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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Relaxing, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 37 > Articles > Appreciating Your Guild Leader and Guild Council

Appreciating Your Guild Leader and Guild Council

by plushieowner

Who spends hours playing NeoPets getting thousands of Neopoints to fork out get the faerie paint brush or a set of codestones for the weekly guild contest? Or who mainly does the organisation and helps behind the scenes with the guild Web site or home page? Tribute to all guild leaders in Neopia especially to my guild leader Potebrigitte.

Guilds are an important aspect of NeoPets but they're often forgotten. Okay, so not everyone is in a guild or wants to belong to a guild but there are still loads of Neopians out there that are in a guild currently or have been in one.

This article actually started as a idea for a poem which popped it my head when I was playing NeoPets at night (lol!) instead of doing my homework. I am an NeoPets addicted Year 8 student who is protesting for NeoPets to be a school subject. Anyway enough about me rambling on about myself I need to stick to the article. I was actually going to send the poem in to the poetry contest but a nameless guild member (okay it is dynamitebl) who is one of my best friends suggested I include it and turn it into a Neopian Times article.

The title of the poem is called Hail to the guild leader! The poem goes to the tune of goes to Hail to the bus driver one of those annoying songs that you pester or used to (adult Neopians young at heart remember those days) your teacher on long bus trips but hopefully my version is not as annoying.

This is my poem called Hail to the guild leader (Tribute to my guild leader Potebrigitte):

Hail to the guild leader
Guild leader, guild leader!
Hail to the guild leader girl.

She is the leader of Plushbus Guild.
It is hard job that just
has to be filled.
Once for the plushie obsessed
and now the strong willed.

(Repeat chorus)

She adopts NeoPets from the pound,
Now trained by the lab ray,
They once lost and now found.
Seen on the guild Web site everyday.

She is friendly and kind,
Does not care if you speak your mind.
She is the best guild leader you will ever find.

Being a guild leader it is not a glamorous job it is a really hard work. Guild leaders do not get appreciated enough in my opinion at the end of the day. You have to be devoted, a html expert, creative, hard working, on NeoPets everyday, determined, fun, social and talented person. Not many people honestly can fit this build that well.

A perfect example is my guild leader Potebrigitte, she has all the qualities for being a perfect guild leader. Regular Neopian Times readers probably already have heard of her and know she is a really talented writer. I am not advertising my guild I just want to give her the credit that she deserves for such a wonderful job. Trust me I have been in many guilds on my accounts and most guild leaders and councils are have been as useless as a wet weekend. But not all guilds are bad, I have made so many friends in my current guild (you know who you are) that are so helpful and trustworthy.

At end of the day guild leaders just want a bit of thanks after spending hours of their own personal time making a guild banner or updating the guild Web site when they could be doing something else more important. Why do they it then? Maybe hard work is it own reward. They do not get paid for their job its just something they take on voluntarily.

The little things are most important and just a little thank you can make someone day (this counts for everyone not just guild leaders!) I appreciate every thanks I get. Also it is common politeness to give something in return if someone does something for you e.g. helps you with html, helps with a faerie quest. There is the old saying "It is better to than give and receive".

Finally to sum up my article here are some guild-related tips that may be of use.

• If you do like the guild you do not have to stay. If you regularly post messages and the guild members love you though post a message saying politely the reason why you want to leave. Most guild leaders won't chase you and hunt you down with torches and pitch forks but it is just good manners. When our guild turned from plushies to adoption 10 or so members left. Some did not even tell our guild leader. Which is not very nice manners in my opinion.

Do not guild hop. It is very rude advertising other people's guilds on some else's guild board.

• Be active in your guild do not join a guild and never do nothing n the guild. Post messages, donate items, (maybe not your best items like your rod of Supernova though but items that you might not need and they may be useful to someone else), apply for council positions, keep up to date with guild events, offer to help out with guild jobs and last thing have fun!

And remember to make the world of Neopia, a happier place :) Oops, I forgot to mention everyone does not have to go out and to write poems for all the wonderful guild leaders out unless you really want to. If you're a guild leader of a large guild with more than 100 members and you want to share your experiences as a guild leader with me, then Neomail me. Who knows I may do another article. And I may mention your name.... You never know!

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