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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 36 > Short Stories > Priaia and Quinton

Priaia and Quinton

by laurakelsey

One Sunday morning Priaia the Quiggle was outside in her back yard, picking fresh asparagus that she had grown herself. She was very health conscious, and many people thought she was weird because she had never eaten any junk food in her entire life.

"Hello, Priaia!" Priaia looked up and saw that it was her friend Reeama the Usul.

"Hello Reeama. Would you like some asparagus? I just picked them." Reeama licked her lips.

"Sure, Iíll have some," she said. Priaia gave her a basket with a stalk of asparagus in it.

"Thanks!" Reeama said, then continued walking down the street.

Priaia continued picking food out of her garden until it was time for breakfast. Priaia went in the kitchen and cut up some organic tomatoes and broccoli.

"Oh, what a perfect day it is," she said. Then her brother Quinton Quiggle walked in.

"Oh, hi Priaia. Can I have some of that organic broccoli?" Priaia sighed and gave him some. She and Quinton owned the Health Food Shop in the Neopian Bazaar. It was Priaiaís job to grow the food. Then, Quinton would take it to their shop and sell it. Lately, however, the shop hadnít been doing very well. Nobody had been buying any health food. Quinton had been blaming it on her, because he thought she hadnít been doing a good job growing the food. Priaia knew that wasnít true. She knew it because, at the same time the Health Food Storeís sales went down, the Bakeryís went high up! More people now ate junk food, and didnít want health food.

"I donít know what weíre going to do if my shop goes out of business, Priaia." Quinton said.

"Itís our shop Quinton. Not yours." Quinton avoided her gaze and stared out the window. It looked like 100 Neopians were waiting in line at the Bakery. Priaia sighed...


"Oh! Somebodyís here! Got to run!" Quinton raced out the door.

"Hello, Mr. Techo" greeted Quinton. "What can I do for you today?"

Mr. Techo said, "Well you could speed up your service. I waited for three whole minutes before you came." Mr. Techo pointed at the organic tomatoes. "Iíll have some of the organic tomatoes, please."

"Priaia!" Quinton called, as he took the last organic tomato and gave it to Mr. Techo. "We need more organic tomatoes!"

Priaia called back to him, "Be right there!" She ran to her garden and picked up more organic tomatoes. Priaia came into the shop and gave them to Quinton.

"Pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Techo!" he said. Mr. Techo just nodded his head and left. Quinton sighed. "Mr. Techo is the only customer we get now, and even he is complaining about the shop."

Priaia replied, "Why donít you put up signs saying, 'Visit Quinton and Priaiaís Health Food shop! Northwest at the Neopian Bazaar'?"

Quinton thought for a minute."I guess that could work." He said.

"Great! Letís get started!" Priaia replied.

They set to work. Priaia went to the craft store and bought pencils, markers, pens, paper, crayons, glue, scissors, and pencil crayons. Quinton sketched out some ideas for designs of posters.

"This should be perfect!" he said. He then pinned up his drawing on their bulletin board.

"Iím back!" Priaia yelled.

"Perfect!" Quinton replied. "Here is my design for the poster."

Priaia smiled. "Letís get started!" she said.

Quinton started writing in big bubble letters: BUY HEALTH FOOD AND YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU. Then he added: QUINTON AND PRIAIAíS HEALTH FOOD SHOP. NORTHWEST AT THE BAZAAR. Satisfied, he added a border around the edge. Priaia was busy drawing pictures of broccoli, tomatoes, apples, peaches and more health food.

"They look perfect!" Priaia exclaimed. They walked outside, and Quinton gave Priaia a pile of posters to hang.

"You hang them up at the Bazaar. Iíll hang mine at the main shops. Then weíll meet at the Market Place when weíre done " Quinton said. Priaia nodded her head. Then she walked off to hang up her signs.

Priaia first hung her sign next to the Beauty Parlor. As she was going to hang up her second sign by the Smoothie Shop, she bumped into Soleeha the Shoyru.

"Oh hi, Priaia!" Soleeha said. "Come to buy some smoothies? I hear theyíre very good."

Priaia shook her head. "Iím posting signs to promote healthy food."

Soleeha replied, "Okay, then. Iím going to go buy a Smoothie. Good luck with your posters!" She then walked into the shop. Priaia hung up her second sign, then hung up ten more signs until she met Laquori the Lenny at the Bakery.

"Laquori!" she exclaimed. "Instead of buying that cake, why donít you go up to the Health Food store and buy some organic peaches? Or vitamin B tablets?"

Laquori answered, "Well, Iím having a party and every party needs a cake, right?"

Priaia frowned. "I guess. But that doesnít mean that your guests wouldnít like to have some healthy food before they eat the cake."

Laquori gave Mr. Cakeso the Kacheek, the money for the cake. "Well, maybe youíre right. I guess Iíll stop off at the Health Food Shop to get some stuff. Does your brother own that shop?"

Priaia replied, "No, he doesnít own that shop. He and I own that shop." Laquori didnít hear Priaia, because she had already run off to buy some health food. Well, at least I got one person to buy from the shop, Priaia thought to herself. Then, she continued hanging signs.

Meanwhile, Quinton was hanging signs around the Petpet Shop, when he met Rarba the Zafara. "Good morning, Rarba" he said. "Come to buy a Petpet?"

Rarba replied, "Yes, of course. I would really like to get my hand on a Poppit."

Quinton hung up his seventh sign. "Well," he said. "After you buy a Petpet, are you going to buy food for it?"

Rarba eyed the poster."Yes. I was planning on buying a nice slice of pizza."

Quinton frowned."Why not buy some health food so that it can grow big and strong?"

Rarba considered the thought."Well, I guess itís not a bad idea. But first I must go into the marketplace and tell the Soup Faerie an important message."

Quinton nodded. "Oh, Rarba! While youíre in the Market Place, could you hang up the signs for me?"

"Sure." Rarba replied. Then he walked into the Petpet store.

Well, I got one person to consider eating healthy, Quinton thought to himself. Then he continued hanging signs.

Quinton found Priaia near the Health Food shop. "Look, Quinton! Look! Our signs worked!"

"Oh wow!" Quinton exclaimed. It looked like all of Neopia was in line at the shop. "We'd better get in there so that we can serve these people," Quinton said.

"We? Both of us?" Priaia asked.

"Yes, Priaia," Quinton said. "both of us." Priaia hugged Quinton. When they went in, Soleeha was first in line.

"Oh, Priaia! Itís so good to see you again. Your signs inspired me so much to eat healthy, that I just had to come."

Priaia smiled."So, Soleeha. What would you like today?"

Soleeha looked at the foods."I think Iíll have some Vitamin A tablets please," she said.

"Sure," Priaia said, then gave her a bag.

Soleeha waved goodbye.

Quinton then said, "Iíll take the next order."

"Okay," said Priaia. Reeama was next.

"Hi Quinton... Priaia. I would like some organic leeks, if thatís okay."

"Itís fine," Quinton replied. Priaia gave Quinton some organic leeks to hand to Reeama.

"Goodbye!" Reeama said. Priaia and Quinton waved, then took the next customer.

When the day was over, Quinton said, "That was the busiest day I have ever seen." Priaia nodded her head.

Then she said, "Well, it was fun working in the shop. But I suppose Iíll have to go back to working in the garden, right?" Quinton shook his head.

"No. You can have a permanent job at the shop, and we'll both work in the garden!"

"Oh Quinton, thank you!" Priaia exclaimed.

From that day on, Quinton and Priaia ran the Health Food shop together, and never did they disagree again.

The End

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