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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 33 > Continuing Series > The Warrior: Part Four

The Warrior: Part Four

by yellowyoshi749

Jade quietly climbed up the rope that held the ship anchor. Though she had been exhausted from the flight to Krawk Island, she didn't care. She knew what she must do; save the slaves, especially Starwin.

Their plan was simple, Arwen would stay behind and watch for anything or anyone coming, mainly her and Sharn with the slaves. Sharn was on the other side of the boat scaling it like she was doing.

Gently she pulled herself up and tiptoed to the mast. Focusing her magic she watched as the sails set on fire. She then watched a flaming arrow hit the mast.

Jade turned her attention towards the captain's cabin. She grinned and set for it.

She wasn't evil, not in any way. Her anger towards Captain Thrice had grown. Silently she crept to the door and set it alight.

No more than five minutes had passed when corsairs were frantically running around, trying to put out the flames. The two were unnoticed by all accept Captain Thrice.

Silently Jade slipped out of the mess of pets and began to run towards the door that lead to the slaves when she felt a searing pain across her back. She turned around to see a grinning Captain Thrice standing in front of her, holding a sword. Unsheathing her own she looked at Sharn who was standing at the door and mouthed, "Go save the slaves." As he sped down the stairs she turned back to face her foe.


Sharn hurried down the stairs. When he stepped into the gloom he gasped. Rows of pets were chained to oars. He quickly counted them. Forty-eight pets are chained here! he thought. It's going to take longer than I expected...

"Listen up!" he called. Slowly the Neopets looked up at him. "Here's what's happening, we're going to bust you guys out of here. Those who can fly will fly, those who can swim will swim. Those who can't do either will have to ride on someone's back."

A loud cheer arose. Quickly Sharn began to unlock the chains.


Meanwhile Jade was still battling with Thrice. Their swords clashed and it was rare that one of them was hit by the other's sword.

"This is for Starwin!" she yelled as she lashed out, making a long gash across Thrice's sword arm.

"Arg, you little monster!" He yelled and swung out at Jade. She side-stepped and pushed him into the sea. With that she left him to his own fate.

She turned her attention to the door where Sharn had gone down. She waited for a few moments before Sharn emerged with the slaves.

"How many?" she asked.

"Forty-eight," he replied.

"How many can fly and how many can swim?"


"OK, I'll carry someone."

Sharn eyed her, "Your not fit to carry anybody." He was right, of course, she was in bad shape because of Thrice.

As the two argued a moan escaped from one of the pets. Jade looked around wildly, "Who's hurt?" she asked, even though she knew the answer.

Starwin stepped out from the crowd. A long arrow shaft went through the skin of his wing and out the other side. Jade glared at Sharn, "I'm carrying him."


Not long after everybody was set, Jade and Sharn set the rest of the ship on fire. After they were sure that the Seaqueen would never sail again the group took off. Flotsams, Peophin, even a few Jetsams were swimming in the water, while Shoyrus, Pteris and pets that were faerie flew. Those who couldn't do either rode on someone's back.

Jade noticed that the corsairs were swimming for Krawk Island. "We're going to have to head back to the town we were at yesterday! The corsairs will catch us if we go back to Krawk Island!" she called to Sharn.

He nodded and called out, "OK guys. Turn south!" All the pets turned south. Jade saw one of the many Neopian forests. It was the one with the pets that had helped them find the Seaqueen. It should only take us a few hours at this pace... she thought.


Three hours later the Neopets were getting weary. They had flown and swam non-stop. Jade had begun to lose altitude, being weary and having Star on her back. Sharn noticed and went to help but she pushed him away.

Star was unconscious. Not long after they had left he had been hit in the head with a well-placed stone.


Dawn approached fast as the group saw the shore. They began to land. Arwen was standing beside a tree. She saw Jade and Sharn. She called to them but they couldn't hear her.


Jade landed on the soft sand, exhausted. Sharn ran to her and helped her support Star between them, one arm around Jade and the other around Sharn. The sky behind them was a pinkish blue hue with a half risen sun.

Jade raised her head and said, "We did it, we won..." After that she collapsed.


Jade spent a week recovering, as did most of the pets. She stood on a tree stump as Sheapa brought a necklace towards her.

"Jadestone, in honour for your bravery we award you with this," she said. Jade lowered her head and the Scorchio placed it around her neck. It was a sword, made of jade. There was a hole, where the stone would be but that was where the chain went through. Jade looked at it and smiled.

"This is an exact replica of my sword. It looks like it was hand carved too," she said.

Sheapa nodded and Jade jumped down from the stump. Sharn took her place. He went through the same process as she had. His necklace, however, was made of red tiger's eye. It was carved into a bow with an arrow notched.

"We thank you for you kindness, but now we must go," Jade said while she shook Sheapa's paw.

Five minutes later they were walking down a pathway. Jade in her finest green tunic, Sharn and Starwin in blue, and Arwen was in red. Behind them hundreds of pets waved goodbye and called out to them.


One week later the four were living in a clearing, close to the beach where Jade and Arwen had seen the Seaqueen .

Jade decided to go questing for she was one who enjoyed roaming. Her warrior spirit was restless. Sharn, Starwin, and Arwen crowded around her.

"Goodbye Star," she whispered.

"Yes, goodbye Jade," He managed to choke out, holding back tears.

Jade turned to Sharn, "You have been a wonderful companion Sharn."

"So have you Jade."

She then turned around and looked at Arwen, who had tears streaming her face.

"Bye Jade. I hope we see each other again, someday."

"I do too Arwen... someday..." Jade replied. She hugged her and set off towards the Northeast, leaving her friends behind.

The End

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