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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 35 > Continuing Series > Once Upon a Full Moon: Part Five

Once Upon a Full Moon: Part Five

by wubba_flub_the_alian

It was the comb.

Sahhara placed the fine toothcomb into the holes. The rumbling resumed, the door opened, Sahhara grabbed Faltoh by the paw and they rushed through the closing gap. Sahhara's flower fell from her unzipped bag, being buried quickly by inches of sand. She wheeled around.

"My flower!" she cried, taking a few steps back, wading through the sea of sand.

"Stop Sahhara!" yelled Faltoh. He pulled her back as the door closed before her very eyes.

She felt numb. "It's gone...."

Faltoh continued tugging. The whole place was caving in. Sahhara stiffly began to run for her life.

Faltoh squeezed through the tunnel's end, sand flecking in the air above him. Sahhara raised her arm to the sky... she wouldn't make it! The place caved in.

The very air she breathed was sand. Choking and inhaling more sand, she slowly suffocated. She was being pulled slowly up, but she felt her life failing before her. She needed air. Yet somewhere in the back of her slowly closing mind, a voice told her to hang on, to try and get up. She twitched, and tried, but failed. All went black.


Sahhara woke up suddenly. Oxygen filled her lungs as she coughed up sand. Faltoh was shaking her roughly. She blinked.

"Faltoh?" Sahhara croaked. He gave a timid smile. "Ready to press on?" Sahhara rose gingerly to her feet, and nodded. The full moon was high in the velvet blue sky. A solid gold archway towered before them.

Sahhara swallowed. This was it. Her heart jolted as she and Faltoh walked side by side through it. She squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for something to happen. Nothing did. Faltoh pointed to the edge of a cliff. This is where the journey ended.

Out of the shadows prowled something. Sahhara smelled it in the air. A Shadow Lupe stood, silhouetted against the light of the moon, a breeze ruffling his fur in the dim light.

Sahhara stared. More Lupes slithered from the shadows, side by side they stared at her, all whispering enthusiastically. One nodded and sprinted off on silent feet of darkness. Sahhara's eyes blazed with a fresh wave of hope.

The sound of a muffled limp filled the air. Thud, thud, thud. Sahhara's eyes locked with a very old Shadow Lupe. His shuddering breath struck a bolt of lightning in Sahhara's mind. The moon-crest dangled from the old Lupe's neck. A smooth glowing crest, completely round with a golden rim. A silver string that seemed to be woven with stars held the whole thing together.

"Your wandering days are fulfilled, you have found the last crest Sahhara," the old Lupe rasped. He coughed with a slight wheeze. Sahhara's eyes grew wide.

Faltoh's furrowed his brow. Sahhara stared into those dark eyes of the moon crest barer. The ones she had inherited from that very Lupe.

"Father?" was all she could manage to say.

Sahhara gaped. She couldn't believe what she saw. Her father smiled slightly, and took slow limping steps towards her. He stopped about an inch from her face.

"You have grown my child, I knew you would follow what your mother had started. But for the tradition of the crests, you will have to fight me for it." Sahhara shook her head.

"No!" Faltoh was speechless, standing like a spectator. "Then the world will end, Sahhara. For my sake, battle me. Help everyone."

Sahhara's heart plummeted. She nodded, as she slowly understood. She took her battle position. Her father coughed and limped opposite her. The rest of the pack formed a circle around them. He was the first to strike; it seemed to cause him a great deal of pain to attack one of his own family members, yet it had to be done. The crest hummed around his neck. He slashed at her as she leapt into the air to avoid the harm. Her trusty air-crest burned on her forehead, it danced around the old man, yet it could not touch him. Sahhara knew this had to be a fight without the magic in it.

As the two Lupes fought, Faltoh saw Akadel, skulking, circling the crowd. How!? What is he doing here!? Faltoh thought bitterly.

He frowned, and began to follow him with stealth. The Lupes' jaws locked, claws ripping at each other. Sahhara's previous battles flashed through her mind. The old Lupe stepped back, his hind legs barely a foot away from the cliff. Panting heavily, Sahhara saw it. The moon crest symbol was glowing white upon the shadow Lupe's forehead. She didn't know what to do, Sahhara took one all mighty swipe, the MoonCrest's thread broke, it plummeted as her father tripped, clutching onto the edge. Sahhara tried to help him up. He withdrew, a smile on his face.

"I could not imagine ending this in any other way child, the world will live, and my own daughter got the better of me." Sahhara's eyes filled with tears as he spoke. "I feel honoured to have battled with you, Sahhara." The noble Lupe released his grip, and fell out of sight. He was no more. Sahhara's tears fell from her eyes as she watched him fall.

The moon crest rose, claiming its new owner. The five crests connected, the all of Lupes were blinking in disbelief. Like heat waves, shimmers of magic seemed to give the Lupe's souls a certain essence of power.

Akadel shut his eyes, muttering something. A whirl of five colours, green, red, blue, white, and gold swirled around each other slowly, the light of these colours illuminated in the crests. Sahhara slipped the crests from her neck, grasping a nearby stone. Now was the time to destroy them. Akadel's eyes were white, a beam of energy sped to Sahhara, the stone fell as the beam drew near like a bullet, some of the crests shattered as Sahhara looked in disbelief at the one person in her way. Faltoh leapt forward with a roar that echoed throughout the terrain. The power of the fire Lupe was vivd in his soul as he leapt forward, a wall of fire formed where he stood. The magic in the air was growing, the other NeoPets were showing signs of unnatural powers. Sahhara stared. The light disappeared into the flames. She struck another crest, shattering the main elements. She faced the moon crest, her hand came clashing down, and BANG!

The world quivered as everyone was thrown backwards. Everything seemed to happen so fast.

Things grew at a fast-forward speed, the clouds cleared, the sun peeked out for the first time in years, shedding light and life back into the world. Anything wilted restored its life as grass grew all over the plains. The sound of the ocean, now a bright blue like the sky, could be heard clashing against the rocks. A strong wind whirled the leaves around.

Then, as quick as it had started, it was over. The world was alive once more. Sahhara awoke to the beauty that surrounded her. The grass felt cool and fresh, as it rippled beneath her in the slight breeze. The pack of shadow Lupes were slowly rising too. Sahhara found Faltoh on a hill of herbs. She nudged him. He was alive, but the force of the wind and the energy drained from him rendered the honourable Lupe in bad shape. Sahhara sniffed around, she had to find Akadel.

He found her before she had barely began her search. She slapped him hard across the face, hurt filled her heart at the fact, he, of all people, tried to stop her from achieving her destiny. He sighed.

"It was my job, I had to do it. I was enslaved by the Snowager, Sahhara, I sold my freedom for my fur. My appearance. It's a long story, trust me. Basically in short, I was wasn't proud of what I looked like, a mere fire Lupe I wanted to be something more, so I struck a deal with the Snowager, that I do his bidding for my irresistible appearance. Many of his wishes were to keep the MoonCrest from being found, another was to avenge himself on you for blasting his face... I am going to leave, and I must ask of you to never look for me again. I am not safe for you, and even though I do like you a lot, I would just end up harming you, which is something I never want to happen."

Sahhara stared at Akadel. "Then you must leave, and never come back," she said sorrowfully.

"Goodbye Sahhara, noble Lupess of the world," he said, he faded from sight, swallowed by the scenery of the hills and the blue sky.

Sahhara turned around, Faltoh was looking up at her, she looked back. They both smiled. She knew, from that day on, she would live happily ever after.

The End

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