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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 39 > Articles > The Gallery of Evil Menaces...Where Are They Now?

The Gallery of Evil Menaces...Where Are They Now?

by chilifry

This past week, two new menaces have entered the Gallery of Evil: Meuka, and the Ghost Lupe. As I glanced through the gallery, I thought to myself, 'Where are these maniacal NeoPets now?'

After thorough research, I found their whereabouts.

The Lava Ghoul

A you know, the Lava Ghoul tends to steal items such as, food,with his flaming breath of lava. I combed through Neopia and found this beast hiding behind the icy covered tree near the Snowager and Garon, in the Ice Caves. You may have never noticed this tree before but it is actually concealing the Lava Ghoul. Why is he on Terror Mountain? You ask. Well, you may think he is used to having scorching breath, but in fact, he finds it rather uncomfortable and is waiting until the Slushie Shop is empty of people so he can finally put of his flame with some delicious (not to mention FREEZING) Coco Whip or Rainborific Slushies. Don't get me wrong, even though he might soon have his flame put out, doesn't mean he is not evil, he is still as evil as before.

Dr. Frank Sloth

Although he is hardly ever seen, we have seen many results of the evil Dr. Sloth, such as, the Mutant Usul, Kougra, Korbat, Cybunny, Kiko, Chia, and many other mutant NeoPets roaming around, and the enslavement of all the peaceful and strangely adorable Grundos. I interviewed one Brown Grundo who seemed to know where Dr. Sloth might be hiding.

Grundo: rD. htolS? lleW, em wonk ton yltcaxe erehw eh si, tub em evitisop taht eh si gnikaeps hguorht taht raekeps pu ereht. (pointing) eH syawla sredro su dnuora. eM ton erus erehw raekeps si, tub em kniht s'eh dniheb taht rood taht syas "PEEK TUO!". em epoh taht spleh. Em etah rd. htolS!! em epoh uoy hctahc mih!

Translation: Dr. Sloth? Well, me know not exactly where he is, but me positive that he is speaking through that speaker up there. (Pointing) He always orders us around. Me not sure where speaker is, but me think he's behind that door that says "KEEP OUT!" Me hope that helps. Me hate Dr. Sloth!! Me hope you catch him!

So I looked behind the door where the Grundo instructed, and it said to put in a code, I didn't know it however, but I guess our best guess is that door of Dr. Sloth's whereabouts.

Malkus Vile

Malkus Vile, Neopia's biggest and meanest mobster who planned the theft of Coltzan's Shrine, was much easier to find. Where else would this evildoer be? The Games Room of Luck/Chance at games like, Scorchy Slots, Jubjub Blackjack, Krawps, and Scarab 21 trying to lure ignorant Neopians for yet another evil scheme. He hasn't been successful yet in starting a conspiracy since Neopians are much more aware since he's been added to the Gallery of Evil. Rumour has it that he's lost thousands at Scorchy Slots since the machine will not give him any money because he's so evil, although he doesn't know that! Let's leave it at that! ;)

Jelly Chia

Since the Jelly Chia has no eyes, it's a little difficult to spot him since he looks so similar to a weird looking bush. He's been hanging around the Bakery lately trying to slip into a doughnut and make it a "Jelly Doughnut", so that when a poor NeoPet buys the treat, he will be dissolved just like Wizzle had been. Thankfully, he has not been able to sneak in without people noticing him and since the bakery sells out so fast that he's not even able to buy a doughnut at all. He's become weary of this tactic and is thinking of another plan to attack helpless NeoPets.

Shadow Usul

The hardest of all Evil Gallery contenders to spot is the Shadow Usul. Why is she so hard to spot? Well, simple, she looks like your shadow! Well, not exactly. Let's say you're walking with your Lupe, look at his/her shadow and see if it looks like an Usul, if it does, run as fast as you can! It's a bit trickier for actual Usuls who tend to be the victims of the Shadow Usul. Most reports have come from many sunny open places, such as, Uni Meadows, NeoHome Gardens, Collectable Card Shop, the Rainbow Pool, and Mystery Island. And make sure you look at the Daily Weather every day to watch out for this one! It always comes out by day, unless there's a solar eclipse.

Rock Beast

A 20-foot tower of terror, the Rock Beast. He's actually quite easy to find, I spotted him at the Rock Pool. He waits for innocent NeoPets to go into the Petpet shop on Mystery Island so he can capture them. He has not succeeded yet, however. Hopefully, he will soon fall into the Mystery Island Ocean and get eaten by the weird looking sea serpent.


Meuka, along with the Ghost Lupe, is one of the newcomers. He is terrifying green mucus Mutant Meerca creation maybe made by Dr. Sloth. Rumour has it that the door I searched for Dr. Sloth is where this one Meerca got the code and Dr. Sloth made him into one of his slaves to give out "Mucus Paint Brushes" to gullible Meercas, to become his slaves too. I found Meuka at the Rainbow Pool sitting on the edge of the water as many NeoPets eagerly waited in line for their new colour. I turned to him and said, "Watcha got there?" He gave me a toothy grin and without saying a word gave me a paintbrush that looked like a Rainbow paintbrush, but instead of having red on it had pink, a complete fake. He pointed at the price tag that said 300 NP. I turned him down. I finally realised that Dr. Sloth is probably trying to sell Mucus paint brushes that look practically identical to Rainbow paint brushes at a lower price so that NeoPets will buy them more. That's a new low, Dr. Sloth.

Ghost Lupe

Last, but not least, the Ghost Lupe, the other newcomer to the Gallery. He is not noticeable except for his red eyes, which are not transparent. If you spot him, it looks more like two floating eyes suspended in the air. I've seen these eyes floating around Halloween Town, mostly near the Haunted House trying to sneak up on a NeoPet. What he will do is uncertain, and personally, I don't want to find out.

Remember Neopians, these menaces can walk, so they might've moved after I found them. But, if you do find them, be sure to run far away as possible!

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