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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 36 > Short Stories > Barak's Journal

Barak's Journal

by hadez_nymph

Hi!! I'm Barak, the Zafara. My mom bought me this journal to write down all my ideas, since I'm supposed to be full of them. So here's what happened today: Mom took me to get SaltyFrog, my younger brother who's a Nimmo, a Petpet. We went all over Neopia, including the Shop Wizard and the Bazaar. Unfortunately, there weren't any good ones for a reasonable price. Then my mom stopped by Kauvara's Potion Shop because Kenda, my older sister (a Gelert), wants to become a Kougra. We took all day to find a good Petpet, but finally my mom bought a Christmas Doglefox for only 2000 np. What a bargain!

Tuesday, 16/2002

Maybe I should take the time to explain about me and my family. I belong to hadez_nymph a.k.a Caledonia, that's my mom. Then there's my older sister, Kenda, who attends Neopia High. She's a pinkish-red Gelert, who's bossy and a total scaredy-cat... a perfect victim for my pranks. She has this pet Abominable Snowball called Izzy (a terrible name if you ask me!).

Then I came along, being the very cute, blue Zafara I am. I have a Horus called Nariko, he's the smartest pet in the world! RainingGoddess (a red Gelert) is my youngest sister and my favorite. She's called Rain or RG (only I call her that, though) around the house. She's pretty young and always carries this blue fuzzle wherever she goes. She also has a Petpet, a Greeble called Scruffy. Then comes my younger brother, SaltyFrog or Salty. He's a genius! He wants to be a scientist and is always doing experiments around the house.

Wednesday, 17/2002

I'm grounded!! It's all Kenda's fault. Nariko and I decided to play a simple prank on her. We filled a bucket with water and spiders and put it on her closet door so when she opened it everything would fall down. The pathetic thing screamed murder when the spiders went down her back. The worst part is that she told. The whole thing went a little like this:

"Mom," Kenda yelled, running down the hall, tears streaming down her face. "Mom!"

"Kenda, calm down. Why are you soaked?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

"B-Barak, played a prank on me." Kenda sobbed. That's when SaltyFrog came in, handing her a towel.

He adjusted his glasses and peered at me. "You know she hates spiders," He informed in his I-know-everything voice. "That was cruel."

"Aw, stuff it." I growled angrily.

My mom finished calmly drying my sister, then glared at both Salty and I. "You," She said, pointing her finger dangerously at me. "Are grounded for two weeks."

"Two?" I squeaked. I've never been grounded for more than one! "Why two?"

"One week for doing this to your sister... I've warned you!" My mom said. She didn't scream, she never does, she just says it like she's disappointed. I'd rather have her screaming. "And the second is for talking like that to Salty." She finished.

I groaned. "Mom..." I whined, as Nariko perched on my head.

"No, Barak." She said sternly. "We're sick of your pranks. Once a week is more than enough, now you know the deal. No hanging out with friends, no phone calls, no entertainment."

"And especially," Kenda barked glaring at me. "No pranks."

Salty shot me a triumphant look as he headed back to his cave (or room, whichever you pick).

Thursday 18/2002

RG just came up to my room. She offered me some chocolate Chias and a couple of Chia pops. I don't know why she carries around that dirty, blue fuzzle everywhere she goes, its disgusting. I suppose her Greeble is like that also, always on top of her head unless they're eating or sleeping or something in that sense.

"Wha'd ya do?" She asked, sitting on my bed.

"Played a prank on Kenda." I said glumly, biting the head of my Chia.

RG giggled. "Salty says you dumped spiders down her shirt." She whispered, so that Kenda wouldn't hear.

I laughed. "Yeah, I think it was her new Usuki one." I added.

After that RG left to feed Scruffy, so I had to play with Nariko.

Friday 19/2002

Dull SaltyFrog got to go to Faerieland!! I can't believe it! I've been asking my mom for months. He said he had a blast. And he actually got to see Jhudora's Cloud, even though he didn't enter. He also went to the Healing Springs and met the Water Faerie! Then, and I swear he said it to get me mad, he went into Faerie City... I've never been there. Kenda has, and she said it was splendid; they have this amazing pizza! But Salty got to taste Fluffy Faerie Pancakes.

"They were superb." He said, rubbing his stomach. "And the bookshop... it's gigantic! They have a huge selection, right mom?"

Jeez, if I went to Faerie City, I wouldn't hang around the bookstore!

"And the Employment Agency is there!" Salty added.

"Where you will all go for jobs when you're older." My mom added, looking up from The Neopian Times.

"You've got to go, Barak." SaltyFrog said, hopping up and down. "It's so much better than any other place in all of Neopia, except the Space Station, of course."

Bugger, I knew that, he didn't have to rub it in.

Saturday, 20/2002

Good news! Mom decided I'd be grounded until tomorrow, so she's taking all of us to Krawk Island. I hope I see some pirates. It's going to be for the whole day so we have to pack our backpacks.

"Mom, red or yellow?" Kenda asked, holding up two t-shirts.

"Red, sweetie." My mom said patiently. Kenda takes forever to get dressed.

"Mommy, Scruffy can come, right?" RG asked.

"Of course, Rain, darling. But make sure he has some food."

"Mom, can I take a camera?" That, of course, was Salty.

"Good idea, make sure to put it in a water proof pouch, Salty."

"Mom, we don't have any dubloons." I wailed. Ok, maybe I'm more into money, so sue me!

"We do. I have to get them before we leave, Barak." My mom said with a sigh. "Now the four of you bugger off and let me finish making the plans for tomorrow."

Sunday, 21/2002

Krawk Island is so cool! As soon as we got there we headed to see the Academy. SaltyFrog went into a boring speech of how the Island was found/founded and other boring stuff.

Nariko and I went to see some of the Neopets training. My mom took Kenda and RG to see the waiting room and other stuff for girls. Then we met and went to the Golden Dubloon for drinks.

Rain was spooked because of all the pirates, so she and my mom went to drink outside on the beach.

"Meet us outside." My mom said, giving the three of us a meaningful look.

"These pirates are amazing." Kenda whispered. "One was telling the other about how his treasure is missing!"

"What a load of baloney." Salty argued, not lowering his voice. "The only treasure they have is their earnings, no big deal."

"Well, maybe pirates are rich, a lot of dubloons is good enough treasure for me." I said angrily.

Salty readjusted his glasses, but didn't say anything. He wanted to, though.

"I want to see the Petpets." Kenda said quickly, finishing her drink. "Come on, you two."

And just like that, we went to see the "Little Nippers". My mom couldn't stop fretting over the Weewoos and Deavers.

"Wouldn't you want one?" She asked me.

"No," I said angrily. "I'm fine with Nariko." Nariko nudged my ear and we left the small shop.

We played a few rounds of Deckball, then went home. We even got to see the sun set!

The End

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