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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 35 > Short Stories > A Little Bit of Essence of Ghostbeef

A Little Bit of Essence of Ghostbeef

by lillyana16

"Go get some Essence of Ghostbeef!" boomed the shadow. The deformed Blumaroo shuddered.

"Yes master." He had a high, squeaky voice.

"And make it warm, exactly a bundle, weight one kilo!" The Blumaroo was used to the impossible orders, but somehow or other managed to get the ingredients. Without another word, the NeoPet bent its little head and scattered into the forest. There were many things which the Blumaroo didn't know; the forest was dangerous, especially the haunted woods. There were wild cougars with baring their glistening teeth, the scary black Bearogs (the white Bearogs were friendly) throwing back their heads, howling in laughter, the wild Lupes growling insanely with drool dripping from their mouths, and everything from even the trees were dangerous. If you stepped into mud you would sink into darkness (quicksand) if you sheltered under the trees from the rain the slimy vines will grasp your throat and crush it. But the little deformed Blumaroo was always lucky- he jumped just when the quicksand pools were, cut through the trees swiftly, stayed clear away from the ferocious buzz nests and Lupe caves, and managed to find the ingredients without trouble.

So generally, you could say Haunted Woods was just like NeoQuest - except for real.

Also, you would think the Blumaroo was old, disabled and injured. But he was quick, active and strong. Perhaps he was not aware of it, but he could easily battle off five imps at the same time without being touched. It was only the skin that gave the impression he was weak.

But the most mysterious thing is was about his master. He always hid in the shadows, ordering ingredients that weren't any use for many potions (maybe he just wanted to push the Blumaroo around) and even fed a few potions to the NeoPet (no wonder). The little creature always heard strange sizzling noises, little screams and humming sounds like buzzes. Anyway, the Blumaroo toddled around, looking for his secret source for Essence of Ghostbeef. For many years he walked around this familiar path, digging up some freshly butchered Ghostbeef, measuring it into exactly a bundle, weighing it carefully, and hugging to happily- to keep it warm. This all took just about the time limit and he carried it under his arm and jumped back to his master- who gave the Blumaroo a quick wave and threw half of the ingredients in the bin.

But the sweet little NeoPet remained loyal and faithful; fetching, testing, bowing, digging, carrying-- it was all work.

Do you know why?

It was the memories. The little Blumaroo knew that his master was kind inside- but he was lonely and sad. It was the old days; the huge lop-sided grin, and the fascinated eyes.

'Maybe I'm not serving the ingredients right- my master is trying to invent a potion which will make him happy! I must make it warmer! Must! Must!' he thought and carefully handled the Essence of Ghostbeef with his knobby and clumsy fingers.

"Grrrrrr." Came a growl in the distance. The Blumaroo spun around and saw the biggest, drooliest Lupe ever! The fangs were dirty, fusty and mouldy.

"H-hello..." the poor little NeoPet stammered.

"Hey lads... a nice NeoPet!" the Lupe sneered. Bigger, gigantic Lupes came.

"I get his head!" said the leader and pounced, and landed face- to - face in front of the Blumaroo, "What's that you got there?"

He fell silent, clutching the bundle of Essence of Ghostbeef.

"Smells like a rotten piece of meat."

"NO! It's-it's a bundle of Essence of Ghostbeef--"

"I love beef! Give it here!" said a red Lupe.

"No! It's for master! He is a great man!"

"Ha! Oh yes, I've heard of him! Neglecting poor NeoPets! Tossing everything aside, only caring about black magic."

"It is not black magic! He is trying to do good!" shouted the Blumaroo, forgetting his fear of Lupes.

"Did you know how this Haunted Wood became to be?" growled a white Lupe; obviously hatred burned inside, "We have to live here, darkness, danger! Nothing can be trusted!"

"He put a magic spell on a willow tree, and spread black seeds in the soil, which grew in a few seconds! We had no time to flee, or escape and we had to adapt to these surroundings! Food was scarce as a snowflake in summer, and we had to eat..."

"Our own kind..."

"No! That is not true!" cried the Blumaroo, tears streaming from his eyes.

"Oh, we're hungry anyway, so we will eat you!"

The Lupes pounced forward, trying to grab a bit of meat to chew. The Blumaroo closed his eyes, squeezing the Essence of Ghostbeef tightly. Just protect the ingredient. Your master is inventing a potion to do well. Protect. Protect. Protect.

Suddenly, a burst of light flashed above him and he saw a flutter of wings. It was a Light Faerie. The Blumaroo never saw something so beautiful, let alone something magical.

He felt arms wrap around him and whisk him off somewhere.

"I-I must go back to master..."

"Why?" said the sweet voice of a Light Faerie.

"My Essence of Ghostbeef--he expects it..."

"We must get you healed! You got a few nasty cuts and bruises, and a major injury on your neck!"

"No, thank you...I can handle...must go to master..."

"He is not a master! Let alone a human!" the Light Faerie insisted.

"He is a kind man!" The Blumaroo sniffed, "I know he is!"

"I tell you something, you are better off in Neopia; where you will have friends with other Blumaroos and be happy instead of that dismal hut where your master orders you around like some- some..."

"I will never fit in Neopia! Look at me!" He squirmed out of the faerie's gentle grip and pinched his brown, fusty, wrinkled skin and thrust his arm at her, "See? How can I be a friend, when they are afraid of my face? You would have never saved me from the forest if there were no Lupes! You would think, oh what an ugly creature! His yellow eyes are certainly the devils! His ears are deaf as the leaves, and his fingers are as clumsy as slime!" He was exploding now, "if you bring me to Neopia, there will be nobody there who will want to stay! Nobody! But master- master he let me stay in the forest to help him with his secret plans!"

"Ok! Ok! All right, have your way!" and she briskly frowned at him; nobody said no to a Light Faerie. Then she shook her grand head and took off, wings flapping. It was a good thing the forest was not too far, oh but who came than no other the Dark Faerie!

"Oh no I'm not going to Neopia!" The Blumaroo said grumpily.

"I'm going to give you a ride to the Haunted Forest!" the Dark Faerie said, smiling, "The Light Faerie would have helped you as well but she can't stand the twigs that get caught in her dress."

Then she waved her arms and they floated to the dismal hut where the Blumaroo's master stood, shaking his head. At once the Dark Faerie vanished, and he was left there.

"Late," the shadow whispered.

"Master... your Essence of Ghostbeef. I hope it is warm enough for you," the tiny Blumaroo said softly.

"Late. I don't want your measly things when it is late."


"GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..." growled a voice in the forest. The Lupes were back, hungrier than ever.

"HOT DOGS... WITH KETCHUP!" they barked, and pounced at the Blumaroo and his master. He heard a cry of pain from his owner, and felt anger. That was all he felt. No pain, just anger.

"NOBODY HURTS MY MASTER!" the Blumaroo screamed, and lunged forward at the Lupes, "NOBODY HURTS MY MASTER!" He punched, kicked and did some abilities he never knew he had. Sweat poured from his face, because he was now afraid. The all the Lupes were knocked out except the leader - the biggest, meanest and drooliest of them all.

"WHAT'S THE MATTER, DEFORMED? GOT A BROKEN EYE?" the Lupe sneered, and slowly paced forward until the Blumaroo bumped into a tree, "IT'S THE END NOW, KID...."

"Master... please help..."

"He's not here. I told you not to trust a traitor like him... comes to a sticky end...bye, bye... ROWWWWROWWWWWWWW! HELP! BURNING, SIZZLING!"

The Blumaroo's master had a small vial in his hand and poured it over the Lupe, who fizzed and froze.

"Fizz Freezing Potion..." his master whispered, and smiled, "I'd like to thank you for saving my soul, though I do not have one. You can go to Neopia and tell everybody about your adventure. I am sorry for enslaving you. I have never seen such loyalty... I feel so different now."

"Master..." the Blumaroo grinned, and tears fell from his big eyes.

"I do not have a right to keep you as my own. But I have one last command. Go back to Neopia and make friends, but forget about me. Do not dwell on the past, but look around in awareness."

"Thank you master! But I will never forget you."

"Farewell, Blumaroo. Neopia is waiting. There are many different experiences to see and touch, as well as friends to meet."

The End

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