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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 39 > Short Stories > The Hidden Tower Coupon

The Hidden Tower Coupon

by battlesunn

Shelleylou tensed her leg muscles, and prepared to spring. Wham! she leaped right at the bright red sandbag, and proceeded to tear it apart.

"Ahh... well done, young Gelert you have earned another strength point," Ryshu the Nimmo said.

Shelly nodded at the Nimmo, panting slightly from her training course.

"I'm getting stronger everyday! soon I'm going to fight the Tombola man in the Battledome," said Shelly.

Ryshu nodded slowly, and blinked a few times. Shelly turned, and then walked swiftly out the door. Her owner, battlesunn, (commonly known as sunny) was waiting for her at the tropical food store, Shelly fought off a few hunger pains, she hoped the sunny had bought some juppies for lunch.

Shelly trotted blissfully down the road, gazing at the inhabitants of the isle. She was admiring a beautiful tree when someone bumped into her.

"Ooff!" Shelly said, as the stranger hastily backed off.

"Sorry, so sorry. Here, let me give you a small... gift, as a token of my apologies." The stranger had a very silky, slithery sort of voice. He lowered his head, and picked something out of his cloak. It looked like a piece of paper, but Shelly couldn't really see the whole thing.

The man quickly passed it to Shelly, and then rushed off faster then Shelly could blink. She stared quizzically at the paper, and read the words written in loopy, purple ink.

"Good for one FREE Hidden tower item. See fine print for details"

Shelly's mouth slowly opened, was this some sort of joke? If it wasn't..... she could get a Hidden tower item, free!

Images of wining every single battle popped into Shelly's head. She would get a zaptwig! no, a golden butter knife! or maybe an attack chive! She grinned, or if she wanted, she could sell the item! they would become millionaires! she grasped the coupon tightly in her paw and ran towards her owner.


"Wow, Shelly this thing is pretty spectacular! But, you know, it might... well, it might just be a joke. All I'm saying is don't get your hopes up." Sunny was holding the coupon in her hand, studying it from every angle.

"But Mum, it might be real! And just think... it would be great to have a Hidden tower item, I would win so many battles with one!" Shelly said.

Sunny sighed, their was no getting around Shelly when she got an idea in her head. "Well, if you really want, we could go and see if this thing is valid."

Shelly's face brightened immediately, "Really Mum? we could go and see?!"

Sunny smiled. "Sure, we might as well."

Shelly ran to the phone and called her friend, a faerie Gelert named Poloroe, he would be so excited! Shelly picked the receiver and punched in Poloroe's number. She heard the phone ring, once, twice and then the voice of Zaveeni, Poloroe's brother came on the phone.


"Hey Zav, this is Shelly, could I talk to poloroe?"


There was a pause, and then poloroe came on the line.

"Hey Shell, what's up?"

"You wouldn't believe it Poloroe! When I was in Mystery isle today some guy bumped into me and gave me a coupon for one free Hidden tower item!"

"WHAT!?? are you joking?!! hang on, can I go over and check it out? Erm... Marlly wants to come to."

"Sure Poloroe, Marlly's fun. I'll see you in a bit!"

Marlly was another one of Poloroe's brothers, he was a lab ray addict and was currently a red Lenny.

About five minutes later, Poloroe and Marlly burst in through the door.

"Hi Shelly! can we see it?"

"Sure, I'll go and get it."

Shelly went and returned with the lavender coupon. She passed it to Poloroe, who carefully turned it over and over, studying it just like sunny had.

"It looks pretty real Shell, and I would suggest getting to Faerieland ASAP to turn it in, you never know when it might expire."

Shelly nodded. "I just don't know what kind of item to get, should I get a ubikiberry bag, a rainbow swirly thing... what?"

Marlly smiled. "I've visited the Hidden tower every day and I know what items are good and which ones are a waste of money. And I would suggest that you either get a bag of clockwork Grundos or a tiki bomb bag."

Poloroe grinned. "Marlly knows his hidden tower items, that's for sure!"

Shelly was ecstatic. "I'll get a tiki bomb bag and win ALL of my battles! of course, I'll lend it to you when I'm not using it."

Marlly shook his head. "Not necessary, but come on, lets hurry up to Faerieland and cash this baby in!"

Shelly started talking: "Okay, let's book a hot air balloon and.... "

Poloroe interrupted her. "You don't need to book a balloon, we can ride there on me!"

Shelly looked doubtfully at Poloroe's pale, thin wings. "Are you sure you can carry a Gelert and a Lenny on your back?"

Poloroe snorted. "You insult me! I could carry a Skeith, an Elephante, a Grarrl AND a Chomby without getting tired!"

Marlly winked at her. "He's not lying, I saw him do it!"


In less then half an hour they were up in Faerieland. There were so many distractions there! they had to keep on reminding themselves what the purpose of this visit was, to get the item and leave.

Marlly knew exactly where the Hidden tower was, and they were soon inside the beautiful, shimmering castle. There was a thin, crystal hallway leading to the Faerie Queen's throne, and sitting on it was Thyora herself!

Behind her throne there was a shelf, and in the shelf were all the hidden tower items in Neopia.

The trio of pets approached the majestic faerie, and Shelly held out her coupon.

"Excuse me miss.... erm, your majesty, I have this coupon for one free Hidden tower item and, well I was thinking..... "

The Faerie Queen held out her hand, signaling for Shelly to stop. She reached out to Shelly's outstretched paw, and took the coupon.

She studied it for a moment, reading it thoroughly, and then her face broke into a smile.

"I'm sorry little Gelert, but this coupon is expired!"

The End

Author's note: I would like to thank Zigzagbart for letting me use her pets in this story. It wouldn't have been the same without them!

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