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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 39 > Short Stories > The Return of Hubrid Nox

The Return of Hubrid Nox

by sidohsam

"Milady, there is an incoming alert coming from the National Neopian Bank... it's being robbed!"

The Faerie Queen looked at her servant and then looked to her messenger.

"Tell the Air Faerie, she can deal with this."

Meanwhile, back on Neopia, the bank was in flames and a silhouette stood over the building.

"I am the Apprentice of the Darkest! See my wrath, and now imagine his! I have no time for you weaklings! Farewell!"

The shadow disappeared, and the Air Faerie arrived.

"Oh no, we're too late..."

The next morning, our hero/villain strolled down in a cloak and a mask, and picked up a Neopian Times for 25 cents at the newsstand. He looked through the headlines... 'NeoHome Garden Technology Introduced'... 'Brucey B Manipulates Card Deck in Tournaments'... Hubrid came to a stop. He read the headline:


National Neopian Bank Robbed!

One shadowed Tuskaninny stood atop the flames in the ultimate wreckage of the NNB, and further research shows 70,293 SDBs and 90,000 bank accounts were robbed in the greatest scandal since Hubrid Nox's Hidden Tower robbery. (More details and quotes on A2)

He smirked-he knew just who did this, and who the "Darkest" was too... he set off to Little Tommy's house.

Little Tommy answered the door, and he smiled (quite diabolically).

"Master, you have come!"

"Yeah yeah, don't get all bow-down-and-grovel on me, you're better than that now, Little Tommy. Since we're in public, I'll wear a mask, and you can call me Hector Knocks, OK?"

Little Tommy nodded his head and yelled to Little Timmy, "I'm going to a friend's house, bye!"

Inside Hubrid's dark lair, the dark Chia pulled out a sphere that glowed a horrible shade of purple. "This is the Odial Sphere. Once you put your hand on it, the deal is sealed, Little Tommy... you become a dark warlock, to side with me forever!"

Little Tommy stared into the ball. "So is there any reason I shouldn't make the pact?"

Nox grinned. "Not unless you plan on going all goody-goody like Adee the Chia, or something strange like that..."

Little Tommy laughed, spat, then placed his hand on the orb. It started vibrating violently, and then so did Tommy's hand, and then his whole body. Everything stopped and a horrid stench rose from the orb. Hubrid handed a mirror to Tommy and he looked at his new image. Horrible, rotting vampire teeth had grown, his eyes seemed to always be evil, and his skin had turned black.

"It's..." started Little Tommy.

"Yes?" asked Hubrid.

"...incredible. Awesome. And... evil." Little Tommy smirked.

Hubrid smiled. "No longer are you Little Tommy the Apprentice... you are now Blade Tommy the Sidekick!"

"This, Tommy, is the ultimate weapon." Hubrid lifted a small capsule containing a worm. "You can call it the WoRm.DLL. It hacks the computers of the Neopets Team, and makes itself a vital core system file. If deleted, the computer will blow up in their face, and one section of Neopia will be sent to the Master Neopets Team Computer. Once all of Neopia is on the MNTC, I will order WoRm.DLL to hack it and send Neopia's master database to me. If I have that... I will rule Neopia!"

"Sweet, but what do I do, Hubrid?" asked Blade Tommy.

"Your job is to destroy anything that may get in the way of WoRm.DLL. Be careful, the GuardLupe AntiVirus system can scramble anything... ambush them before they establish defences!"

"Entering phase One. This is the first checkpoint, right?" questioned Tommy.

"Correct. Now deal with those pesky Lupes."

Blade Tommy made quick work of them, and he did the same with the next four phases.

"Entering phase Five, looks like we're clear here... I don't see any guards..."

"Don't let your guard down. They're probably hiding and more alert than the other ones."

Tommy slowly advanced when the door ahead of him slammed shut.

"What the--"

A robot Kacheek appeared.

"I am Sir Cheekalot the XII, and Pika_Cheeka, but most commonly referenced as CyberCheek. My business here is out of my concern in my Neopian life, but in concern for all of Neopia. Your business in the connection to the MNTC is not going to be ignored... all of Neopia is depending on me, just an average pet... but I'm doing it for the world! Your evil plan ends now, Blade Tommy, and your boss is next!"

"Cut the speech, you're the same as the rest," claimed Little Tommy. He drew his Noxious Blade.

CyberCheek smiled.

"Augh! My head... what was that?" asked Blade Tommy in a daze.

"That's the Kacheek Smile. This guy isn't like the others, you'll have to fight him as if he were more powerful than you, OK?" said Hubrid.

"OK, here I go!" yelled Blade Tommy and he dashed forward, sword first.

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" yelled CyberCheek and he jumped over the blade and kicked Tommy up the chin.

The battle raged on until finally...

"RAINBOW FINALE!" yelled CyberCheek and a giant beam of coloured light beamed onto Tommy. When the light cleared, Blade Tommy was out cold.

Tommy's body vanished, and Hubrid's appeared.

"Warlock Nox..."

"You can have the honour of calling me Hubrid," said Hubrid, smirking.

The new battle raged and after hours of fighting, both were in a critical condition, when Hubrid threw his fork at CyberCheek... and CyberCheek was defeated at last.

"Hahaha!" laughed Hubrid, and he started to let WoRm.DLL do its job when...

"NO! I don't believe it!"

"Believe it or not, you can still die!" screamed CyberCheek and his antenna started sending out the distress signal used only when Neopia itself was being endangered... and sure enough, there appeared the Faerie Queen.

"Well, Warlock Nox, you've done well to get this far... but I can't let you go any further." With a blast from her finger, WoRm.DLL squirmed, started to shrivel and dissolved. "No... and I was so... close..." cried Hubrid. He disappeared. "We'll never catch him..." muttered the Faerie Queen. She gave CyberCheek a medal for his efforts and disappeared also. CyberCheek stared into the distance... picked up the Noxious Blade that Tommy had left behind... and started for home.

The End

P.S. I'd be happy to take a Noxious Blade off your hands so people can interact with this plot, and be able to fight "CyberCheek" in the battledome... and have a bit of fun beating on Lupes at other times... and by the way my computer recently acted in the school play! Hehehe ^_^ well see ya

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