked with delight as the balloon pulled him higher and higher up into the air. The wind whistled on his starry fur as he looked down at the shrinking city of Neopia Central. “Look at me!!” He laughed. “I’m a shooting star!!” Suddenly, the balloon swerved sharply to the left, zooming straight towards a dark, ugly-looking cloud. Lightning flashed from within its foggy mass, and a deep, booming laughter echoed from within it.“THIS IS SOOO COOL!! COOLER THAN COOL!!” Dippaw ranted, as the balloon sucked him deep into the dark confines of the fluffy black cloud.

The little Lupe found himself in a dark, mysterious place, with no apparent floor, ceiling, or wall. It was completely silent. Hovering quietly in the air, he looked around. “Hello?” He yelled. “Hello… hello… ello… lo… o…” his voice echoed. Suddenly, a dark, meerca-shaped form appeared from the endless shadow. It hissed as it saw Little Dippaw. “AHA!! I HAVE DONE IT! I’ve summoned the balloon!!” Little Dippaw blinked. “Uh… who are you?”


Little Dippaw scratched his head with his free paw. “Why do you talk in all capitol letters?”

The dark form fell silent. “UH…”

Little Dippaw frowned. “When someone asks you a question, you should at least give some sort of response.” The Meerca opened his mouth and roared. It sounded like a thousand forks across a thousand plates, and the blast made the tiny balloon shake in the air. Little Dippaw’s eyes widened. “HEY!! Excuse yourself!!” He scolded.

“ENOUGH!!” The meerca yelled. “My time has come again!!” And with that, he whirled around in a circle and became a shadow. With a laugh, he threw himself into the Meerca Balloon.

Little Dippaw’s eyes widened as his balloon began to distort, releasing blasts of purple and black lights and radiating dark energy. “NIFTY!!” He cheered. Suddenly, the balloon began to grow. The smiling meerca transformed into a snarling, red-eyed one. The string was attached to the bottom of his foot, which kept on growing bigger and bigger. And he kept getting bigger, until he roughly reached the size of a blimp. Cackling hideously, the newly reborn plushie… er… balloon… threw his enormous, overinflated paws into the air.

“FINALLY!! A new body with which to terrorize Neopia with!!” He cackled. “Soon, I will take over Neopia!”

“Why?” Little Dippaw asked.

The Meerca glared down. “Are you still here?” He snapped.

“Remember what we said about questions?” Little Dippaw asked.

The Balloon threw a paw onto his face, massaging his forehead. It sounded like someone rubbing two balloons together. “Listen, brat…” He said. “I’m going to give you until the count of three to let go of that string…”

“My daddy bought this balloon, and I’m not going to let it go! NEVER!!” Little Dippaw tugged on the string.

The Evil Meerca Balloon bobbed up and down. “HEY!!” He screamed, waving his paws uselessly in the air.

“Get out of my balloon, you dark, ugly poo-head!!” Little Dippaw yelled, pulling even harder on the string.

The Balloon’s face turned red as he bobbed up and down harder. “YOU INSOLENT LITTLE…”

Little Dippaw pulled on the string again and again, making the balloon bob up and down repeatedly. Suddenly, the Meerca began to dance uncontrollably. Little Dippaw oohed and aahed as the gigantic balloon began to do the monkey. Then, it changed to doing the twist. After that, it did the Macarena, the Fox Trot, the Mashed Potato, and the Funky Chicken. The Evil Balloon was yelling curses and screaming the entire time, but Little Dippaw simply kept on tugging the string, making him dance faster and harder. “You’re funny!” He complimented.

“YAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!” The plushie screeched, beginning to breakdance in mid air. “NO AMOUNT OF SUFFERING AMONG NEOPIANS IS WORTH THE SUFFERING I’M EXPERIENCING RIGHT NOW!!” And, with a final gasp, he exploded.

A blast of wind blew Little Dippaw straight out of the Dark Cloud, which disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving the brave little pup gently drifing down to earth, a string still attached to his paw. Little Dippaw looked at the end of the string. A piece of rubber from the Evil Meerca’s foot was still attached to it. It was large enough to serve as a parachute. “Aww… he broke it!” Little Dippaw whined…

Several Moments Later…

Big Dippaw paced nervously in circles. “SON!?!?” He cried. “WHERE DID YA GO!?!?” He sat down on a bench, putting his head into his paws. “Oh dear, Pawla will kill me! This is the umpteenth time I’ve lost that boy…” He didn’t notice Little Dippaw, landing right behind him. “I guess I’ll have to go home and tell her…” Big Dippaw got up, looking at his son. “Come on, boy. We have to go home and tell your Mother that we lost ya.”

“Okay.” Little Dippaw replied, grabbing his father’s paw and tossing the used balloon into the trash.

Big Dippaw began walking forward, his tail in between his legs. “I wonder where he could have run off to…” Big Dippaw thought aloud. Suddenly, he stopped dead. He did a double take at Little Dippaw.

“Hi Pops!” Little Dippaw smiled…

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